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So here's the thing. Me and one of my friends were thinking today that it is completely ridiculous what today's vehicles get for gas mileage.

We have decided that the auto and oil industries have a long standing, unwritten, and forgotten agreement that manufacturers will not make economical vehicles, so that people will buy more gas and help stabilize the economy.

The proof.

When you look up the mileage for a vehicle, it is usually in the 22-27 mpg range, or some big range like that. It's never 261/2 to 27. If auto manufacturers were trying to make economical vehicle wouldn't they do research to find out why, with one particular model vehicle, mileage will vary so much keeping all variables the same. And wouldn't they try to make every car get the maximum 27mpg (hypothetically)? Not just slop cars together with such a large room for error when calculating mileage?

Gas has some ridiculous 100000000 Joules of stored energy. some 90 ridiculous percent is wasted in ways that could have been improved over the last 70 years.

So for all that believe me, I am on a mission for the rest of the summer to make an economical engine.

My friend is a physicist, i'm a chemist and we both like working on cars.

Some ideas we have so far are completely vaporizing the gas before it gets injected into the cylinders. Vapor will combust better than dumping liquid fuel anyways. We have a lot of other ideas too if this thread picks up and people actually care or believe what i am talking about. If not call me nuts and mind your own business.

Any ideas/help input?

posted by  carls47807

I dont really know what to say but i agree and like the sounds of what you and your friend want to do. I also think it would be a fun project kinda thing to try and find out and think you could maybe do it. I believe car makers already know how to make better cars that run off of reusable resources but will not produce them cause otherwise they wont make so much money. Like c'mon, how hard can making a car run off something other then fuel can it be. I like your idea :thumbs:

posted by  car_crazy89

well good idea carls, 2 guys from my hometown invented a system that they wrapped fuel line with platinum from old cats so they could achieve the vapour point of gas without catching on fire... well they sent there idea to a patent office and guess what a gas company used loopholes to gain access to the idea...patented it and never heard another word about it, and those guys weren't allowed to use it, or other ideas becuase it got deemed unsafe. but keep trying don't let it ruin your dreams, another reason this industry is utter crap, yay for oil companies and the bush admin, go george bush you ****ing twat

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

hey if it works great! but would this make a weak engine? because there can be all the conspiricies in the world, but i don't care I'm not driving a "clean, envirmentally friendly" car just b/c it's clean and enviroment friendly....

posted by  jedimario

Good luck my friend. I just hope big brother doesn't interfer with your research!!! :thumbs:

posted by  elchango36

They give you 22 - 27 as 22 mpg city and 27 mpg highway so you can understand what kind of milage you will get depending on your kind of driving.

Of course when you start out you mileage is worse because your trying to get that mass up to speed. Once you get to speed, the main force you need to overcome is drag from passing through the air. The work required to move you through the air at a constant speed is less than the work required to get your vehicle up to speed so you get better mileage.

I'm not pooo pooing all over your idea. I support all these types of projects and wish you good luck. I for one would love to get better gas mileage.

I don't buy into the conspiracy theory though. If they really did have that kind of technology then the big three wouldn't let Toyota continue to gain market share while they close plants and lay off workers.

Oh, and if your working with vaporized gas, please be carefull.

posted by  theman352001

so i lost my eye brows today... no just kidding.

i was talking about how they say 22-27 city, 25 - 32 highway. there really shouldn't be that much difference.

foreign manufacturers haven't relied on gas as we have and wouldn't you know it their cars get better mileage.
foreign manufacturers begin using more gas and they come out with the toyota titan.

but thanks for the support everybody :) i see what you are saying too theman

posted by  carls47807

Well them giving a range like that could be chalked up to them covering their a**. Especially with the recent issues with the mileage ratings on the hybrids.

By specifying a range, if a particular customer drives their car a bit harder and gets a bit worse gas mileage, they aren't as likely to come back and say "hey, you said it would give me 27 and it only gave me 23".

I'm still pulling for ya though. Glad you still have your eyebrows. :thumbs:

posted by  theman352001

Diesels have good gas mileage.

posted by  fudge

Tin hat conspiracy theory. Considering teh japanese ahve been working on cars that gethigh fuel mileage, manufacturers have been looking at ways to get completely around using gasoline, companies like VW have een working on ultra high fuel mileage dieses, and even fuel companies like Mobil were sponsoring ultimate fuel mileage competitions, I'd have to say there's no conspiracy. You could buy a Honda CRX HF that got over 50 mpg. there are small cars in Japan and Europe that get over 80 mpg. Anyplace where fuel is extremely expensive, you'll find manufacturers of extremely fuel efficient cars. IF something like a 200 mpg carburator existed, didn't you think that foreign companies that didn't have to deal with US patent law would have put them on the market, when they already try to get 50-100 mpg vehicles out there? I mean why spend a bunch of dollars on low rolling resistance tires, extreme areodynamic shapes, alternators that shut down on accelleration, cars that turn off when stopped at a light, etc, if simple vapor carburator methods to high fuel mileage already exist?

Seriously, take off the tin hat. There is no conspiracy.

posted by  ChrisV

"Quit ascribing motives you don't understand in an effort to prove how closed minded and insulting you can be, asshole. You can like what you like but you better stop being an insulting POS about everything else."

posted by  carls47807

And that has relevance in this thread how?

It seems YOU were the one ascribing motives to the manufacturers without fully understanding the situation. So care to explain how you think a quote of something I said to someone else in a separate thread has any relevance to my response in THIS one?

posted by  ChrisV

Hey can't we all just get along and come together to achieve that great goal of better gas mileage or alternatives to gasoline? I was recently reminiscing with my granparents and parents about what they paid for gas when they first turned 16. My grandmother recalls 19 cents. Here it is many years later and atleast 2 dollars higher. Now honestly you would think as smart as mankind is, we could come up with other ways. I do realize that there are hydrogen cars out there and the oil companies won't let them hit the market. But if I was them, I would be *secretly* be investing in hydrogen and encouraging the production of hydrogen cars. So say in a couple years (we'll use honda) say Honda comes out with this line of hydrogen cars that are cheaper then their gasoline cars, so people are more tempted to buy the hydrogen cars, and the oil company that was *secretly* investing in hydrogen out of no where puts up hydrogen stations, wouldn't they take over the industry?

posted by  Pmutch

Lean burn engines are pretty good apparantly. I really can't see how the efficiency of an internal combustion engine can be improved much more especially as there are people researching this in universities.

The combustion of petrol is exothermic and most of the energy from the fuel ends up as heat. It only leaves a fraction of it in kinetic energy so thats why it seems inefficient.

posted by  fudge

Ethanol anyone?

posted by  Godlaus

hey carls look into bio-diesel, we have a company or two up here that runs there kabota's and lawn cutters off bio-diesel basically they go to the local restaurants and pickup old fryer oil, pump it through a good filter 5 micron or so and cha ching, dude was cutting the grass on fryer oil, is a very cool concept and wanted a piece of it myself, no special mods needed just and old existing 2 stroke diesel motor i do believe , but kinda gotta filter the french fries from getting in the fuel lines ;P

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

There is some talk that Ethanol may not be worth the energy it takes to make it.

Read on.... (

posted by  theman352001

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