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to0 lazy to go pc forums and sign ill do it here

i have a cable connection and which router is best? i currently using Dlink router and modem and its not doing so0 well! when i start using the Dlink router model 624 revision C....i keeps on gettin message "local area connection unplugged" it cut me off then automatically reconnects me back in secs! like when im on msn messenger whenever that message "local area connection unplugged" occur i have to reconnect my msn alll the da time! and i cant even play lineage2!! gets cut off while im fighting!!!

ok now lets get on with which brand is best for router or modem? i asked the sellsman at circuitcity and he said he choose linksys over Dlink.

does "MADE IN" matters? cuzz theres a rumor that products that made in china or taiwan is no go0d especially from Dlink modem and router r made in china! i heard from a chat room that buffalo technology router is go0d! then i checked ebay and found out its "MADE IN JAPAN" and i guess thats why they said buffalo is go0d! so i might get myself a buffalo router and throw my CHEAP ASSSS DLINK router out of the window! and see if i still have the message "local area connection unplugged"

if anyone know any brand thats go0d besides buffalo feel free to mention it and let me kno! btw heard linksys sucks to0 but wonder y those guys from circuitcity says its go0d.

posted by  BigBadBrat

I always use the linksys Etherfast 4 or 8 port (blue and black) router. I've set up several for business in my town and they have never had any problems. They are trouble free and easy to set up. You just hook your modem into the WAN port on the back and set the cpu's to acquire IP automatically.

Good luck.

posted by  carls47807

Linksys Router ( =True&bcCatId=0&bcCatName=&bcDeptId=2059&bcDeptName=Wireless%2DG+%28802%2E1 1g%29&bcClassId=142367&bcClassName=Wireless%2DG+Access+Points%2FRouters)

I am pretty sure thats what I got. My parents had D-Link and had trouble too so they switche dto Linksys and no more problems. I have had it for years and its good. Might as well purchase wiresless capability sicne you can still use cables but will have one for the future if you switch,

posted by  boothe

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