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So I got rid of the talon and now i've got a 93 celica gt... I was surprised to find out first hand, just how much better the celica handles and performs, granted it's much lighter than the 93 esi. The Talon had 117k miles on it and the celica has 57k. But enough about my boring summer. Well I guess I will see you all...err hear from you all later. Yay. Have fun people.


posted by  DSMDriver

toyotas the way to go... you should throw in the 3sgte... good motor... trust me :smoke:

posted by  mazda6man

the st183 is actually quite heavy for such a small car, chuckin' a 3sgte in it will make it a competitor with car's such as: 300zx (Z31 and Z32), skyline (R32, R33) and also the soarer (GZ20).

my next door neighbour used to have a ST185, got it as his first car, sent the 3SGTE to japan to HKS and had them put a 420hp MR2 package into it and sent it back with $2,300.00 change, lol. he also put 245/40R17 tires on front/rear and had those nitto 555r's covering concept 5's.

i believe he also lowered it with a brand of shock and spring that i'm unfamiliar with and had a custom 3" mandrel bent (twin bullet system) exhaust made from the HKS headers.. custom 4" cat back with a 5.5" muffler box and 4" muffler tip.

interior wise, he just ripped out most of it because that's what most of the weight of the vehicle is, i believe he stripped a good 200kg out of it or so and it was performing MUCH better, 0 - 100km/h went from around 4.4seconds down to around 4.1seconds.

i'll try and get the whole part's list of EVERYTHING he did to it, including simple stuff like spot lights, just so you can have some sort of idea on what it takes to get a 91 gt-four doin' 11.2's.

posted by  HyundaGuy

a simple engine swap makes a car compete with skylines.......... heh......

one of these days, someone is going to write a post saying, "hey, my friend with a civic just swapped a k20 into his car. now he can compete with F355's!"

posted by  Inygknok

when i said skylines i didn't mean the GT-R's, i meant the GTS-t's and GTS4's, a ST185 has 235hp stock, a R33 GTS-t has 246hp stock, it's fairly equal, because an ST185 is a pure breed rally car it's made for quick pick up, meaning that since the R33 GTS-t doesn't have a traction control, if you don't take it about 75% throttle through 1st and 2nd you'll more then likely lose traction and risk the possibility of losin' control.

the ST185 celica is actually a suprisingly great car and it's a strong competitor to quite a few extremely quick cars.

believe it or not but car's like the nissan pulsar gtir and the mazda familia gt-r are both strong competitors to skylines and supra's aswel, they both run mid to high 13's stock and can be tuned to run high 12's to low 13's for reasonable price's.

if you want a true shock, the 1991 Nissan Pulsar GTiR actually has better stock statistics then the 1991 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4,... shocked yet?

posted by  HyundaGuy

ill be shocked when i see evidence........ if then.

i know the celicas are great cars, specially the older ones. i helped an ex-gf get a hold of one after i showed it to her and told her why it was so good.

i just bothered looking up the pulsar specs. forgot they also had a version of the sr20det. in fact, i just even remembered wat car they were (we dont have them here in PR, at least not that i know of).

still, the gts-t's are not really classified as supercars like their GT-R brothers. attesa-ets AWD vs tcs-less RWD is a bit of an unfair comparison, dont u think?

as for the 3kgt, even though its a really good car, its really heavy and its possibly one of the slowest out of the 90's japanese supercars in stock trim (3,700 pounds or something i believe).

as a matter of fact, any car can compete with any car (and is till wont be shocked, maybe just amused), just as long as hard work and dedication has been put into it.

in fact, months ago, someone posted a video of a saxo 1.3l (i think) competing vs a bmw m3 and beat it....... not hands down, but still won........ even though the saxo was heavily modded and the M3 seemed to be almost stock. but u get the point.

anyone can compete with anyone with work done.

posted by  Inygknok

let's just agree that anything can beat anything with the right driver and set up?

posted by  HyundaGuy

Yeah its fun. And i could see that it could compete. lol fun fun fun. School started. yay

posted by  DSMDriver

:oops: :cry: That sux for me

But anyway, I think you'll enjoy this Inygknok, I lost to a third gen supra at the track, had a sinle garret GT51-R thats right, otherwise known as the doom-filled turbo, he was running it on low boost though, only 20 psi because his internals couln't stand the 35psi it is capable of putting out no problem.

posted by  Zalight

hehehe... u just made my week a lot less sad.... ill make a thread tomorrow on wat happened to me this weekend.

posted by  Inygknok

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