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Is there any musicians in here and whats your setup if you own a guitar or bass?

Me:Squier standard strat
Crate gx-15 30 watt amp
zakk wylde overdrive pedal :thumbs:

posted by  Spanky2324

my friend was named after zakk wylde :laughing:

posted by  TurboLag

Oh me me me!

I play Trumpet, Euphonium(dont ask lol), and Bass Guitar.

Ibanez SR300DXF
Ampeg Portabass PB-212H Cab with an Ampeg Portabass PB-800 Head

posted by  dodgerforlife

Squier Strat, Almond with light wood neck.

Been so busy with work and stuff I haven't had time to pick up an amp...

posted by  Bino

I have never been able to remember the exact specs. its a guitar, I wail on it. I put it down.

Its an Epiphone Les Paul in Red Sunburst, I play out of a 60-watt Marshall amp. I frequently use a crybaby and KORG Digital Delay. Sometimes I play with the guitar on my back because I think its cool and chicks like it. I try to sweat as much as possible too...that helps.

posted by  boothe

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