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Hey! Tell us all about your first car, no matter how horrible.

My first and current car is my creme '91 Escort LX (with GT tranny :D. Must do 0-60 in at least 10 seconds now. Good ol' rust buckets!

Also I have friggin HUGE fuzzy dice hanging from my mirror...everybody at school I talk to about my car says "Oh! You've got the car with the dice!" During these winter months I have Blizzaks up front and my old bald all seasons out back...makes the tail swing out real good on those icy days Ah, great fun. I'll never ever forget this car.

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My first car is the one I still drive. It is an 1986 Porsche 951 I love this car and I have just beat one of my friends 5.0 mustang that was modded and suppose to be the fastest car at school.

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my first was a 1990 vw gti

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I got a pretty trashy '69 Mustang Fastback as my first car (no...I didn't get it in 69, it was 1981) :)

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My first car was a 78 Oldsmobile custom sruiser wagon!! Yeah and it kicked! It had room for 20 of your best friends, and felt like you were steering a ocean liner! Man I miss that car.


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My first car is the one I still have also. It's a 1980 Chevy Malibu wagon.
I have pics on
I don't want to brag, but I think it's a pretty nice first car.

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My first car wasnt a car at all, but a truck. I still have her, the 82 chevy silverado. Has a rebuild 400 engine with somewhere around 350 hp. Its really loud, has holes in the fenders from rust, the truck is red/brown also from rust. Has a th 350 transmission, rebuilt and shiftkitted to hell. A 6 inch lift and 34 inch tires complete my first beast. Damn i love this truck, so fun goin out muddin, slidin down into hills, and banks, never gets any damage...noticably.

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2000 Audi TT quattro coupe, just got it in june

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Here is my list

1. 2000 mitsubishi eclispe, did not like it
2. 1997 Honda prelude type SH
traded it for
3. 2001 Honda Prelude type SH
4. 1998 Eagle Talon TSI

present and is for sale- 1999 Vortech Supercharged Honda Civic SI

As u can see i cant stay with the same car that long, i gotta keep on getting something different. Any suggestions what i should get next?

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Here's my first car: (Check my website for further details. Also have secondary website at

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my mazda 6

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my first car and still the car i drive now is an audi a4

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heh heh, my first car (or to be car) is going to be my parents hand-me-down 1995 Toyota Camry LE. lol It's not too bad i guess, it rides like a dream and is pretty quick off the line. We're at about 123,000 miles now!!

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My first car was a 96 Chevy Beretta Z26.. then a 89 Chevy Beretta GTU and then my 99 Grand Am.. Currently have all three cars still, but the Z26 was passed down to my sister while I still have the other two.

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Ah first car :D 74 nova

posted by  crash first car. A sweet 1978 300CD Mercedes. Coupe Diesel...non turbo... Can you feel the acceleration?!

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88 daytona turboI, it was a white base model with the turbo engine

89 shelby

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I wish I had a picture to post 'cause she was a bute.

My first car was a 1972 Olds Delta 88 Royale with a 455 Rocket in it. A big maroon 4 door with black interior that I picked up for $300 in '84. A beautiful back seat that you could lay down in with feet touching one door and the top of your head touching the other. (not that I was ever in this position 8) )

She would cruise at 120 with no effort and a nice floating sensation as you flew down the road.

Lessons learned in this car (among others):
- first starter replacement
- found out what happens when your radiator cracks internally so your antifreeze and transmission fluid mix. (have you ever seen frothy Pepto Bismal?) (wish I still had that motor though)[/i]

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My first car was a 76' Gremlin. It got ya just about anywhere you wanted to go but after two motors it started smoking pretty bad. If we knew how to swap motors around like we do now....could have dropped a 350 chevy in there or something and change the tranny around. It was a southern car so the frame and body was really good shape. The motors in them sucked though.

2. 88' Ranger 4X4 pickup
3. 93' Geo Tracker
4. 78' Buick Regal (sold to a guy in Long Island, NY to buy the 74' Nova)
5. 88' Ranger extended cab (have now)
6. 74' Chevy Nova (have now)

Rob...aka Streetmachine

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my first car was my dads 94 corsica and i had that for about a year then i had to buy my own car and found a 92 mustang gt 5.0...i love the upgrade

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my first car is the car i have now O_O .... 86' nissan 300zx coup (non-turbo)

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My first car was a 1979 pontiac grand prix...... Only had 77,000 miles on it, I put 2 15" kickers in the trunk to go boom, boom :D


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:twisted: my first car was a BEIGE (gotta love beige) coloured 1981 Datsun Stanza. Replaced the damn clutch in it 3 times, before i sold it and bought my current car 93 lancer. It was a good first car, as i only paid $1000 for it. It got me to a from work, so it didnt bother me to much.

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My first ride was an '82 Camaro V-6 4 speed. Not real good. Moved on to an '80 Olds Cutlass, which I still have (got in 1997)...

Others I have had:

3. 1988 Ford Escort (cracked head @ 75000 miles)
4. 1992 Chevy S10 (decommissioned by a drunk driver)
5. 1995 GMC Jimmy (Just traded it in yesterday for...)

what I have now:
6. 2000 Chevy Monte Carlo SS (the 4th vehicle that was supposed to get me through college)

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I must be the oldest on the list because my first car was a 1950 Chevy 2dr hardtop. Paid $15.00 for it, installed a SBC and drove it to school when I was 15. Drew up engine mounts in Tech. Drawing 1, Made mounts
in Machine Shop 1, installed engine in Auto Shop 1. School came in handy.
"Still makin cars!." :rolleyes:

posted by  7guy

Here is my list from most RECENT to my first CAR...

2000 Volkswagen Jetta GLS (NOW)
1999 Ford Mustang GT
1994 Mitsubishi Eclipse
1991 Mercury Cougar - this was the first one and I only had it for a couple months!

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1973 Ford Maverick, straight six, 3 speed...yellow with brown interior.

Not exactly what I wanted (first generation Camaro...) but it ran great. Even when the carb came loose and started spraying gasoline everywhere.
One of the tie rods broke and my now ex-wife said it was cheaper to get rid of it than to fix it. (For the record, it would have cost 80.00 to fix it, and she ended up spending 300.00 for a new car...go figure.)

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My first car is the one i own rite now and its a 72 chevelle malibu with a 350 4 bolt main it has a weiand intake and eldelbrock airfilter.It pretty fast car for only 2300 candian.OH YA ITS ALSO PINK!!! 8) PIMP MOBILE

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My first car was a Fiat Panda. 0-60 in over 15 seconds and a top speed of under 85mph. Since owning it, I took the rust off the bottom of the driver’s door, filled it in and touched it up with spray paint. I changed the spark plugs, air filter and 2 tyres. I got a spare set of keys cut for it but the key cutters made a bodge of it so the ignition key got stuck and I had to turn the engine off by pushing the choke in before unhooking the battery. I had to take the ignition lock out and a new ignition lock cost £30 (call it $37). I took the ignition key back to the key cutters and they confirmed my suspicions by saying they cut the wrong blank so of course they cut another ignition key for free. After all that I was told that it would cost more than it was worth to have all the underneath repaired for the M.O.T so it got scrapped (
I can laugh now though lol

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My first car wasen't a car at all it was a beat up 1989 f-150 xlt lariet. the truck had a 308 bore out to a 318. power windows and locks. the passenger side window would roll down but not up on its own. the tires were bald and the transmition loved to throw it self into nuetral all the time. i had to have a complete engine overhaul done on it and it still loved to die. It even died once while I was on a rail road track. After that i just got rid of that truck as fast as I could. The only good thing about that truck was that it could burn ruber whenever you wanted it to. Thats how i got my first ticket. Exhibition of acceleration. It was a very nice burn out though, so it was worth it.

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...I was the man in my 1982 Honda Accord LX Hatchback 5-speed baby. Still running strong at 240,000 miles when I sold it.

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my first car was a 1993 White Chevy Corsica- owned it for two years, drove it for one and sold it to my sister, my new car is a 2000 Chevy Malibu LS, almost fully loaded, in black with a spoiler- greeat car

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1965 Beetle bought in 1972 for the princely sum of $250. The first lowered (Cal-Look) bug on the east coast. Built a monster engine before you could get performance parts off the shelf. Ran the shit out of it all through high school, de-modded it so my sister could learn to drive it when I moved away, then got it back a few years later. Still have it today. I'd sell my lungs before I got rid of it again. 8)

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my first car....thatll be my dads 98 Neon Sport Sedan, 5 Speed- with the 17" PT Cruiser rims, black double stripes, Alpine head unit, slammed and eilbach shocks and springs (or something like that). im gonna have fun with that shit

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88 chevy s-10 regular cab,short bed. SBC swap. i couldnt drive it in the rain. i miss it :(

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93 ford tempo.

more at

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1991 Pontiac 6000 STS, bought from Dad for a good price because he wanted a new car. Not the coolest car in the world but the Cops never gave it a second look. After that it was a 1993 Pontiac Sunbird and now a 1999 Jeep Cherokee. I think I must be over due for a new car. 8)

posted by  Caffeinated < that woould be my Saturn.

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:D How long did it take you to park it like that in your driveway?

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I'm not even going to go into a long song and dance about your "pimp" ride, I'll let someone else do that. But... under bragging rights you quote a weight of 1576 pounds. How about somewhere near 2500 pounds. That is unless you got the helium filled wheel covers from K-Mart.

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My first car was a 98 model Nissan Pulsar SSS. Took me a long time to save for it.

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whoops, thanks for pointing that out to me. meant around 2576. thanks a lot for pointing that out to me. oh, and my friend came up with the whole "pimp" saturn thing. mainly because he doesnt have a car and he's trying to get out of the whole rice crap. call my hubcaps rice if you want, but anything looks better than the stock ones. oh, and btw, it took me about 30 seconds to park the car in the driveway like that.

posted by  Satty101

That's about 25 secs too long...but you're a newbie driver :D

posted by  BavarianWheels

Hey Satty...just to warn you in every car forum you go to there is always gonna be haters, but that's why I enjoy coming into these forums...hehehe. Love ya guys, and welcome newbie!

posted by  JettaChiC20

very new. plus i had.......people breathing down my neck and if i made 1 mistake, they'd drop me outta driver's ed. my ass-hole parents :rolleyes:

posted by  Satty101

technicaly my first truck was a 1977 International Scout II w/ 63 thousand miles, it just needs a new body, then i got a 1990 plymouth sundance, that thing would go through anything, learned how to rebuild clutch/transmission, replace head gasket, alternator (3 times). from there i had a 1992 Bonneville, and now im on a 1998 GMC Jimmy, all in about 2 years.

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First- 1968 AMC Javelin
Current- 95 Cavalier

posted by  Mr. Horsepower

That seems like a step in the wrong direction to me. :?

posted by  vwhobo

actually, i do have an explanation:

The Javelin, which i got when i was young, stupid, and 13, was a heap of junk. My dad paid 2200 dollars for it, becuz it had little rust, and it ran pretty well. It had a Straight 6 232ci motor, and a near death 3 on the tree. My dad got it for me for a learning car, on which i learned the basics of engine maintanence, body work, interior work, simple stuff, ya know? Well, it started becoming a money pit, and since i had no income other than a few lawns i mowed here and there, i had to do something. I sold the Javelin for 1900 (all profit for me) and was carless for a couple of months. Two months later, I had been car hunting like a madman. I really wanted to have a car for when i got my permit. I had looked at mostly chevys (Cavaliers, Berretas, even a few Luminas and older caprices) and had found nothing but crap, huge distances from my house. Well, as luck would have it, 3 days before i got my permit, my mom came home from work and told me there was a blue car for sale like the next street over. My friend and I went down and saw it was a beautiful teal cavalier, perfect body, perfect interior, 73k miles, and for only 3000 bucks, well in my price range. The next night, it was mine.

And that is my story. So basically, i fournd exactly what i was looking for (Mainly because my parents insisted on ABS and airbags), well below my max price, so i snatched it up. It had only been for sale for a few hours when i found it too. so i was pretty lucky.

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Gee, here I am happy that my kid is running wipers and a muffler again.

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my first car was a 1993 chrysler imperial, then i bought a 1986 pontiac firebird v6 2.8 173. but that caught on fire after I had the battery and the alternator replaced, she was a but, just about ready to put in the 350 to. Now i have the chrysler imperial back in the shop to get it ready for the raod again.

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You never know. it could lead to Camaros, Firebirds, T/As, Corvettes, Vipers, Silverados, S-10s, Syclones, Typhoons, Berreta Indy (or GT, GTZ). or he could go the other way....Ford Escort, Geo Metro, Ford Ka....

nice story though. I would tell mine...but nobody wants to hear it...

posted by  Satty101

Why is a road leading to camaro's,firebird's etc. a good road to take???

posted by  vwmaniac

My first and current car is a 95 firebird...Kind of proud having that i have bought and paid for it myself and not by anyone else :P anyways here it is, and yes the fenders look like they are a different color, but it's just because the sun was setting when i took the pic, they normally don't look like that

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Interesting how the shadow seems to match the door line perfectly.... ;)

posted by  BavarianWheels

I thought that was just my imagination... I wonder what color they would be in direct daylight. :rolleyes:

posted by  vwhobo

For the sun sure is bright in the background!!

And one more a Photoshop enthusiast as it just me or does that tree on the right seem a bit odd in that the trunk is "lit" up more than the tree on the left? Would'nt the shade from the trees that seem to shade your car also be shading the trunk of that tree?

Just a thought...

posted by  BavarianWheels

Yeah, but... The tree bark matches in GOOD light. 8)

posted by  vwhobo

look at the ground. it's all dark. I don't think that one looks right to me.

posted by  Satty101

Just because you are jealous don't diss my car, I'll borrow a digital camera just to show you morons that it does match, goodjob, but you will have to try harder, maybe try putting something down that i myself didn't point out and explain why next time eh? Plus having the fact taht the car came from the factory like that don't you think if it actually didn't match i would of got a different car or pointed it out to them, Factories usually don't fuck up taht bad

posted by  zoomo

Yep, you got me, I'm jealous. Someday I want to be a name calling little wannabe, just like you. :rolleyes:

posted by  vwhobo

I'm boiling over with jealousy!!

For the Detroit factories...that is probably correct...but they do "eff" up?

posted by  BavarianWheels

just to add motor oil to this flaming the sky is quite bright....unnaturally bright IMO...and for that to happen it would have to be bright in the pic....which it is not. i think we have an X-Files case here. 8)

posted by  SuperJew

Maybe it was taken during a partial solar eclipse.

posted by  vwhobo

It doesn't take a rocket scientist.

posted by  BavarianWheels

You know you'll think i'm lying when i say this but it's true and actually fairyl funny, that was during the sunset when all the rora-bori-alis stuff was happening a few months ago, I dunno if that would have anything to do with it but it's funny that you said it might have something to do witha s olar eclipse

posted by  zoomo

also it's not that hard to see that the sun was setting because you can see that the top of the left top of the car is bright with glare while the side is dark and shaded, the sun would have to be to one side of the car to make it look like that, look at how dark the ground in front of the car is and look at how bright it is behind it. Don't you think that the sun setting just out of the camera to the left would cause it to do that.......

*edit* also while on the "x files" thing notice the 3 black dots near the top in the sky....there were no birds as far as i remember :P, and notice the white blurr in the far right of the screen, and the really bright spot in the grass on the right in front of the car

posted by  zoomo


posted by  BavarianWheels

i still have it its a posrsche 944 that now has 64k on it, oh yeah im new here so whats up everyone im driveway

posted by  driveway

Welcome. Sorry for sounding doubtful, but your first car is a Porsche? Seems kinda far-fetched to me...

posted by  Satty101

well its a 944....and his dad probably got it for him...just like my Neon.

oh and welcome driveway...may i ask the meaning of your name?

posted by  SuperJew

Yeah, I see your point.

posted by  Satty101

of course you do, you fool!
:heh: :smoke:

posted by  SuperJew

I no foo! u foo!

(too much :smoke: )

::edit:: post #444 :heh:

posted by  Satty101

why is that? not like it cost 100k, it was used and my dad did buy it for me. ive had it since 1990 and take very good care of it.

posted by  driveway

I know. that was my bad. didn't see the name of the model...

Got pics? :heh:

posted by  Satty101

yeah as soon as someone tells me how to post them from my pc.

posted by  driveway

set up a ripway ( account there, and upload pictures. then use the image tool here and insert the URL of the pictures.

posted by  SuperJew

i got it when i was younger because i was always in the driveway spending quality time with my car,you know how it is.

posted by  driveway

I sure do! Sittin in the car everyday for the first month we had the car in our possesion. ahh yes. good times.

posted by  Satty101
the pics not so clear but it is from a few summers ago in s.c.

posted by  driveway

Well, that's one hell of a first car. None the less.

posted by  Satty101

understand that it didnt always look like that and the previous owner was not as loving to it as i am. did your baretta come stock with that paint scheme?

posted by  driveway

Did you see this new guy's profile? Under biography he is the "mechanic of all mechanics". Sounds alot like stringer. Well at least he can spell it. :umh:

posted by  vwhobo

I guess 'driveway' will have to justify that soon...

posted by  BavarianWheels

he can even fix the BIMMERS. anyone please tell me how to add pic to my sig. please

posted by  driveway

You are not alone with that problem. Some of us have signature pics and some don't. Growing pains of a new format I'm being told.

posted by  vwhobo

Do "we" always speak of self in third-person?

posted by  BavarianWheels

Well, A Porsche (IMO) is the kind of first car that you'll be remembered by. Atleast in my stupid city :roll: .

Actually, The Beretta in my Sig. is a photoshoped version of a friend of mine's beretta. I don't have one. I have a 1996 Saturn SC1 that will probably be sold here before too long. The next car I want to get is a Beretta Z26 or GTZ. A GT wouldn't be too bad but I like the Quad 4 a little more than the 3100 (3.1L V6). But then again, a Beretta Indy would be very nice! :heh: But the odds of that are so slim, well, you get the idea.

To help you out with your sig, right click on the photo you want, click on "properties" (should appear at the very bottom) and then there should be a web address. highlight it and click copy. Then go to your CP, Signature, and simply type in " (address) " Do not use spaces in between. I did that simply to show show the tags. then click on submit signature, and you should be done. the pic should be there unless there's something I missed out on. If you need more help, Im pretty sure our Mods will be able to put a pic in there for you. Im not sure if they have that much power, but I think they do.

And guys, take it easy on the nOOb for now. He'll either proove himself to be a "mechanic of all mechanics", or he won't. Give it time and we'll see if the Biography holds true or not.

posted by  Satty101

I don't think mods have that power...I don't think mods want that "power."

I know I don't want THAT power.

posted by  BavarianWheels

Okay, well my car isn't the hottest thing on the market, but I think it's pretty good. :thumbs:

Everything is stock except for the sound. It has a 12" Kicker Sub in the boot, and a set of 6" Pioneer Speakers with a Cadence Amp. Headdeck is a Sony Explod with 45x4W.

It does the job nicely. I want to install Neons and do a bodykit on it. Was thinking Green neons underneath the feet area.

posted by  mirage_au

mirage au wrote: -
"Everything is stock except for the sound. It has a 12" Kicker Sub in the boot, and a set of 6" Pioneer Speakers with a Cadence Amp. Headdeck is a Sony Explod with 45x4W.

It does the job nicely. I want to install Neons and do a bodykit on it. Was thinking Green neons underneath the feet area."

:read: :pop:

posted by  snoopewite

Iksnay(?) on the eon-nay ights-lay!! :doh:

posted by  BavarianWheels


:banghead: :banghead: :banghead: have we learned nothing??? :cussing: :cussing:

posted by  SuperJew

Whats wrong with that?

posted by  mirage_au

And this is where I get flamed....

I personally like neon. Maybe in a few months if I can get a job again soon, I will put some neon on whatever car I'm going to end up with (looks like a 95 Chevrolet Beretta base right now :thumbs: ) I already have 3 blue sticks that will go under the front seats on both the front and the back of the seats, and maybe (I haven't decided) I will get some blue mini-sticks to put behind the air vents. I hope I'll be able to get headlight strobes, tail-light storbes, and red headlight accents. And then, a red 3" mini-neon tube behind the grille with a red underbody kit.

BW, SJ, Snoope and VWhobo, I'm sorry, but this is MY opinion and that's what reallly counts. sure, I would like to have people say nice things about my car but hey, It's my car, and if I get this stuff done to it, I'll like it and that's what counts.

posted by  Satty101

Are those modifications street legal?

Even if I don't have anything nice to say about what you're hoping to do to your next car, I like you as a member of the "Car-Forums" society. Having said that, there is that saying that goes something like: -
"Friends don't let friends drive rice"

posted by  snoopewite

Are those modifications street legal?

Even if I don't have anything nice to say about what you're hoping to do to your next car, I still like you as a member of the "Car-Forums" society. Now having said that, there is that saying that goes something like: -
"Friends don't let friends drive rice!"

posted by  snoopewite

yes, they're street long as they're not on while driving. same with neon.

haha, friends don't let friends drive rice...hahaha. I heard that somewhere before but I still find it funny.

posted by  Satty101

So that means they're not street legal. That's like saying it's legal to drink and drive... As long as you're not in a car on the street. Kids these days.:orglaugh:

posted by  vwhobo

fine. they're legal as long as they're not on while driving! Hey, I'm not the smarter teenager here... :banghead: :cussing:

posted by  Satty101

well what they mean is that you can turn them on like in your "chill" spot but like while in motion you can't have them on.....

posted by  SuperJew

I gotta say man, I totally agree with that statement. I'm with you. So long as you like em, all the way - Few questions though, how do you get the neons in your air vents? You were speaking about mini sticks or something? That sounds awsome! :thumbs: Where do you buy them from?

posted by  mirage_au

Don’t strobe lights replace the indicator bulbs? What about headlight accents?
Are you planning on never using your indicators on the roads or driving at night?

posted by  snoopewite

all you really have to do is drill a hole through your vent system (lose some air pressure but it beats having the whire come out of the vents), take off the vents, put a mini-neon tube in there, slid the wire through the hole you made, and hook it up like any other neon stick. Streetglow has some good min-tubes. NEVER BUY LITE_GLOW!!!!

I was thinking one or the other but if I can pull it off, I will try both. The headlight accents replace one of you bulbs and are on pretty much all the time. You can't see them during the day nor can you see them at night while you're driving with your regular headlights on. They turn on when you don't have the headlights on or when the car is off (this drains almost no battery power). <--that's the website where I found them.
About the strobes, I don't exactly know if they can just stay on all the time or if they have to blink all the time. But I do know I have 2 bulbs in my parking lights (the lights actually on the bumper for a Beretta) so I was just going to keep the regular headlights and put those bulbs in the parking light housing. Sorry if that confused anyone. I know I kinda went back and forth here with this. But with these modifications, It shouldn't show up when I'm driving at night and It'll give it a neat look when I'm at a Beretta meet. :thumbs:

posted by  Satty101

first car, which i currently have and am working on is a 1969 dodge dart custom. now people, im about to show you the best car you have EVER seen, i dont think i have seen a car in better shape... you ready for this? hehehe. fun canadian winter shot there.

posted by  Vaspier

your picture is giving my computer and i a headache

posted by  SuperJew

Ya, I should have made is smaller before i posted it, sorry guys. But it does look alot more nice when there is no snow on it.

posted by  Vaspier

my 1st car and still is a 1989 Geo Spectrim 4dr 77hp 4cyl oh yea baby

posted by  Car Guy

Here is my current car which is my first car. Cant wait to drive it a little. I turn 16 in April :) A 1991 Dodge Daytona.

posted by  Daytona91

link doesn't work

posted by  Satty101

My first car was a piece of crap '90 Ford Taurus L, but I don't really recognize it as my first car, since it had to be scrapped before I could even drive it.

The car I consider my first is my current 1986 Dodge Daytona CS with the 2.2L Turbo Z, which I'll be turning into a 2.5L once i find the head and turbo from a 2.5L Daytona. I actually just picked this car up 5 days ago, and I freakin' love it!!

posted by  Bloody August

I hate to be the one to break this to you, but... Even if you can install a 2.5 head on your 2.2 (don't think so but I'm not positive) you won't have a 2.5, you'll just have a 2.2 with a 2.5 head. Replacing the cylinder head DOES NOT affect the displacement of an engine.

posted by  vwhobo

1996 Cavalier LS (Had 96k miles when I bought it, it now has 98k) and I'm planning on selling it soon. It has power locks, power windows, cassette player, alloy wheels, keyless entry, and a 2.4L 150hp engine (I believe it's the same as the Z24). Anyone know how much I could get for it?

posted by  ThirdeYe

I'll give you $1 for it.

posted by  DodgeRida67

'86 Toyota Supra. Black. V6, unsure of the hp at this point (due to the engine being rebuilt right before I bought it). My dad at one point threatened me by putting loovers on it. :<


My avatar is the front of it. She's so pretty! Rebuilt engine right when I bought her, so it's fantastic. She's auto, though, so. Learning car that looks good and usually gets a great reaction out of it!

Power everything, including power lumbar support (I was so surprised!). Thermostat in it, bucket seats. Getting custom seat covers soon for it.

Had new tires on it, too, when I bought it. I thought it was a steal for $2500, so. :3

Heh. Nice topic. :clap:

posted by  Reddie

First car was a 1950 Plymouth Sedan. Inline 6 with a 3 speed on the column. Try learning to drive a stick like that! :laughing: :banghead:

posted by  ciccmga

My first car was a 68 bug semi automatic

posted by  barretire

My first ride was a 1987 Mercury Sable LS, leather seats, all options. Yea those leather seats were great since one window opened and the a/c did not work. Here is the rest of the list if anyone cares:

1989 Chevy Beretta GTU
1987 VW Jetta Carat
1990 Mazda RX7 GTU & 1987 Audi 4000S
1997 Honda Civic DX (new)-totaled
1997 Honda Civic DX (new, replacement)
1991 Honda Accord LX
1998 Honda Civic EX
1998 VW Passat GLS & 1992 VW Jetta GL
2001 VW Passat GLS 1.8T & 1989 Honda Prelude Si

posted by  B5Alive

First car was, and still is, a 1970 Nova SS with a 350 and 4 speed tranny. One hell of an introduction to driving...the concept of driving a modern car makes me nauseous after driving the Nova for so long

posted by  Dull Jack

as a fellow supra owner (same chassis to be exact), ill try to be nice.

we dont have a V6.... its an I6..... never make that mistake again.... thank u

posted by  Inygknok

I have a 1999 Toyota Camry CE... Kinda tame, but not lame! (He he... I made a rhyme!)

posted by  StiMan

My first car was an 87' Honda Accord! I loved that car soooooo much! I wrecked it when someone pulled out of an alley, and I slid on the snow into them! AAAHHHHH! Wait, I'm crying.......OK, I'm back...It had 251,000 miles on it when I traded it in for my 98' Eclipse...*sniffle*....just look at the pic...

posted by  Cupcke

My first and current car is.... 1998 Ford Escort ZX2 5sp all stock except for the sound system which is pretty dicent (spell?), and tinted windows. I still have to paint it.

posted by  RusMan

My first official car was a 2001 Mits Mirage. I actually still have it, and use it for getting me through that god awful traffic everyday (I prefer an automatic for such aggravating driving conditions). It had about 48k miles on it originally, and went for 8,500 thanks to a sale the used car place had going on. Thanks to some flim-flammin' and bamboozling, I managed to talk him down to 6,000.

OK, two flaws with the car. A tiny lil ding on the side, and whoever owned it last time apparently didn't use floormats and wore cleats everyday.

posted by  Rane

my first car was a 1989 honda accord lxi with a d16 vtec sohc swap. it ha d potential. i bought it off of a friend of mine when i was in 9th grade. It had a front lip and 17in Moda rims. the cool thing was my best friend bought a 1990 civic dx hatchback with a d16 motor too he has a full body kit exohost and a couple other things but it was sick cuz we preatty much had the sam thing you know. Now i have a 1989 turbo rx7 its an automatic tho but its quick.

posted by  umcrewVTEC

My first car (that I own) is a red Lumina Z34 3.4L DOHC. God I love that car. The first car I drove (for 3 months) was a white Ford Exporer. I totaled it going too fast in the rain.

posted by  Nichol Bolas

My First Car Was an '88 Maroon Ford Tempo... It Was Awful... my last year of owning it it went over a year with any kind of tune-up, busted shocks... and a dummy tire, had hit 3 or 4 deer with it... it was a beast.. I Love my car's a '00 dark green Mercury Mystique... She's a beauty.

posted by  mercury06

mine would be an 89 for mustang LX 2.3l hatchback(the girl mustang) got great gas mileage though, put 60,000km on it in my first year of driving. backed outa the driveway and hit my moms truck. hatch hinges bent and it was just never the same, found out about inertia switched that day

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

my second car, it's the same as the first but i don't have a picture of that one :banghead:

posted by  pornking

was a 1964 Chevy II, 6 cylinder, 3 speed. While I wasn't old enough to legally drive it, the neighbor girl and I spent a lot of time sitting in it and draining the battery, listening to the radio. :smoke:
My 2nd car was a '63 2 door with a mod 283, 4 speed. I ran the battery down on that too quite often while waiting for the cop to write my ticket.
Those were the good old days gone by. :thumbs:

posted by  vortec

my first car was a 1995 acura integra gsr. Soon after getting it i started modding it. It can now do the 1/4 mile in around 12.5 secs. Not that good but still have a lot of stuff left to do with it.

posted by  Import-tuner

Someone tell me how a 12.5 is "Not that good"?!?!

Im sure I posted in this, but for those who dont wanna read it all, my first car was a 1990 Chevy Beretta GTZ. Followed by a 1996 Pontiac Grand Am SE.

posted by  Satty101

12.5 is good but im shotting for mid 11s, And i wont be happy till i get there with anything else. So your right, 12s are good.

posted by  Import-tuner

my first and only car is a "mint green" 92 accord with no mods whatsoever and about 100K.

PS Everybody at school calls it a grandmas car.............and it is!!!!

posted by  jdubya

she is a beauty!!!

posted by  jdubya

that is a cool car

posted by  jdubya

First car ever was the old school Mazda MPV. Yep, a mini-van. But I was wiser than that because my parents had an almost brand new 1996 Nissan Pathfinder and I just happened to get in a car accident totaling the MPV and therefore acquired the Pathfinder by default.... :mrgreen:

posted by  boothe

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