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Hey there,

I have seen the abuse one of the guys off here has been giving my friends and then giving on our website.
I then see that you have an announcement that advertising is not allowed on this site...

thing's to consider are:-

1. how do you expect to increase your member base if YOU do not advertise??
2. You claim that advertising is not allowed on here yet you all have vehicles in either your user names/signatures or other badges ond or displays where it may be considered as ADVERTISING

seems that you have looked at our website and decided that you may loose every single member from here...not sre why you would think that as we are a south england based club/website

I might suggest you try again and this time be a litte bit more friendly..

there is nothing better than having friends...

there is a book you should look up and subsequently read it's called

Ciao for now


posted by  mini maniac

Well the forum rules say that advertising is not allowed so, why do it?

posted by  93ranger

but the rules do not state what is acceptable and what is not acceptable

what harm does it do?

think of this

how did i find this site if it was not for one of the members from here advertising it

it's a case of what goes around comes a round

posted by  mini maniac

Putting our cars in our sig is NOT advertising. It's showing off what we own. None of us who have cars in our sig have intentions to advertise our car. Advertising is what you see at the very top of the forums trying to get us to go to some honda parts page and what not. That's the sites advertising, period. We dont forum thread advertising because it takes away from what this forum is all about. Talking about cars and getting facts and opinions. NOT trying to sell you some stupid $39.95 device or sales all over the place from car dealerships (STOP posting these whoever was/is... we all know the car industry is hurting like crap right now and we can get our Escalade for $20k off!!!).

And I see you said the rules didnt state what exactly is/isnt advertising. Well, you're a grown man, cant you figure this out on your own? Man, it's like people who sue bike companies who ride their bike at night and get hit at night then blame it on the company because there is no warning sticker on the bike about riding it at night. In the words of Thomas Paine: COMMON SENSE!


posted by  thunderbird1100

posted by  cossiemattx2c

fair enough fella however all my friends have doen is advertise a British website and then they get abuse and then our forums get littered with tonnes of abuse

there are minors that use our website and i don't feel that the kind of language that has been displayed is suitable

Some of us work for government agencies over here (me included) and we cannot afford our webmarshals blocking our access to our site due to explicit content


posted by  mini maniac

posted by  cossiemattx2c

No ads at CF. Thats a rule. Take those ads out of your names and sigs, or you will be banned. Thats the rules.

posted by  StiMan

and you name does not have an advert in it??? mr STi Man

what is wrong with advertising another car modification community based in the UK
what is the harm???

please tell me

i'd love to know

if you can actually come up with a valid reason then i shall stop asking



posted by  mini maniac

well, you guys get abuse for advertising because it is illegal in our forums. Even if it doesn't specify what is legal and what is not, come on, lets use some common sense. do you really think we'd let someone come in and advertise their own forum? that would be like having a Taco Bell ad in a McDonalds. we, the people of CF, do not appreciate people coming in and promoting their own companies or forums. granted, there may be no harm in your view, but to us it is a waste of bandwidth, and is in violation of the rules of CF.

well, then its your responsibility to either censor what is being said on your forum or prevcent minors from seeing said offensive material. this is a free country, we can say what we want without censorship.

see the previous statement made by me.

thank you for your understanding, and have a nice day. :thumbs:

posted by  SuperJew

Ads are not allowed on CF. My name is for a car, and I do not advertise the car or anything. This forum is about cars, so having a name with a car name in it is expected. Just about every member on this forum has a car's name in his or her forum name. I am not advertising a rival website. You are. Ads are not allowed on CF. You need to learn this or you will be banned. (It may be too late for that based on trigger's current rate, but that is beside the point.) People like you trash reputable forums such as this with your filth. Your signature has nothing to do with cars other than your own site. You need to realize that this is not worth it. Take out the ads, or leave/ be banned. It is your choice, but either wya you are breaking the rules here, and I am not. If I was I would have been banned over 1.5 years ago. :cussing: :banghead:

posted by  StiMan

how can a website that is based in the UK be a rival site?

honestly...you'd think this was going to end the world or something...

Like i said before...you can never have too many friends...

posted by  mini maniac

Let me see. What does WWW stand for... World Wide Web. Something in UK can certainly rival a car website in the US. Just because our servers are here doesnt mean our member list is also. We have members throughout the world. In fact we have many in the UK. One of our mods lives in UK. Just shut up. :banghead:

posted by  StiMan

well, this website happens not to be a direct rival to CF. but it still breaks a CF rule, a major one at that. it seems that you don't seem to understand the fact that if you break a rule, there will be consequences. and shut up about "you can never have too many friends"...first, you can, and second we don't want to sell out to assholes who constantly advertise and clog up the forums, when there are honest people who have real questions we can help them with.

posted by  SuperJew

but i thought i was told by one of your previous members further up the thread that this is a free world free speech and all that...

yes we are WWW well done however we are based in the uk and serve only people form the uk...except one guy from USA and one guy from AUS...

frankly how else can this site develop without advertising? in the same way how do other sites expect o develop without advertising

you guys were just starting out too once a- upon-a-time and needed as much advertising as possible

stop being hypocritical

enjoy the ride

embrace the family that is the car scene

thanks for your time


posted by  mini maniac

looks like its time for you (and all your advertising buddies) to get banned. have a nice life! :fu:

posted by  SuperJew

We have over 10,000 members. I think that we are growing just fine. We have a large active member base, and many new members join everyday. We spread just fine by being on Google and by having a easy to remember name. I dont want to argue any more. Stop posting ads. You are breaking the rules, simple as that.

posted by  StiMan

yes but fela how did you start out???

did you just have 10,000 people ready to sign up?

did the first people go out and advertise???

and then you construct these straaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaange rules

i'm not argueing with any of you i am merely having a debate

if you cannot deal with my intellect then...well...i can't help you

posted by  mini maniac

Well here's a thought, if you don't like the rules, WHY COME HERE?!?!?!

posted by  93ranger

What we have now is a flame war. We dont need to keep argueing. The rules are the rules. I abide by them, and you have to also. By joining you accepted these rules. By argueing and posting ads you have sealed your fate. You will be banned, there is no question. These rules are final so you must abide by them.

posted by  StiMan

i with mini maniac on this one...

you guys need to sit back and relax...

and how can you call it "illegal"
thats gotta be the stupidest thing i have ever heard...
im sure "illegal" means u can get in trouble with the law...

somewhat i dont think posting a link on here will get me sentenced to 10 years solitary confinement in Alcatraz ( yes i know its not a running prison )

as for one of your members coming online and "swearing" his mouth off on my website... i think that proves who the kids are here...

i banned him... not for "advertising" ( as i dont see that as a problem ) but for openly swearing with forums that have minors on it...

if you were clever you would have a links area where people can post links up... how else are people gonna find out about things...

reason i posted up is cos i coudlnt be bothered to post up everything on here so that you can all see what cars we drive over here... and dont use the "we aint interested" cos that would just prove how contradictive you are cos this is a CAR FORUM


im bored of typing...
gonna go talk to some REAL people

posted by  www.x2c-uk.com

Hmm.. why do you agree with him? Perhaps because you both are promoting the same site! Stick to the rules. You both are breaking them. Leave, or follow the rules. :fu: :cussing: :banghead:

Take the hyperlink out of your post. That is a ad. Take out what I told you.

posted by  StiMan

Somewhat i dont think anyone is that bothered...

We came here to say hello and introduce ourselves...

If you wanna kick members in to touch left right and center...

Then do it...

Wouldn't be the first time we see certain people abusing their powers

posted by  www.x2c-uk.com

When you do things that piss off one member you piss off all the members. I am going to log off so that we dont continue this war. Abide to the rules or leave. Simple as that.

posted by  StiMan

I agree with him cos what he is saying is true...

He could be a complete stranger or someone i despise...

But he does speak to the truth... :fu:

Why dont you have mods on here...?
Surely its their job to correct the wrong...

Just a quick question...

If one of the best members died on here and you created a website for him... are you telling me you would not post it up out of respect...? I take it the answer is no... as you have said "advertising is illegal ( <--- PMSL ) in whatever form it comes by"

posted by  www.x2c-uk.com

Rules are there to be broken...
Stupid Rules are there to be broken, abused and have the piss taken out of them...

I'll leave when i want to leave...

Simply because i havent finished "admiring" this "website"

posted by  www.x2c-uk.com

I really just wanted to clarify something. Some things you regard as advertising are not classified as such or illegal to post. I have many times posted a www addy in which I have found information for someone that would answer a question. Please see Cliffy's sticky in regards to Forum Rules and Regulations in which I quote:

"The advertising of your website or Forums is strictly prohibited and will not be tolorated, take note that if a thread is discovered to contain any evidence of advertising, said advert will be removed without notice, however innocent it appears. If you are simply wishing to display infomation which is contained within a website which may be classed as an advertisment, ie; if a forum is contained in it, please copy/paste the information to your post. If you are unsure if a website you wish to display falls in the advertising catagory, feel free to PM any Moderator who will be glad to help.If you are wanting to advertise on behalf of a comapny or business, please contact the adminstrator (unfedfat) via PM or email and he will inform you appropriatelly."

posted by  97Talonchik

And all we wanted to clarify

Was that the rule is pointless and petty

posted by  www.x2c-uk.com

Be that as it may....that is how the moderators and administrator set up this forum, however "pointless and petty" you find it may be. I don't agree with members from this Forum running around to your forum and mouthing off nor do I agree with them sending flame messages via IM. But, that does not make it right for you to bring your entourage here and do the same. Two wrongs do not equal a right. Might I suggest the members of this forum stay out of your business and your members stay out of ours. I think it is for the best. :thumbs:

posted by  97Talonchik

Yeah about that, sorry again :doh:

posted by  99integra

Not ours. We asked you nicely to stop advertising. Now we are telling you, stop. You will be banned by trigger. Stop now assholes. :fu:

posted by  StiMan

get ur facts straight mister

i was not asked nicely...

i had 99integra go off on one on AIM so that was it...

but he said sorry and i have asked them to stop

and still u persist to wind me up :fu:

posted by  www.x2c-uk.com

Ok, I didnt know that you all were stopping. Fine. I will stop. Thank you for stopping.

posted by  StiMan

If you fuel a fire... it will burn more...

But if u dont it will die out...

Which it has...

But i would be careful as the ashes are still hot

posted by  www.x2c-uk.com


If you read my sig... it says im stopping...
If you read the post on < my forum >... it says im stopping...
If you read the post in the general chat... it says im stopping...
If you speak to 99integra... you will know i asked everyone to stop... :clap:

posted by  www.x2c-uk.com

Ditto. I am sorry for those who did go to your forum, or mouthed off to you on AIM. On behalf of CF, I am sorry.

posted by  StiMan

I IM'd him, he knows now

posted by  99integra

As I said, I am sorry.

posted by  StiMan

Ok guys.....firstly, I'm British....so the www does actually mean 'World Wide Web'........and secondly, Advertising isn't allowed here...FULL BLOODY STOP....If you'd like to discuss fees etc for a Professional advert, so be it....Other than that, you will now be banned, I think this is the worste case of 'newbie member vigilante' that I've ever seen here....and if you're with any Government agencies (I assume that only means the Inland Revenue, and not MI5), you ought to be ashamed of yourselves...No wonder our Government is going do the pan.....with idiots like you working for them.....Tell you what, as unruley as it may seem, I actually agree with some CF members going over to your site and causing havok...afterall...we have that problem enough.....But guys...I'd advise you dont make a habit of it...we wouldn't want CF getting a bad name! :thumbs:

So my little British chums.....do us all a favour and crawl back under your rock....you're a discrace to the UK....and the people within it! :ticking:

posted by  Cliffy

BTW...This was posted in the wrong place...so I'll move it :hi: :banghead:

posted by  Cliffy

a disgrace to the uk?????

do you travel on my underground train?

do you carry a backpack?

what a total load of codswallop i have ever heard......you strange man

no wonder you are on a yankee car forum....you must have been driven out of every british car forum ever going...

posted by  mini maniac

but seriously i only came here to question the abuse being delivered...

the unmentioned forum/website www.car-forums.com we are from has got a vast wealth of car enthusiasts from the uk

if you have any queries on any aspect on modding british cars or the british car scene then we are definately the premier club to sign up to (there are no fees)

in the same sense we will send our members here if they have any queries on american cars...

you see guys there are a lot of other forums out there

by saying that advertising on your forum is not allowed you are closing down the member base that you could have...
sure you have got over 10,000 members but imagine how many more you could have...the extra experience and wealth of knowledge you could tap into..

my first impressions of this site are DULL and boring people with a serious attitude problem....my first instinct is to go to every single forum around the globe and get every one to infiltrate your site and trash it....

i will not though as i see that public relations are important....one day it may be a case of i'll scratch your back if you scratch mine...

i think you guys seriously need to consider a cool links page or something similar...

do a section where you rate other car foums and your members can then decide if they wish to go and visit...do not try to controll your members give them the option..
loyal members always return....

thanks for your time


posted by  mini maniac

yeah, but that's not what you said originally. you come in and say - visit our forum. That's advertising that's not allowed here. Then you say "well so is having a picture of an sti". No it isn't, no-one is trying to sell the sti. Sure, you can say that "we have no fees", so you're not trying to sell your website, but coming here, you're obviously trying to poach members, and does your website have ads on it? If so, then you are trying to expose people to paid advertisements ... sounds like selling to me.

I've got no problem with you or your website, and I apologise for the CF members who may have infiltrated it, but people around here (myself included) can get narky when people come in and advertise. Then when they don't stop after being asked, that's just rude. You tell us that we have an attitude problem, but you come onto our forum, break the rules once (understandable), get asked to stop, and then repeatedly do it again .... don't tell me I've got an attitude problem, clean up your own backyard.

my :2cents:

posted by  windsonian

Very nicely put.

posted by  Bino

So..is it me, or are you trying to say that I'm a suicide bomber?....Now I'm really confused...I have a Home Counties accent and was born in Surrey, if that's any use?

Well said Windsonian, btw. You guys who came here advertising are the idiots for breaking the rules in the first place. We have our loyal members, and good ones at that. You dont seem to understand.....when you registered....not you inparticualr, mini maniac, but all of CF's newest British fanbase, did you honestly join for any other reason than to advertise?.....if the answer is yes, why have I not seen any usefull posts/threads from you, and if the answer is 'no' as I think it probably is....Do you not find that a little rude?....

I mean, coming into a website purely to advertise another is just asking for trouble if that sites rules say you're not allowed.

By the way, we dont only talk about US cars here.....we talk about Jap/Euro and Brit cars too, and other things.

posted by  Cliffy

Cliffy is a Brit? :laughing:

posted by  97Talonchik

LOL...I'm proud to say so, yes :hi:

posted by  Cliffy

Oh my...

Some of you guys need to get a grip

I cannot believe how petty you are all being over a simple WWW link

Talking of "Poaching" and such like

The internet allows for a freedom of movement of people (in a cyber sense) and simply trying to control them by not allowing others the opportunity to provide them a similar service is verging on the plain and simple REDICULOUS

I could understand if you were a profit making organisation but you are not and niether is the unmentioned site (i believe) so why the big fuss?? you are hardly going to lose out are you???

well now children i hope you have all satisfied your lust for total (in your minds) control

I must press on with more important things in life such as dodging bombs on trains.....

LOSERS :screwy:

posted by  The Spear

Do you think the guys with banners at the tops of the pages pay to advertise? If you didn't get so upset and pushy about it from the start, then it wouldn't have been a problem.

If it wasn't such a big deal, then why did you put your URL in every post as many times as you could?

posted by  windsonian

for one as an owner of an athletics website i know that the banner of adverts at the top of the page comes as part of the forum deal..... they pay the people that own the forum providing company.

the links are generated through the content on the site....

from what i understand the multiple linking on pages was in reaction to what has been deemed a rediculous law/rule imposed on the users of the site...

by adding the link to another site they are actually opening themselves up to having their members "poached"

As has been previously mentioned why not create a "cool links" section where the main mod can rate each link/site therefore giving the members of this site an idea of what to expect.....it makes sense... and should stop this kind of thing happening in the future!!!

or am i talking total balls???

posted by  The Spear

no, the cool links thing is not a bad idea in my opinion, but don't say that the multiple url thing was a reaction. It went the same as all advertisers we've had on here. Something like this:

Newguy: come visit us at www.otherforum.com
Oldguy: don't advertise here
Newguy: i wasn't advertising, i was just saying come to www.otherforum.com

That's not a reaction to a law deemed "rediculous" (by you, not the general cf population), it's plugging the website at every opportunity. Don't try and tell me that there is any possible reason for the second link except to get more exposure.


posted by  windsonian

if there is no other way of sharing a link on a site than by posting the url in a post what else do yu expect people to do.

by placing the link in the signature it ensures that the original link does not get lost for every time the person posts the link is there....

take my advice and have a "cool links" section...... trust me it'll work!!!

posted by  The Spear

it's not up to me ..... but it wasn't only in sigs.

posted by  windsonian

here's the deal, spam is a big problem these days. People (or even 'bots) coming into forums and ONLY posting links to either sites they own or are affiliated with that are either membership sites or product sites. in a push to get revenue from selling a product or a site. Any spam is advertising. Spam fills up forums with non-conversational threads. It's forbidden not just on this forum, but on MOST top forums (like, say, the Car and Driver magazine forum, VW Vortex, NPBoards, Supercars.net, and many, many more). It's only "ridiculous" to those asshats that are incapable of figuring out why spam is bad.

Linking to the site you're already on (like the car-forums.com links in some sigs here) is not spam. Puting links to an image storage site where your personal pictures are on is not spam or advertising. Links to your personal site that talks about your persoanl life is not spam (unless that site is desigened to generate advertiser revenue). And linking to a commercial or club site that provides direct help to a directly asked question (such as linking to Summit Racing in response to a question of a good place to get an MSD ignition pack for a race car) is not spam. Putting a picture of a race car with sponsors all over it is ALSO not advertising unless YOU one the car and the WWW links on it point directly at a revenue generating business site YOU OWN or are affiliated with.

How hard is any of this to figure out?

posted by  ChrisV

May i ask if you have had a look at the website that has caused so much controversy to see if their link would in some way assist in generating sales or revenue?

my guess is that you have not....

If i post a picture of a car up on here (the one below for example) does it not have product adverts on it that i will now think to enquire about???
And if it generates some kind of interest then it can be deemed as advertising....otherwise what would the point of putting the product name on the image be?
I for one can see many adverts on that car.... count them... now if i am a member of any of those companies it could be deemed like in the movies that i have just done some product placement advertising......

It seems to me that the real reason you guys fobid this kind of hot linking is purely out of the fear that you will somehow lose all your member base and the owners ofthe forum will lose their "ego"

Sorry, but it displayed a link :laughing:

And it was a rediculouse size!

posted by  The Spear

yes, i did.

it is a membership site and the method of promoting it is in fact the f*cking definition of spamming. And it would not be tolerated on ANY of the sites I listed.

Are you the owner of the car or affiliated with the sponsors? If not, then simply posting the picture isn't spam. Youre not TELLING people to check out the sponsiors of the car. If you posted the SAME picture in every forum here with no other info, that would INDEED be spam, but of a slightly differnt sort (sort of like the idiot posting random tgibberish in every forum here earlier today).

Again, you're trying to use semantics to justify actions that have long been held to be spam on most major forums worldwide. And that arguing is not making you look any smarter.

Yup, and if you use that car's picture as the only thing you post in every forum, with the intent of getting people to check out those sonsors, then, as i said, that would BE spam. if you were already a regular poster and you posted a picture of it to say, "here's a cool car I like" then it's not spam or advertising. Again, this isn't f8cking rocket science, and it shouldn't take any effort to figure out.

What part of "every major forum in the world doesn't allow spam or advertising" did you not GET? Try your shite at Car & Driver magazine, or VW Vortex. Both of those MAJOR forums will ban you as fast as this one did. For the same reason! Has nothing to do with the ego of the owners or moderators, but with SIMPLE F*CKING COURTESY! And since you have shown none to us, I don't feel the need to show any to you. You're not simply asking questions. You are arguing semantics in a whiny response to getting busted for not following a pretty normal request!

posted by  ChrisV

Correct, we are not a profit making organisation, but the Administrator here still has to subscribe and pay a fee to use this webspace, therefore, it's his space to do what he wants with it....and it's our job, as Mods, to see that the rules are enforced.

I think, the main reason for a No Advertising rule is not because we dont wanna lose members, because lets face it, that wouldn't be an issue with the people we have here, but because past evidence shows that the majority of members who do advertise here come here to ONLY advertise and then leave. This being the case, It would be a Forum full of links to rival sites, and where's the point in that?

Believe me, if you were a loyal member wanting to advertise your website, and you had prior permission from the Admin here....there really wouldn't be a problem with it :wink2:

posted by  Cliffy

so what you are saying is that i could write...

hey guys this is a really cool website i found one day while not being on here the link is www.blahblahblah.com and i think you should check it out.

it has got some really cool cars on there and the people seem to be really friendly

why don't we link them to "our" site and maybe at some point arrange something...

how "cool" that would be....

And you lot would not have a problem with it yet if the owner of blahblahblah.com comes on and says
"hey check out my site it's full of really nice cars and our forum has loads of friendly people

thank's for your time"

That would cause major problems for you all???? :screwy:

posted by  The Spear

As I said^^^

posted by  Cliffy

yeah sorry i was busy typing away here while you had already posted

posted by  The Spear

so instead of just giving the owner the abuse that was dished out would it not have been better to have conversed with them and maybe set up a better rappor?

posted by  The Spear

Hang on a minute....Did CF's new found freinds not just post crap, advertise their site, conduct an overly agressive attitude, and break pretty much every rule going?...And you want us to creat a rappor with them?

posted by  Cliffy

Look back at some prime examples of spam. Hell, even EMAIL spam that does exactly what you are describing. "hey I just rean across this site, it's really cool! You shoudl check it out!" All of it is simply spam advertising. And when you do it on a forum in EVERY section of the forum (like in this forum in General Talk, AND Off Topic AND Repairs AND Domestic cars AND Asian Cars AND European Cars") it's spam, pure and simple.

Check this link out for an example. One post saying "he" had bought this product for his chevy, and he loved it. but it's classic spam (I've gotten this type of ad in email before)


There are a lot of spam topics on major forums that do exactly what you describe, and ALL are removed as advertising.

Again, take that tactic to Car & Driver Magazine forum, or NP Boards. Or VW Vortex, or Automobile Magazine, or Club Si, or team FC3s. ANY major forum will treat you the same as you were treated here.

Got an idea. Instead of trying to find new, inventive ways of advertising your site on here, just STAY here as a productive member of the forums, and THEN say, "I'm also a member of this forum, maybe we can get members talking on here as well as on the other one."

Check out these examples of the pervasiveness and seeming innocence of spam advertising. And 99% of this spam comes from people in their FIRST post. If you've registered to post a link to your site, and you start doing it in your first post, then you have doen it for advertising and spam related reasons. Period.


http://www.car-forums.com/talk/showthread.php?t=1692&highlight=advertising< br />

posted by  ChrisV

hey, Cliffy, you might want to give Oomba some crap about his sig...


And he's enough of a closed minded ass that I woudln't mind at all if you banned him for it. (kidding. Don't ban him. he's fun to argue with, and he does know quite a bit)

posted by  ChrisV

I just want to thank Cliffy for "taking care of" the people from the other forum. They were breaking the rules and thanks Cliffy for stopping thier madness.

posted by  StiMan

From what i understand the "madness" as you put it was instigated by the unwarranted aggression showed by certain members from here and then the blatent childish behaviour by the unmentioned member on the other forum...spreading foul language in almost every forum section.....

In the UK.... there are many forums and car clubs... the spread of members goes across the forums with many of them belonging to quite a few.
There is no.."Poaching"...no "banning for "Advertising""... everyone generally gets on well...
it seems that only in the US does the fear of losing out seem to originate...

Why else would the country hold a World series and not invite anyone else from the WORLD to participate.....the fear of losing out....

posted by  The Spear

achem! did I do absolutely nothing with this? :banghead:

posted by  SuperJew

Nope you sat around and did nothing J/P :laughing: Thank you my super jewish friend :laughing:

posted by  99integra

How would you like it if I programme 10 popups for my website everytime you visit a thread? This is NOT your forum so you can't call the shots and so can't I. And that means no advertising, if you don't like it then find another forum. No ones forcing you to go on car-forums.

Ever heard of the phrase "it's like that, and that's the way it is"?.

posted by  fudge



*dodger hard at work fixing his sig so pontiac, dodge, and plymouth don't profit from cars they don't even f*cking make anymore*

posted by  dodger65

Thanx, I think I already sorted that once...I'll do it again though lol.

Thanx mate, it's appreciated!.....But SJ did have something to do with that, too lol :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

hey, thanks for that. granted, I can't save CF's ass anymore as i'm not a mod anymore (thankfully...), but i can still have some fun on here. :thumbs:

posted by  SuperJew

What happened to the Mod position? I gotta ask, dont tell if you dont want.

posted by  car_crazy89

I asked that same question in the ;Mods special place' lol....I'm curious SJ....what happened, I wasn't sure if you were or you weren't a Mod anymore as you were still under Forum leaders!...Feel free to PM if you so wish! :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

nah, no need for me to be private about it. basically i was sick of the responsibility of cleaning up the forums from assholes like those x2c morons, and instead of getting commended for it, i (and the other mods) get shit from the ungreatful members (DR67.) who can't look past Bav's Modship style, to the other mods, and what they do. it seems as though people think we spend every waking minute on these forums, and anything we miss is grounds for a very negative rant about how 'the mods aren't doing their job' when all we really want is some f*cking rest, because we've been working all day. so thats why im not a mod anymore.

posted by  SuperJew

Thanx for that, SJ....And I understand your feelings....it's a great loss :ohcrap:

posted by  Cliffy

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