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Does anybody have any good driving stories such as when they first got behind the wheel. Getting up to your highest speed or owning your first car.Here I'll start.

I was in the 9th grade and my friends dad came over to our high school when school was getting out. He asked us we wanted to learn how to drive and we agreed. 10 minutes later I was doing 50 in the parking lot since there was a stretch before you got to the turn. But it seemed that I learned so quickly and easily. :smoke: Also in this past year we took my friends civic hatch up to 130 which was pretty good for no mods in his car and two hella big people in the back.

posted by  Spanky2324

I got a good one:

posted by  Zalight

Allright, I got a fresh one:

DISCLAMER: This story is a work of fiction, any similarities to any names, places and events are entirely coincedental and in no way are an admission of guilt to any crimes committed by any persons at any time, anywhere.

Furthermore, the author of this story, Binzes productions, does not condone street racing or any illegal activity of any kind.

So, Im on my way to a friends house, because he just got back from Iran and I had not seen him in awhile. He called me up and invited me down to hisw house to try some Iranian Shisha out of an Iranian hookah.

Shisha is a form of tobacco in which the leaves are cut thick and then cured inside fresh fruit juices. Thus the tobacco honestly tastes like apple, or mango or cherry or whatever. Smoking shisha out of a hookah is a tradition passed on for the past 2-3k years, especially in the muslim community. If you are a smoker definitly check it out, if not, try it anyway; My friend (remeber bob) hates cigarettes and cigars, but is always down to hookah it up with me.

So I accept his invitation and start heading down there, Bob following in his SVT focus. We are on our way, just humming along, and in order to get there we have to take Montgomery. Which you, if you live in abq., will identify as "that street with all those damn kids racing" And we are just busting a speed limit, when all of the sudden an older Z28 pulls up nest to me at a stoplight, revving his V8, thinking hes the best thing since sliced bread. I lokk at him shake my head and just sit there. The lioght turns green and I take off like normal (as does he) But I leave it in first (as does he) I look at him, he looks at me and we both punch it.

Beat his ass.

So I keep driving right, and I hear I high pitched blow off valve accompanied by a deep,growling exhaust I instantly Identify as a boxer 4 cylinder. Then what do I see, A beautiful, silver STi. I pull up next to him:
"nice car man!" says I
"You too!"
"what do you have done?" I ask
"I have a custom turbo exhaust manifold, and a Blowoff valve. In the mail is a T-70 turbo and spearco intercooler!" Says the STi guy
"Badass man!"
"what about you what do you have done?"
"Not much right now, Just a cold air intake, Im saving for a track pipe and eventually an AA Super Charger"
"sick! WANNA GO?" Laughs the STi guy

So bam, drop it in second and go for a nice little 40mph roll on. I actually pull a little bit at first and then he pulls even, by the end of third my F quarter panel was at his rear and halfway into fourth he had me by 3-4 CL's.

Good times right?

Just wait.

So Z28 guy sees al this, and after we drop off he pulls a fly by. What a deuche. But he wasn't the only one to see this, a cop had witnessed it as well.

So the cop pulls out and lights up, me and bob duck off to a side street and bust a chill for about 15 minutes before we had back on the street towards my friends house. We get back on and start driving away, speed limit of course, and who do we see heading the opposite direction? STi guy, who apparently got away, gave eacother a thumbs up as we passed.

So Im all happy cause STi guy and I got away, and now I am on my way to the house, to hookah it up, and bam, ther is stupid ass z28 guy on the side of the road with two cop cars on him. God that made me feel good inside, so I point and laugh as I drive by then go bust a chill for a while at my friends house.

posted by  Zalight

Wow your full of great "stories". Feel free to tell us more whenever they occur or shall i say come to mind. :thumbs:

posted by  car_crazy89

alright i have a couple of stories for you. the first involves me, my older brother, his 68 mustang, and a trunk load of alcohol. the seccond envolves me, my dad, and his 2003 dodge ram 1500. the third envolves me and my firebird. and the last one has nothing to do with driving but its funny anyways. ok first one. me my brother and his stang were heading up to the lake to party. all the roads are twisty and double yellow lined 40-50 mph roads. so of course were cruisin (keep in mine my brothers stang had 4 way drums). this motorcycle flies by us it was a 02 929. so we roll on it and catch back up to him sliding around the corners and then as hes going through another corner we see him slam on the breaks so we do the same of course. it would have been all fine and dandy except for the fact that his brakes locked up on us and we did a 180 into the middle of the road (this was after the corner on the straight) and right infront of us in the other lane was a chp officer. saw the whole thing. (except us goofing around with the 929) luckily we just told him our brakes locked and he left it at that. but still to close for comfort. luckily he didnt check the trunk or do anything cop like cause we were both under 21 at the time

the seccond story. pretty simple me, my dad, and a couple of js. end result us hiting a tree thats 2 inches from the side of the road goin 65 mph. damn near hitting it head on. not too proud of that but all i have to say is the ram 1500 get a 5 star crash test score in my book.

3rd story

i headed over to the skatepark in my firebird (this was about when i was 17 or 16) i had the car for a while but i had just recently dropped the chevy 350 in it. and of course i was testing it out every chance i got. leaving piles of rubber at damn near every stop sign. so i was getting ready to leave the skate park and all my friends were eggin me on so i decided to give them a show. but who really got a good show was an unsuspecting ricer in a white civic and a huge wing. i was a few feet before the stop sign stopped. i was gonna make a left hander onto the same street the honda was on. he was comming in my direction. so i power break it and start smoking the tires, i let go of the break and while im catching traction im sliding around the corner. my rear end is almost hitting the curb on the right side of the street and my nose is half way into his lane and im going like 30-40 mph sliding sideways lol. and with where the honda was when i came around that corner he was only maybe 8-10 feet ahead of me. damn near hit him. luckily i straightened her out fast enough and just made my exit fish tailing all the way down the 3 block street. im still suprised i didnt hit him.

and the last story. me and a whole shit load of my friends were rafting on the american river on labor day just getting smashed. so like usual half way down the river we go to shore and eat and have drunk water fights and what not. take in mind that on labor day the river is packed with rafters doing exactly what we are. so this raft with some older people come floating by in the middle of the river (none of them are younger than 40 the oldest mayube being 55) when all of a sudden the oldest lady of the group stands up in the raft and lifts her shirt up and starts shaking her titties. it was the nastiest thing ive ever seen. her tits were down to her waist damn near. me and everyone who saw it almost threw up. and ended up having to finish off the alcohol trying to get that image out of our head. damn nast 50 year old orangatang titties

posted by  72firebird

That first one also reminds me of a good one:

DISCLAMER: This story is a work of fiction, any similarities to any names, places and events are entirely coincedental and in no way are an admission of guilt to any crimes committed by any persons at any time, anywhere.

Furthermore, the author of this story, Binzes productions, does not condone street racing or any illegal activity of any kind.

So its christmas of 2004 and, of course, my brothers and I are planning on celebrating Jesus's birthday.

(Politics time: As most of you know, im not a christian or catholic, so why you ask, might I celebrate christmas? Because, I do believe Christ existed, I Think he was a great man, not the son of god, but a great man)

So anyway, Im trying to figure out how we can celebrate, and of course, you can't get a hold of booze on christmas eve, so we were screwed basically. But I call Up a friend and he says "I got some left over stuff I can Give you"

So I go to pick it up because hey, its better than nothing right? I am taking my car, and my brother comes with me. Remeber my description of the CRX? No passenger seat, no front or rear bumper, broken taillight, only one headlight works, etc.

So we go pick up the booze and on my way back I stop to pick up a pack of some new-pimps. I stop the car turn off the lights and get out to get them, get back in the car (because they were closed) and leave. I turn out of the lighted gas station onto a lighted street, without realizing I had never turned my headlight on. So the light turns green and I go, halfway across the intersection I realized I had never turned on my headlights and do just that, turn them on.

Now of course the first thing I think is "God, Hope a cop didn't see that" and of course, as soon as I think that I see the all to familiar red and blue lights shining on the back of my car.


So here is my problem:
-I had already had one shot about half an hour before I went off on my booze finding adventure. Not enough to get me even buzzed, and not enough to make me blow an illegal BAC level. But since i am underage, ANY BAC is illegal.
-Driving with your lights off is the first sign of a drunk driver, so hes probably going to make me blow...
-I have no current drivers lisence
-I have a busted tailight AND a busted headlight
-I don't have a passenger seat or seat belt and my brother is riding with me
-I have a gallon of jose cuervo (opened and half left)
-I have 17 beers out of a 30 pack (which also counts as an open container)
-I have a third of a bottle of sake ( once again an open container)
-I am Under 21
-My brother is under 16

So heres the list of charges I would incur:
-1 count of Driving without a license
-3 counts of faulty equipment (Headlight, Taillight, and seatbelt)
-1 count of reckless endangerment (my brother sitting with no seat)
-1 count of Driving while intoxicated
-19 counts of driving with an Open container of alcohol (yes, in NM each beer counts even if the individual beer isn't opened)
-1 felony count contributing to the delinquincy of a minor
-1 count minor in posession of an alcoholic substance.

In other words, jail time...

So I pull over for the cop, and while hes walking up, my brother takes off his jacket, puts the booze underneath him, throws the jacket on top and sits on it like its a seat. Killing the booze in the open problem and the him not having a seat problem.

The cop walks up:
"can I see your license and insurance?"
"yes sir,"
I hand him my current insurance and my expired license.
the he walks back to his car.

My mouth is dry Im afraid he going to start asking questuions, im shaking, my heart is racing.

He walks back up to the car with his flashlight out,
"do you realize what date your drivers license expires?""
"well, no to be honest I don't. Is it soon?" (got to try to get out of it right?)
"It expired about 8 Months ago..."
"Oh, my god! I had no idea!"
"Mmm-hmmm, tell me have either of you been drinking tonight?"
"On christmas! No way! That would be almost like blaspheme!"
"The reason I ask Is because You were driving with your lights off right there."
"Oh, yes I realized that, I just forgot to turn them back on as I left the gas station."
"allright, well Im going to go back to my car, you guys sit tight.

To be continued....

posted by  Zalight

Damn you Zalight, leave us hanging like that :evil: lol

posted by  car_crazy89

sorry I got off work and was not going to stay to finish telling a story.

So there we are, sitting waiting for the cop to come back. And when he does he stays about 6 feet away from the car and says:
"Driver, step out of the car."
At this point I took a fairly large shit in my pants.
I start to get out nice and slow like, he asks me to come over so we can talk.

"yes sir?"
"okay, im going to give you a warning for driving on an expired license and a ticket for that busted taillight of yours."
"Oh I didn't even notice, I apologize officer."
"Thats allright, just get it fixed. And if you get pulled over without a new license it will be suspended for a year. So get those taken care of."
"OK officer, I apologize"
"Alllright get outta here."
"thank you I'll pay more attention from now on."

So, if he had just taken the time to notice I didn't have a seat, or any number of things. I would have been in a very bad position. But instead I got off with an $85 ticket, $15 for a new license and $40 for a new taillight.

Good im lucky.

posted by  Zalight

Haha that was a good story, i like happy endings usually. Your stories always seem so 'real' :laughing: , you got anymore? lol

posted by  car_crazy89

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