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hey check out these photos and see if you can tell the difference between them. its kinda obvious wants you figure it out. look close though...

posted by  adamc44

:banghead: :fu: :banghead: :fu: Scared the sh!t out of me...I'm looking at the screen getting ready to concentrate, then that thing comes out...Almost fell out of my chair... :oops: :laughing:

posted by  chris_knows

Opened it, saw that i've seen it before, then closed it again :laughing: . I've seen more, sent them through msn to friends, it was mean but funny.

posted by  car_crazy89

yea, got me too, used to have one where it said there was a ghost and to turn up the volume. it scared the CRAP out of me. not wanting to advertise but that site has alot of funny clips.

posted by  adamc44

reminds me of the one my freind told me to check at work (but luck had it that I wasn't working that day), said listen for the ghost or something like that, so I got right close to the screen then BAM!! this one wasn't a scary one but it went full screen, no toolbars or anything and started shouting
"hey I'm watching gay porn" over and over again.

I wasn't at work thank god, but still. It was the first clip like that I'd ever seen so the panic got me and I started franticly trying to shut it down.

I got him back with the old .exe file email that made him think I'd sent a virus to delete all his files.

posted by  relicensed

HOLY SHIT!!! that scared the shit outta me im still a lil shakin up bout it :cold chill: :cussing:

posted by  hhsrastler92

are you kidding me lol

i still have to admit, you got mee.....

posted by  TC97V6

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