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Ok, I am posting this to see if anyone else likes paintball on this forum. I am on a team that is sponsered by Smart Parts, Empire, JT, WGP, and Nitro Duck. The last tourney we won, each player on our team got $5,000 and the sponsers got $10,000 each.
I have a Python Impulse with a 4500 psi nitro duck tank, and an Empire Reloader B (yeah, its pretty much stock but anyone that knows a python impulse knows that it doesnt need ups because it already has many) :thumbs:

posted by  starscream0

I got a tippmann a-5 with a response trigger 5000psi nitro and 3 20oz co2 tanks thats about it :thumbs:

posted by  mx3_monster

im guessing you are a woodsballer then?

posted by  starscream0

ive got a tippman 98 with a few accesories, definately not as fancy as you guys, but it gets the job done for who i play p-ball with. it wouldnt be any fun with the guns you guys have, were all out of shape, fat, and slow. lol easy targets..

posted by  adamc44

Well, considering i can shoot 20 bps with my gun... yeah, you would be an easy target :laughing:

posted by  starscream0

YEP woods ball is my game :thumbs:
You speedball??

posted by  mx3_monster

im pretty hard to hit though, i break out in some matrix like moves :rolleyes:

posted by  adamc44

Considering i play in tourneys, im not always speedball. more of capture the flag or center flag both with elimination (if your hit and the ball breaks, your out)

posted by  starscream0

My gun is pretty crappy, I have a mask and a 12 oz co2 container. all of my friends have much better stuff, including armor. 2 of them play in tourneys.
spyder shutter, got i off ebay cheap.

I play here at my house:

or we just play king of the hill, or "president" up here

posted by  shev

ok, shortly said

Smart Parts Ion

too many upgrades to list

on Team Auto-Fire

Sponsored by Empire

posted by  1/4Drag_05

I've got a tippmann A-5 with a 16 in. rifled armson barrell, a 3 pos. car stock, and a red dot sight and sling. You can probably guess I'm a woodsballer, I like sneaking around.

posted by  Accord_Man

Yeah I play but I don't own my own stuff I just use my friends extra gear. We usually play up at this school thats up the hill behind us and never have been caught by the people that are up there :smoke:

posted by  Spanky2324

The couple times I have played, it has really rocked.
Although, a paintball to the facemask will really catch your attention.

posted by  ChromeDome

Ya, were i play, a lot of newbs like to come, and it's sorta a paintball code to hit the newbs in the mask so they don't run off crying. :laughing:

posted by  1/4Drag_05

what are they, 12? I get hit everywhere when I play(not very often) and I always just wear a t-shirt and shorts!

posted by  jedimario

we play a bit here, no special guns or gear just cheap spyders and t-shirts, 20 bps, i thought the fastest loaders on the market was only doing 17 bps, i could be wrong, mainly just capture the flag or deathmatch and terminator matches, paintball is such a kick ass sport, i aim for faces so newbs cant claim i didnt hit them, IR pro flanker :thumbs:

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

The fastest marker is the DM5, which does 35bps, (nice way to spend 1500) Anyways, I just wear a sleeveless, and shorts 2, it don't hurt.

posted by  1/4Drag_05

I have a Brass Eagle Blade 2, I just use it to shoot birds, squirrels, cats, just small game :laughing:, and a wooden target in my back yard...I wouldn't go out anywhere to shoot at arenas or anything, because it shoots when it wants to...that's what you get for $20 :2cents:

posted by  chris_knows

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