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I want the old one back

posted by  99integra

Damn right, i like the original Chris and not this newly so-called 'enlightened' Chris. Without Chris this forum will go even more to shit and we'll have all these :tard: running the place.

posted by  car_crazy89


posted by  elchango36

I miss ChrisV's smackdowns...

posted by  hondaman

No, don't ban anyone. And I already posted a thread for my reasons. No need to start new ones or call extra attention to it. That could offend people, and we don't want that.

posted by  ChrisV

Whatever gets Chris back is what I want. Hell, he is the one that got me to actually accept US cars again (sorta...).

posted by  StiMan

This forum has gone gay. "What" has been banned, ChrisV is soft, and most importantly, "What" has been banned.

posted by  Dangerous

And you really shouldn't have been banned IMO

posted by  99integra

chris scares me now. it makes me want to stay away from clock towers and water towers (basicly any tower) especialy the one where hes got his riffle set up :mrgreen:

posted by  72firebird

Godammit Chris...COME BACK!! :banghead:

posted by  hondaman

Why? What good does it really do anybody? All I apparently ever did was piss off people who simply wanted to express their opinions.

I mean everyone complained about things turning into flame wars, and a large part of that was me telling someone with an unsubstantiated opinion that they were wrong. Facts are just opinions. So why bother countering opinions with facts? It just makes everyone upset. And I don't need the stress.

Look at Hobo. He left instead of deal with the stress of combatting unsubstantiated opinions. And when people with insulting, uninformed opinions and no experience get banned, they just come back and say the same things with a new name! That's how important holding tight to unsupported opinion is!

posted by  ChrisV

Damn it man...do you realize you are letting a handful of people, and certainly a minority, dictate what you do on these forums? Giving in to them is not going to change them, nor is it going to improve anyone's experience here. I'm sure most of us agree that the new Chris is annoying...the old Chris was wise, and like a damn rock that would never back down...this Chris is whiny, submissive, and cowardly...

F*ck the bastards that say you don't know what you are talking about dammit. Don't let them change who you are.

posted by  hondaman

Can the choices on the poll be expanded to include:

" Same suit, same sandshoes" ? :wink2:

posted by  Wally

Wally, if i may ask, what does that line mean? ("Same suit, same sandshoes" ?)

posted by  car_crazy89

Cowardly is not facing facts. And the facts are minority are what end up causing all the stress here. Seriously EVERYTHING devolves into a flame war becaeu these guys can't even be banned permanently (and if you did, it's being banned for opinions, which just makes the person banning them look like a dick)

Where's Talonchik? Even importluva argued with me about experience. It's not just a handful, it's the new thing. Ask talon, opinions are more important than anything, and telling someone they are wrong is "mean" and makes people like her leave, and makes people of all types say "man, you're being a dick. It's just an opinion."

So no more contradicting opinions, even if they miss the boat entirely, or are being insulting. That just leads to forum meltdown. it'l be hard to do, but it seems necessary. And I have yet to see one real compelling reason that anyone here should care if *I* have anything to say about an opinion. I'm just a single person, of no more value or with revering any more than anyone else. My 27+ years of car building and racing experience and 30+ years of automotive study is meaningless to anyone but myself. As are the years of experience and study in other fields.

Am I sad about it? Yeah. But it's so much easier to just say, "you're right," since they are going to think so no matter what facts are brought to the table. And if they get to the point where the flames are bad enough they get banned, they come back and do it again anyway. Adam doesn't care (and it turns out, many forum admins don't) so why should I? You guys know enough and you know how to find what you don't.

posted by  ChrisV

I see one big one in this entire thread. No one else has caused quite this much of a stir...and you aren't even leaving.

I can understand avoiding the arguments...but please don't shy away from sharing your experience with those of us who really do value it.

posted by  hondaman

Most of the time, that experience comes out countering some retar...um different opinion, and it just makes that person mad thinking a know-it-all is contradicting them and their opinion. Like Oomba and ricers, or the average poster about automatic transmissions. If I give my experience and it's contrary to stated, insulting opinion, then problems arise. I can't seem to make it clear that one opinion is based on stacks of research and decades of exoperience and one is based on nothing but gut feeling and their own opinion, without having that other person state and argue that their right to express an opinion is being violated.

And since THAT isn't going to end, then they win by default. Fighting against it has never done any good.

posted by  ChrisV

For one, people should be glad to sit back and shut up when someone who knows or experienced all/alot tells or corrects you, i know i'd rather listen to hear facts rather then fight and give out opinion. If some people are stupid enough to fight the truth then so be it, let them fight themselves, their not gonna go anywhere. Anyone who chooses opinion over fact does not deserve the help from someone knowledgeable.

posted by  car_crazy89

Well...I'll say this...the old Chris is still in there, because with each post it has become harder and harder to find valid points to convince you to come back (As your old self). It is a shame though...the forums won't be the same and will surely be overrun by people like that. However, I do believe that event was coming anyway. Looking back on the past few months I have been here there has been a sudden explosion of them recently...and the numbers will only continue to grow. Hell, I've even stopped arguing with C4...I'm just tired of it.

posted by  hondaman

Chris, the problem is that people come under the impression that you are a know-it-all who is above everyone else. This doesn't sit well with young people. Try a different approach to avoid giving this impression.

posted by  importluva

So how should someone with more knowledge and experience come across?

You say this doesn't sit well "with young people." Well, maybe the problem isn't where you think it is...?

posted by  BavarianWheels

before anything else let me just say I am an admirerer (spelt something like that) of your knowledge and experiance chris.

But to quote honda man, "this Chris is whiny, submissive, and cowardly"

please, I know your displeasure at the opinionated young-uns but your posts sound like you've been in your own version of freaky friday and become one??? your sulking and doing it loudly.

I don't want to offend you personaly, which is good as I don't actually know you personally, but I am kinda taken back by your current posts.
It seems like the ones who cause you to feel like this are getting what they want, (reaction in the biggest way).

As for the automatic trans thread, I remember that one and I was told a few facts by you that made me shut up. Since then I have had to conceed to your knowledge. I know others probably respect your input but still know they can get a rise out of you by doing what they do.

Dude, sort it out mate!

posted by  relicensed

eff, did I miss something? Yet again? :ticking:

posted by  TurboLag

Please Chris, dont leave us newbs who are here to learn in the dark. I know your not the only wise man in this community but everyone here knows your are one of them. Your input has tremendous value to those of us that dont have your experience. If the handfull of ignoramus "opinionated people" don't see the light or refuse to, then I have no problem leaving them in the dark. But by giving in to their demands your leaving the rest of us in the dark with them.

posted by  elchango36

Im not really certain on whats going on, but I never liked Oomba :thumbs:

posted by  SlipKnoT

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