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Not looking to get a ban, but the comment about no place for narrow minded racisim at the end of the ricer thread, I wonder if the same narrow minded bigotry will be noticed to those commenting on foreign cars.

It's not at people obviously, but it's still narrow minded bigotry of the same vian. I think it's what the new whiney chrisv is banging on about now too. not racism, but the whole narrow minded thing anyway. I think he takes more offence to that than if someone insulted his cultural liniage.

I know you mods are only people too, but I can see alot of questions regarding consistancy being raised at the moment over your descisions on who gets banned, for what and who gets to walk the line. I used to be a mod too of another site and I know it's a difficult thankless job, but now I'm not a mod anymore I get to ask these annoying questions.

I just figure this is a point worth clarifying. Thanks.

posted by  relicensed

Ok....before I move this, I'll explain.....there is a difference between somebody saying that somebody elses car is crap....and taking the piss out of somebodies culture...Now, if you cant see that then you're as bad as the narrow minded bigots. Please, dont post stupid threads regarding a blatently obvious topic in future. And if you do, post them in the correct place. I'm really starting to get pissed off with people like you. Appologies if I took this the wrong way, but half the stuff I've seen here at CF recently could have been PMed etc :thumbs:

By the way, the reason I closed all of CF's newest idiots threads, was because I felt that enought had been said. The only reason I'm keeping this open is to see what kinda reception it gets :banghead:

posted by  Cliffy

cheers for the response cliffy. I did state the obvious differences in my post and actually wanted a response on clarifying if all bigotry will be zoned in on, or if it's just cultural ignorance?

I'm not taking about the people who say your car is crap, but the people who blatantly post false info with no qualification to support there claims on a wider genral base. ALL JAP CARS ARE XXXXXXX! EVERYONE WHO DRIVES A XXXXXX IS A TOSSER! that sort of thing ya know? Some people will get more offended at that type of comment than someone else saying your mom sux camel ****. I understand this as it is a car forum, with alot (obviously not all) of car enthusiasts, who pride their cars higher than god.

Basically I am asking that all ignorant unfounded derogatory comments be picked up on, or give us the guide lines to be able to police ourselves. I ask this as it's effecting some of our more valuable members and causing the site to resemble lord of the flies at times.

I am sorry if this post upsets / frustrates you. I just think if some of us actually said / asked what we think once in a while there would be less of this bickering behaviour.

(by the way people, sorry as always for my terrible spelling, it's hard being dyslexic-why such a hard word to spell-) :)

posted by  relicensed

I've never noticed to be honest lol.

Ok, I understand what you're saying now. Yes it's wrong to say a certain car manufacturers products aren't.....up to scratch as a whole lol, but lets face it, that's still only an oppinion. Also, saying that someone's mum sux camel **** isn't really a racist's just not nice, true as it may be lol (that was a joke btw). If however a member comes here saying that all Chinese people are pricks etc, that, In my oppinion is rasism (Obviously use your imagination with the context I used there lol). I think that the threads I locked were justified as that members was offending pretty much every other member.

Look at it this way, even if it wasn't direct racism, he offended alot of people, and that's as bad as being a racist...Especially as it was deliberat.

Sorry, if I came over a little harsh before. As I said to you earlier, I think you have alot to offer CF, and wouldn't wanna see you get banned :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

thanks cliffy, -saying that someone's mum sux camel **** isn't really a racist's just not nice- well if there arab it might be considered racist? LOL.

I agree with closing the thread. He was being a dick by getting everyone pissed off. (still say people shouldn't GET so pissed off though)But my only point is we need to have alot of behavoir put in check if we are going to protect peoples feelings from idiots. unfortunatley you and the other mods aren't gonna be there when someone does this in the real world. I think we should be a little less quick to aide writtings and harmless (opps) postings and maybe a little more quick when it's someone getiing hurt for real out inthe big bad world. steven lawrance for example cliffy, people were there when he got killed in that bus stop you know? and what did they do??
I bet they weren't racist either, but they weren't anything while that was happening.

Look anyway, I'm getting all passionate again so better pull the rains in and get off my soap box. we have settled this enough I think especialy as I've sent a pm regarding this to you. It doesn't need my ramblings on a car forum.
I thank you for your posts and am happy to leave it. forgive the ramblings of a guy raised by a bloody black urban socailist commentator wannabe politician.

posted by  relicensed

Ok, I've had time to reflect lol. I really dont wanna see you banned from CF, and I've made Bav & Satty aware of that. Maybe I misread this topic a little bit. I just felt that what I did read wasn't necessary for a new thread and that you were critisising my choice of context regarding the Racism issue here at CF (To be honest I dont think it's a big enough problem to call an issue). So, as I said, I was a little harsh on you earlier. I stick to my guns with regard to racism though, and after having read ya post again I can respect what you're saying but have an obvious different view as to what's racism and what's not, than you lol. :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

aaaaaaar, does everyone feel the warm fuzzies between us?? LOL

Well I think we can safely say that this is sorted than me old mucker?

I have one last soap box moment though (hahaha) I also think the way we handled this was a bit of a class on how things can be done not how they ARE done though from what I oftern see.

Anyway, I got pizza arrived so I'll continue my shit later (with my new best buddy, :wink2: ) hahahahahaha only winding ya up dude.

seriously though, thanks for the way you dealt with it in the end.

posted by  relicensed

Hey, not a problem mate. I agree that things can, more often than not, be handled in an adult manor. As I cant be here as often as I'd like to be, I often come away wondering if I've done the right thing, or offended anybody. All problems are best delt with in this sort or manor. And to think....nobody else has offered an oppinion yet lol :ohcrap:

Enjoy ya pizza, new best buddy lol :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

Can't you just see the dancing bunnies and love in the air, and is that a rainbow behind the lovers? haha

PS: Don't ban me for this.........please.

posted by  aerith

I am actually gonna stick up for Bav this time, I have come to find out that when he does ban people, it is for a good reason so that is just a ignorant remark

posted by  99integra

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