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Okie Dokie, 1 12" isn't enough. I want 2 15". SOOOO.... what are the loudest bang for your buck 15" subs, and is there any amp powerful enough to power them both, also the best bang for your buck, the volfenhag is nice, but at 32/35 volume it starts getting cracky, and i want more bass. i heard infinities are good, or type r's, but are they the best bang for buck?

posted by  Stem

wait...what kinda vehicle do you have?...15's generally take a lot of room to breathe, so the space may not be there to stuff two of them in.

3x 12" = more cone space = more air moved = more bass. Not as much space needed for it them either :)

posted by  dodgerforlife

so your suggesting 3 12" instead of 1 12" and 2 15". the thing is, this 12 has good bass but i want MORE.

i love bass, what about 2 12" and 1 15"? whats your suggestion , and also what are some good brands/prices

posted by  Stem

I love bass too, but i like to hear the music, pray tell you do too. I cant stand a car where there is no speakers, and just subs...

and yes, I still suggest 3 12" over any other combinations. There is no point in mixing sub sizes, unless your building an SQL vehicle, and using 8" subs in the front to bring bass up there.... There are no advantages to mixing sub sizes, to be honest. Plus 3 12" subs can be gotten cheaper then 2 15"s, and also take less power to drive(9/10 times)

Personally, if you're going into the realm of 3+ subs, you shouldn't really need to worry so much about the SPL side so much as the SQL side. 3 SPL subs will be loud, but muddy, where as 3 SQL subs will still be loud, but alot cleaner.

Here you go...

3x Polk Audio MM Series MM2124DVC

Polk is known for quality, and their subs are known for being punishing. You'll get it all with this sub, sensitivty, frequency range, and power handling.

Hifonics BX1605D for the amp....< br />
tbird - correct me if i screwed up on the amp.

if not, then that setup will crank.

posted by  dodgerforlife

Well thanks for your concern but i love the music, but the bass is just like a shitload of topping on the cake you know. I have all new speakers, 2 6.5" pioneers in the door panels, and 2 6x9" in the back Pioneers as well. Plus 4 tweeters, 2 on the dash, 2 above the seatbelt things. Treble is amazing. Im going to be getting a Panasonic 8301u soon.

Anyways I already have a volfenhag 12, but my neighbors still whoop my ass when it comes to sounds. So you think i should be just be alright with 2 of those polk audio's?

edit: i already have a hifonics BX1000D to power the volf, but how am i supposed to power 2 other 12" subs with that mono amp?

posted by  Stem

you should be able to deal with two of the polks, if you dont want to get rid of the Volfie.

You would wire the subs in series to power two with a monoblock :)

posted by  dodgerforlife

my friends friends frend from queens had that sub and he said that it sucks....

any other suggetsions?

posted by  Stem

how much you willing to spend?

posted by  dodgerforlife

Funny thing is thunder never posted on this :laughing:

posted by  99integra

eh, me and him are pretty comparable lol, i just don't remember all the wiring...i've only worked in 1-2 sub set ups...and its always been clean wiring.

posted by  dodgerforlife

willing to spend 150 per, then about 250 for amp

posted by  Stem

okay - i'll work with that tomorrow - little tired tonight.

posted by  dodgerforlife

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