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So I took saturday off work in order to take part in the eleventh annual Porsche BMW challenge, hosted by the PCA (Porsche club of america) at Sandia Motorsports Park. It was, simply put, FRICKIN AMAZING!!!!!!!

In my group there was 32 cars, 19 porsches and 13 BMWs. Amongst the porsches were two 996s (450hp AWD twin turbo 911) a GT3, 40 million 944 turbos and a 914 road race car (built to the hilt for racing purposes only). Out of the entire group I came in 16th, (damn porsches took the first 8 spots, the 9th was a stage two supercharged M roadster, then another e36 M took 15th then me) Out of the BMWs I came in third....THIRD!!! My first time on the track and I placed!!!!

Why aren't you clapping for me yet?!?!?! :laughing:

Anyway, This is the track:

I finished my first lap in 2:13.87, I was just taking it nice and slow, getting used to the track, My next lap was 2:03.48, not a bad improvement. My next lap was a 1:59.73, also a good jump. And my last lap was a 1:56.65. Which was good enough to let me place.

It was so much fun, I always knew my car was built to turn, but until I actually got to take it to a road course I had no idea how well it handled, It was sublime. So beautifully balanced, that when at the very limit of my tires grip when they were screaming for mercy, my car still did everything I asked of it without any sort of backtalk.

In short my first time at the track was better than my first time....doing other things. At least this I could see what I was doing...honestly what crazy person leaves the lights off in a room with no window at Midnight...But anyway, Everyone who reads this has to go to a track and have fun.

Seriously, go.


Why are you still reading? Go race!

posted by  Zalight


I guess no one cares

*kicks absentmidedly at a rock on the ground*

posted by  Zalight

I care! :mrgreen: When I get my car I'm going to take it to the track. :driving:

posted by  GreekWarrior

Wow, I bet that was an awesome experience :thumbs: . I've always wanted to go to a track that wasn't oval. Does anyone know where I could go to a track that is like yours with all those beautiful merciless corners. Does anyone know where I could find one in the Chicago-land or St Louis area???

posted by  elchango36

glad you had fun on the track! Once you goto one track event, you'll find you are always on the look out for more track events as you will never get enough of it always a different experience out there and you will always learn more stuff each and every time you head out there. :thumbs: :thumbs:

posted by  asiago

Congratulations! Now your bank acount is done for...


posted by  ChrisV

haha, yeah My bank accounts gonna start hurting, this track day cost me $50 for 4 laps with a driving instructor and a lunch. My next track day (august 27/same track) is gonna be $100, with three 20 minute sessions.

posted by  Zalight

Congrats dude! Hope it was fun! (Which is sounds like it was...)

posted by  StiMan

hahha! nice one! here in adelaide we've got viriginia raceway and mallala raceway, so we've got two tracks to play with, most of the local drifters go to mallala and all of the nobodys go to viriginia to practice, lol, it's got a wild drag strip though!.. not as good as calder.. or heathcoth.. BUT STILL GOOD!!

i remember my first track day, i went out with my brother in a 202ci efi I6 turbo powered gemini!, lol, we sucked cause we blew the turbo drifting it around the third corner.. but it was a great experience being able to thrash the living daylights out of a car and not get in trouble for it! :D :D :D

posted by  HyundaGuy

Check out the pics!!!!!
My bmwcca finally posted pics of the track day:

My personal favorite:

Look at me concentrating on that apex!

the old guy is bill my driving instructor

posted by  Zalight

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