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Allright guys, treat me like a total newb on this one. I dont know crap about audio. I know really basic stuff like what the head unit is, what an amp does, and what speakers...look like.


My damn Harmon Kardon sound system is crapping out on me. I have to keep the fader all the way to the back because when I bring it forward my damn midrange speaker(I Think) crackles like hell. I frickin hate it, and why just replace one speaker, when I might as well replace them all with better aftermarket ones. right?

So I went down to my local audio express and started looking around, dumbfounded by the many blinking lights and TVs. And the guy working there, ron, told me that for my car he would suggest a boston system with an alpine amp. Boston acoustic something-somethings all the way around and a boston G2 (i think) sub. He said it would be $1900, and I said "screw you pal!"

So my question is this; what setup should I go with, how much will it cost and what should I do for install?

Treat me like a total newb guys, like I said I don't know much about sound systems at all.

posted by  Zalight

3rd times a charm(first two times i tried to reply, IE crashed...)

most important questions

year, make, model of car (speaker sizes)

quality or volume

sub or no sub


boston is good gear - i was looking at the g2 sub when i replaced mine, but ended up going with the clarion pwx due to cost, didnt want to spend to much as i plan on buying a brand new stereo in a few months(That will have a boston g5 with a gtr for a sub)

posted by  dodgerforlife

1999 BMW M3

Quality, A nice clear sound with nice clear bass

sub, but only a small one an 8 or 10 at most

$1000-$1500 budget

Im looking for something that is clear, no trunk rattling ghetto blasters. A little bass, but again, I don't want to sound like Im crusing east LA in my low-low.

posted by  Zalight


Im going to suggest some Kenwood KFC-6969ie's for your speakers, 3 250W Phoenix Gold T250.2 amplifiers, and of course, a 10" MTX T4510-04 sub.

posted by  SlipKnoT

If that was to complicated ( :laughing: ) Then Im just going to say:

Definatley go Kenwood for your speakers. They have a good clear sound. If you want good, cheap, bass, look into MTX and Rockford Fosgate :thumbs:

posted by  SlipKnoT

Yeah....Thats where I get lost, you could have typed Purple halo 17x-42 Bi-fluctuators and it would have made just as much sense

posted by  Zalight

Well, all I have to say is....dont instal this system yourself :thumbs: :laughing:

posted by  SlipKnoT

1. I like your budget :) it's realistic!

2. you have odd shaped rear deck speakers - 4"M TSG1040

Pioneer. All the way. TSA1370

for the doors.

So speakers. 130$

Deck: HP770

Pioneer DEH-P770MP - Perfect match up for the speakers. Triple preouts, great EQ features, MP3 cd capabilities, expandable with Ipod, satellite radio, and cd changer.


whats that....400$?

sub: R101

Infinity Kappa Perfect 10.1 - In the same class as Boston, but better frequency response, amazing sensitivity, great peak power handling, and 3 year warranty comes standard with it.

150$ we are up to 550$...

amp: 001

Polk/Momo C500.1 - Gives 350 watts RMS into 4Ohms mono - perfect mating for your sub. Has all the features you'll need, brings control up to the front with the remote bass control.


so 950$ for a package like that, you can play around with that a bit, probably get a better package deal in a shop. For install, you're looking at 150$ at most...

for a package like that, if valued at 1100$ id try to bargain for 1000$ tax in.

posted by  dodgerforlife

Thanks for the help, Now just to be sure will those speakers fit in my doors? I should post a pic...My speakers are itty-bitty.

And last, I would like to learn a little more about audio. So what the hell do you mean with some of those terms, like triple preouts, frequency response, and peak power handling...

posted by  Zalight

5.25" is pretty small, in all reality...

triple preouts means the deck has three outputs for amplifiers, generally front, rear, sub - but the rear can be switched to sub as well.

frequency response means the sound range of the speaker. most humans can hear down to 20hz, so you'll want a sub in that range.

peak power handling means how much the speaker or sub can take when the music "burps", ie - gunshots, or a major cymbal shot, or power riffs. RMS is the one you really want to look at when determining power handling.

posted by  dodgerforlife

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