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Hey all, I was just wondering if we had any musical talent on the boards. Personally, I sing and just tried out for all-state chorus and am now tied for first soprano one in state and was curious to see if anyone else has/had any similar experiences or what kinds of instuments you guys play (if any). Thanks! :mrgreen:

posted by  ferrarichika

I used to play guitar...but due to my sauckage, lazyness, and lack of motivation i quit during 7th grade.

posted by  SuperJew

I wanted my last girlfriend to play my magic oboe but she never did :evil:

posted by  snoopewite

My doctorate is in music...and I specialize in the melodious Kazoo. :laughing:

posted by  BavarianWheels

I can whistle 3 different ways but that's as far as my music skill goes.

posted by  Satty101

i started playing electric guitar about a year ago undefined

posted by  JrDragsterPunk

Do realize how big the mouth-piece of an oboe is ? You just shot yourself down. She wants not to waste her time :mrgreen: All in good fun :laughing:

posted by  lectroid

I studied music at the University of Alberta for a number of years following the performance route. My major was on clarinet. Good luck with the choir!

posted by  Kami

I play the Tenor Saxophone.

posted by  Smoke

:lol: It would have been better for me to say 'magic recorder' :mrgreen:

posted by  snoopewite

I play a hamer special edition bass.Ive got a laney 250 watt bass amp and I shake the house with it. :mrgreen:

posted by  Vanman5001

i shake my house with my stereo system...that way i know the music doesn't suck :orglaugh:

posted by  SuperJew

I was in the top band at my high school (we had four bands) and I also played in the Drumline for all four years of high school. Drumline is a must for all interested in music.

posted by  StarAvengerGirl

It's been a while...StarAvengerGirl...welcome back!

posted by  BavarianWheels

I play Electric and Acoustic Guitar, and have for a couple of years now. Remember, it's never too late to learn!

posted by  Widowmaker2k

I too play clarinet...although i am starting to hate it! :cussing:

I want to start playing bass guitar! :smoke:

posted by  vwmaniac

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