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Does anyone know of a good pair of driving sunglasses that don't distort a lot and can reduce glare good. I know Oakley sells some sunglasses for driving, but are they worth all the money?

posted by  c90acm

Anything by Channel

posted by  SyntheticTrust

Ok, i just got brand new Oakley half jackets off of ebay with a vault, polarized lens, and replacement XLJ lens and 2 Oakley bags for only $125. At first i thot i had wasted my money, but then i wore them and was AMAZED by them. Ray Ban is right up there next to Oakley 2. If u play sports, and drive, Oakleys. For casual and driving, Ray Bans. That's my input

posted by  NOS_Freek

Ray-Bans :thumbs:

posted by  SlipKnoT

Foster-Grant or just Foster...can't remember but they have lasted me two years and have worked better than anything else I have owned...durable as hell too.

posted by  hondaman

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