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women drivers...geesh... this is a clip from malcolm in the middle couple of women derbying in the grocery store parking lot.

http://video.search.yahoo.com/video/view?&h=105&w=140&type=msmedia&rurl=joe -ks.com%2F&vurl=joe-ks.com%2FMulti_Media%2FWomen%40War.wmv&back=p%3Dwomen%4 0war%26fr%3DFP-tab-vid-t-286%26toggle%3D1%26cop%3D%26ei%3DUTF-8&turl=scd.mm -so.yimg.com%2Fimage%2F1702286283&name=Women@War.wmv&no=1&tt=187&p=w omen%40war&size=2.9MB&dur=157

posted by  adamc44

Yeah Ive seen that one......on malcom in the middle

Its good times though!

posted by  Zalight

I saw a Derby awhile ago (in person) with 2 women in it, one was driving a 'K' Car (Reliant) and the other a Cavalier (4 cylinder derby), and guess what, they placed first and second beating out all the guys. Go figure.

posted by  car_crazy89

haha that's funny, but I wanna know why someone spent all that money on that. I mean it's not an add or anything is it? Still, though, it's freakin hilarious!! :orglaugh:

posted by  jedimario

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