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Just wait until the end :laughing:


posted by  99integra

That was the most stupid thing i've seen in awhile, you would think that would be embarrassing.

posted by  car_crazy89

What a waste of my bandwidth :cussing:

posted by  fudge

that was a waste of time

posted by  bigdaveangell

what.....the f*ck

posted by  Satty101

WOW THAT WAS PRETY.............shitty...... :cussing:

posted by  adamc44

i just relized that if you post something stupid but tell people to wait until the end they'll watch the whole thing,expecting something good no matter how retarded it is. Very sneaky :stupid:

posted by  airmanUSN

Well I think this fits the thread...


posted by  Accord_Man

wow. :doh: you found someone worse than william hong or what ever his name was that clip makes me want to :banghead:

posted by  airmanUSN

lol I love that one

posted by  Accord_Man

no thats pretty dumb

posted by  Stem

o come on wheres your sense of humor :laughing:

posted by  Accord_Man

That was a waste of time too

posted by  bigdaveangell

That one was a little better, but how did he get kinda 'high' pitched?

posted by  car_crazy89

I don't know, its just so funny.

posted by  Accord_Man

Wow... I have hit a new low.

posted by  ChromeDome

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