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notice the New Orleans "men" have having a field day raping children and women, looting, etc. Is this the famous southern eclectic hospitality ? The Arabs must be wondering if their's is a barabaric society afterall.

posted by  Wally

No, it's the media inspired*cough cough rap cough* culture! A true southern culture would not have such problems after a hurricane. Besides, once you get to a big city, the southern culture goes away.

posted by  jedimario

Wouldn't you just love that? :roll:

posted by  JaneiR36

Ahem :ticking:

posted by  99integra

it's showing the problems with the welfare society. And the problems with simply letting the criminals out of the jail so they don't die in the flood. Now you have welfare people from the projects who don't own anything worth saving, but have nowhere to go, and have a sense of entitlement, and criminals who don't care about how civilized society behaves running loose. People like that want be in charge. They may be only incharge of poo, but they are in charge and control that poo.

posted by  ChrisV

I heard that of the people hearded into the Superdome during the beginning, some were gang members, and were set loose on all the other unsuspecting people in there.
Talk about a bad scene.

posted by  ChromeDome

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