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ok hers what my firned needs for her car:

she needs a 8" subwoofer for cheap
she needs 4 6.5" speakers for about 50$ each
she needs an amp for the sub which should cost around $130

ok she was gonna go for a bazooka but thank god i talked her outta it, i recommended pioneer for the 6.5's and a hifonics amp for the sub, but i dont know good models, can anyone help me out.

posted by  Stem

I will sell her a 760 watt sony amp for 130

posted by  bigdaveangell

can anyone help me?????
im not gonna buy a POS sony unless u lwoer the price 50% and pay shipping

posted by  Stem

Do a're good at searching, remember!

posted by  BavarianWheels

yes i am search master extreme, but i was wondering if anyone had some experience and would know, because surely a man of your nature would know you cant learn everything from statistics and literature. :)

posted by  Stem

well, i have 800w explode amp, 3 way infinity's in the front and back, and a kicker in the trunk, love the infinty speakers sound awesome to me, other than that you can only listen to your stereo soo loud otherwise your playing music for people on the streets and most think thats lame.

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

alright did u not comprehend my question, im not talking about me smarty pants, i got 2 6.5" pioneers, 2 6x9" pioneers and a 12" volfenhag with a panasonic 8301u deck and a hifonics bx1000d amp, so i dont need much now. im talking about my friend, if you wanna go brag go make ur own thread.

posted by  Stem

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