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I was just wondering if anyone used google talk?

posted by  GreekWarrior


posted by  theman352001

No I thought about it but then decided not too cause no one else was really interested with it.

posted by  Spanky2324

I have it on my computer but I dont think Ive ever used it. I just use it so I can know when I have a new email. I dont see much use for it. I would rather use aim or msn or 1 of the other IM programs.

posted by  bigdaveangell

You could have just downloaded the gmail notifier. Speaking of which does anyone want a gmail account invite. I know everyone and there mom has one but just checking if anyone doesn't have one and wants one.

posted by  Spanky2324

I already have the gmail notifer but I have 2 gmail accounts that I look for emails on. If anyone wants an invite I have 100 in each account

posted by  bigdaveangell

I have Gmail. I didnt know that Google had IM, but I prolly wont get it anyways...

posted by  StiMan

We use voip between contractors, but haven't used Google yet. New Zealand is phasing out landline phones within a couple of years and going voip. You wondered why Telstra must be sold....there's your answer.

posted by  Wally

Good ol' Barnaby isn't too keen though.

What voip do you use? Skype seems to be pretty reasonable.

posted by  windsonian

i use skype, the phone company has gouged us for enough money already, might as well get free long distance if your already paying for internet

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

ummm..someone wanna notify the yanks...or at least my dumbass...what voip is?

posted by  Zalight

voice over internet protocol - ie: talking over an internet connection instead of a phone line.

posted by  windsonian

i think we can only get vonage in canada - but the package is pretty sweet, it's something like 25$ unlimited NA calling.

i have googletalk, but i dont use it - i stick to my aim and msn.

damn, you know what i realized looking at my sig - i want a ram with a custom front bumper that has "DODGE" casted into it....

posted by  dodgerforlife

Yeah, what he said. We switched over from SBC in the beginning of the year and have had no problem with our digital phone service. We call anywhere in the country (I believe Canada too - but haven't tried it) and there are no long distance charges.

posted by  theman352001

Oh, so its like Vonage?

posted by  StiMan

Yep. Yep. Yep. (hopefully that's long enough)

posted by  theman352001

Kinda. You are connecting to your comp and you can't make calls to lanline numbers, only other computers.

posted by  boothe

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