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I got a burned version of Grand Theft Auto, and tried to install it on my computer, but when I do, and go to open the game it says: "Wrong disc inserted, please insert the CD/DVD" As some of you may know, I'm pretty stupid with computers...

posted by  chris_knows

I'm not sure but some games you need a code to play, or the original copy just for install. Depending where/how you got the burned version, see if you can use the real one and install it and try to play with the burned game, or if it needs a code, just copy one from a friend or rented game (Blockbuster, etc).

posted by  car_crazy89

E-Mule is your best friend!!!!! :thumbs:

posted by  elchango36

You have to get a cracked version of the San Andreas Executable file. GTA-SA.exe search on a p2p file sharing program for a San Adreas no-cd crack or patch.

posted by  abless

Alright, I've downloaded it, where do I put it?

posted by  chris_knows

probably just in the GTA:SA folder

posted by  jedimario

Yeah just put it inside the san andreas folder and everything should work fine as long as that folder is in your hard drive(c://)

posted by  Spanky2324

Whoooo!!! Got it to work! Thanks all!! :mrgreen:

posted by  chris_knows

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