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So I was bored, looking for something to do the other night in my home town, Iowa City. So I went to google and typed in the following:

"Things to do in Iowa City"

Here is what I got:

Now I consider this sad. The KFC was the 3rd best thing to do in Iowa City, that is right behind the gay bar and the hippie slum resturant. (and for you liberal types, I am in no way or shape knocking gays, lets get that straight before I get flammed....haha he said straight)

anyways, I would like to nominate my city for:

"Most Boring City Ever" award. Are there any others that are worst?

posted by  Voda48

Haha, he said flammed :laughing: .

I'll have to check mine.

I dunno if this is what you meant but: borough&hl=en&lr=&sa=N&tab=wl
(dont feel like copying a pic)

posted by  car_crazy89 ch&sc=1


then follows a load of hotels....then the mental health clinic....gaaaaay.

posted by  dodgerforlife nG=Search&sc=1

Hotels and casinos for me....and an amusment park :thumbs:

posted by  GonnaDie4TheGov

There has to be at least one female in Iowa City. I can relate to the hippie restaurant. Do you still relate to sheep and cows ??? :laughing: Stay away from the chickens or the cows will never have you back. :laughing:

posted by  lectroid

Wow long time no see. Yes there are many femlaes here, lots of Il tail that goes to school here and drives daddy's BMW. But when you move past that, there really isn't too much to do here. I do like the TB clinic thought, that might have KFC beat

posted by  Voda48,GGLG:200 5-30,GGLG:en&q=things%20to%20do%20in%20rock%20hill%2C%20sc&sa=N&tab=wl

Gift baskets might beat a TB clinic...

posted by  jedimario

Well my town dosnt have anything just about 2,000 people and 3 car dealer ships.

posted by  stevenbob0 GLG%3A2005-30%2CGGLG%3Aen&q=things+to+do&near=jackson+georgia&btnG=Search&s c=1

posted by  DodgeRida67 2CGGLG%3Aen&q=things+to+do&near=kouts+in&btnG=Search&sc=1

evidently, there is but one thing to do in my town... and that is only in the summer :doh:

posted by  dodger65

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