Does Anybody Play Guitar?

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Hey, just wanted to know if anybody plays guitar, because i do. (i am crappy)
If you can, post a pic of your guitar. I dont have a pic of my guitar, but i have a Washburn x50.(electric)

posted by  jdubya

Cant really play yet, havent had the time to learn, but i do have a guitar. Its a cheap older one and right now i need a new string cause someone was playin' around with it, i can get a pic later. Its a Westone X125 and an Epiphone amp (small).

posted by  car_crazy89

I play.

posted by  DodgeRida67

Fender Squire Strat w/ a crappy Frontman 15G amp

posted by  jedimario

I play guitar and bass. I don't own a bass but if someone wants to jam and has a bass for me then i'll do that. But my guitar is a fender strat with crimson paint job and a crate gx-15 amp. It's a good little amp for now but I'd like to get a marshall half stack.

posted by  Spanky2324

I used to play... had a fender mex. strat, with a great little amp.
Took a few lessons, but it never quite played out the way I imagined, and I lost interest.
Hello guitar, meet attic.

posted by  ChromeDome

I've been playing almost 2 years, Ibanez :smoke: .

posted by  TurboLag

been playing for bout a year, ovation

posted by  Stem

been playin for a while... bc rich plantinum series virgin with emg pickups, come to thin kabout it, im sellin that guitar for 400 if neone wants and i have a squier bullet up for 50$ pm me or email me at the bc rich is like 1000 retail, its black, could take some pics if u guys want? it looks hella sick

posted by  illusion34

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