Got suspended....might get expelled.

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posted by  SlipKnoT

Damn dude, that ****ing blows!!! Is there any way you could take this to court??

posted by  elchango36

Yes, my friends parents are doing it. But we're so poor right now we dont have the money to afford an attorney :banghead:

posted by  SlipKnoT

Start with a well written, clear, and non-inflammatory letter to the editor of the local newspaper. Send a copy to the school board.

Find the toys for sale inside city limits if need be. They aren't weapons, they are legally sold toys. They weren't being USED as weapons, and show that in the police report (make sure you send a copy of the police report with your letters). Get written proof that the school statment contradicts teh police report. then threaten to sue them for Libel and defamation of cahracter. Since this is written defamation, and could cause permanent scholastic harm, and thus directly affect your ability to earn later, it becomes a real monetary loss.

The reason to make sure your letter is non-inflammatory, and sticks to teh facts (the actual differnces between the police report and the school statment, and your actual actions) is so that you don't get a return charge oif libel against the school for saying something defamatory about them. Don't try and state your opinion of WHY they made the statements, only that the statements and the disciplinary action runs contrary to the official police report and your own actions. Reiterate this point: "I had so many good things going for me this year. Last week I recieved my mid-term report and I had 5 As and 3 Bs. Ive never had such good grades." and make it clear that your future is in stake over the school misinterpreting the actions and ignoring the facts stated in the police report, not through your own fault for innocently playing with your friend in a non dangerous and non harmful activity.

Now, the problem comes in whether you were playing with each other, or with other children there, or what time you went there (doing it in the schooltime when students are present isn't a smart thing).

posted by  ChrisV

We were doing it after school around 5:30pm. There were children present, but we were not involving them in our activity. We were shooting the damn thing at the ground for Christ sake! And they want to make a big deal about it! :banghead:

posted by  SlipKnoT

All that because you were shooting airsoft guns at the ground?????? That's just wrong man.....
I guess Chris gave some good advice, hope everyting goes well.... :ohcrap:

posted by  jedimario

damn bro, sorry for your luck. i'd fight that sh*t to the bitter end. good luck with it, keep us posted

posted by  glagon1979

Yeah, that is a pretty huge bummer.

Best of luck with case.

posted by  ChromeDome

That really does suck...go with what Chris said, good luck with it.

How long are you suspended?

posted by  chris_knows

man that sucks!!! :doh: i hope everthing turns around for ya.

posted by  adamc44

Appeal to school board. Get yourself a damn good lawyer.

posted by  Godlaus

guns.+..schools.+..america= trouble you probably wouldnt even get a warning in canada, that blows dude, whatever you do dont teell them to stick it in there asses, that usually takes you down the wrong road also

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

so provide us with info man what happened since

posted by  V-Tec

I want to know what happened, I didn't see this thread till you edited your initial post. Sounds like you were playing with an airgun or something...? Anyway, good luck to you, I hope it all works out for you..

posted by  Mathew

Go berserk and kill those mother ****ers.

posted by  Oomba

good guess, what happened afterwards slip?

posted by  jedimario

What was the point of the edit? Got expelled?

posted by  99integra

Nope, I didnt. Idk how the hell that happened actually, because I didnt do it. :banghead:

posted by  SlipKnoT

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