650hp MBZ S600 drag races

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MBZ S600 vs Toyota Supra (http://www.treynor.com/BenzVsSupra.wmv) 2 rounds MBZ 1 Supra 1

MBZ S600 drag races (http://www.treynor.com/Mercedes_Carnage.wmv) MBZ wins them all including a Viper

Few more races with the S600 (http://www.treynor.com/Mercedes_Carnage_2.wmv)

1005hp Viper on the dyno (http://www.treynor.com/RT-dynoruns.wmv)

Ride along in the Viper (http://www.treynor.com/DLM-Ride.wmv)

Drag race with the Viper (http://www.treynor.com/DLM-Lev4-Lowpower.wmv)

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posted by  Car Guy

all the more incentive to splurge for the S65 when i make that kind of moneyhttp://www.mustangcentral.net/mcforums/images/smilies/worshippy.gif

posted by  SuperJew

I wouldn't buy that car if I had enough money. You wanna know what I'd do? TWO CHICKS AT THE SAME TIME!

actually, I probably would buy that car. :drool:

posted by  Satty101

You would be too nervous to perform. :laughing:

posted by  BavarianWheels

i think its time....http://www.smiliegenerator.de/s22/smilies-32106.png

posted by  SuperJew

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