Anyone listen to old school hip hop?

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Anyone here listen to old school hip hop? I just bought Rev Run of Run DMC's CD like yesterday, and i thought it was ok. My friend from Universal originally told me it was really krazy, but it turned out to be just ok. It's called distortion, and there's some tracks on his website (i suggest that you listen to the songs before you decide to buy his cd) Anyone else get this album or listened to it? what'd u think? Anyone hear anything good lately? thoughts on old school-styled hip hop?

posted by  DJTrey313

I don't like him, I like Cypress Hill for old school

posted by  99integra

Rap, hip hop, country, bluegrass, they're all crap

posted by  jedimario

I'm starting to get into the Old School Run DMC type stuff...but not too much, there's other styles that I prefer more, such as the newer rap, like Mike Jones, although there is absolutely no rythm or singing in them :ohcrap: :laughing:

posted by  chris_knows

I don't really listen to much old school hip hop but enjoy it.. I'm more into underground hip hop like Aesop Rock or Blackalicious.


posted by  abless

very easy way to advertise...

posted by  Voda48

Mike jones is so overrated. You should check out an underground artist named T-rock. Listen to a song by him called pimp shit.

:Edit: spelling :screwy:

posted by  torinoman80

I have been listening to a lot of Poison Pen lately hes fu*kin sick.

OH, and has any got M.F. Dooms new cd (danger doom)? It came out like sunday I think

posted by  Zalight

rap and hip-hop are alright bluegrass suck but come on man country is liek the best kinmd oif musci

posted by  mx3_monster

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