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Well is anoyone else a College Football fanatic like I am? Go ahead and post your top 5 favorite and top 5 HATED teams. Here are mine...

1. LSU (title bound yet again!)
2. Ohio State (dad went there, so I was conditioned to love them)
3. Georgia Tech (was my #2 school on my college list)
4. Boise State (Was actually considering going there for college, especially after the breakout season they had last year)
5. Hawaii (always have to love a team that doesnt always do good, must be fun to play ball down there)

1. Georgia (This school repulses me in every which way, might be because I like GT too)
2. Michigan (If you love Ohio State you hate Michigan, what else to say?)
3. Oklahoma (I think most people can agree we can describe them in ONE word, OVERRATED!)
4. Miami (Another one word describer, OVERRATED, as soon as they got put in a good conference they struggle to win more than 5 out of 8 conference games)
5. Southern California (They are only good because they play an EASY Pac 10 schedule people!!!)

Here are my picks this week...

Arkansas vs. Georgia - UGA, only because ARK bites this year.
Ohio State vs. Indiana - OSU, please Indiana won't beat the Bucks.
Northwestern vs. Michigan State - Northwestern, they decided to get good this year.
Virginia vs. North Carolina - Virginia, UNC isnt know for their football.
USC vs. Washington - USC, Washington sucks.
Tennessee vs. Alabama - UT, Alabama's win streak comes to a close.
Auburn vs. LSU - Seeing this game, LSU all the way!
Oregon State vs. UCLA - I like the bruins, go UCLA.
BYU vs. Notre Dame - ND, BYU doesn't stand a chance.
FSU vs. Duke - FSU...
Penn State vs. Illinois - Penn St, they are the best big 10 team this year.
Oregon vs. Arizona - I like Oregon!
Purdue vs. Wisconsin - After winning the axe against Minnesota, Wisconsin will win BIG.
TCU vs. Air Force - I like TCU, they beat OK they can beat AF.
Frsno State vs. Idaho - Fresno.
Washington State vs. Cal - Cal by a shot.
GT vs. Miami - I like GT in this one.
West Virginia vs. USF - W. Virginia has my vote.

Power pick of the week...

Texas Tech vs. Texas - I like the Red Radiers baby!

posted by  thunderbird1100

1. UF, go Gators!
2. FSU
3. Ohio State
4. LSU
5. Auburn

posted by  99integra

2.South Carolina
after that I don't really care...

2.Southern Cal

posted by  jedimario

1) Michigan State
2) Penn State
3) Florida
4) LSU
5) Boise

posted by  snakeeyes911

Not a big fan of College Football, but here's my top picks

1. Michigan :oops:
2. Gators
3. USC

Don't really hate any teams, but I guess Ohio...

posted by  chris_knows

Update for today -

USC pounding Washington 34-17, almost end of 1st half.
Texas beating Texas Tech 24-10, middle of 2nd quarter. Texas Tech was leading 7-3 for a long while.
Tennessee and Alabama are scoreless going into haltime.
Notre Dame pounding BYU 28-10 in the 3rd.
FSU flocking Duke 21-7 going into half.
Wisconsin and Purdue are tied 10-10 at half.
TCU ahead of AF 27-10 at half.

UGA escapes Arkansas 23-20 final. But loses star QB Shockley, goodbye UGA going unbeaten.
Ohio States rolls over Indiana 41-10 final.
Northwestern stemas over Michigan St. 49-14 final.

Biggest upset so far, Virginia loses to UNC in a stalemate 5-7.

posted by  thunderbird1100

LSU WINS!!!!!!!!!!!

20-17 in OT!

Bring it on Tide! We're ready.

Oklahoma should of LOST to Baylor in double OT. They need to lose to a real crappy team to really show how much they really do suck.

Here's Oklahoma's current season...

vs. TCU 10-17 - L
vs. Tulsa 31-15 - W
vs. UCLA 34-41 - L
vs. Kan St. 43-21 - W
vs. Texas 12-45 - L
vs. Kansas 19-3 - W
vs. Baylor 37-30 - W in double OT

Currently 4-3. HEre's my outlook on the rest of their season...

vs. Nebraska - W
vs. Texas A & M - L
vs. Texas Tech - L
vs. Oklahoma St. - W

Final record by my prediction, 6-5. They are BARELY bowl eligible. To think a year or two ago they were in the "hunt" for the national title.

posted by  thunderbird1100

LSU - Since I'm from Louisiana
Clemson Tigers!
Maryland Terps

posted by  SyntheticTrust

clemson? you should come live here tons of people up here are obsessed with clemson and it drives me CRAZY! :cussing: :orglaugh:

posted by  jedimario

1. VT
2. Hawaii
3. UF

i dont really hate any

posted by  Stem

I wish I could. I'd move to Charleston in a heartbeat.. 843-529-**** all the way

posted by  SyntheticTrust

Yeah that's an awesome place to live, I almost wish I lived there again....

posted by  jedimario

Don't worry, it's not like they ever have a great football team or anything :wink2:

posted by  thunderbird1100

hey the Citadel was beating FSU for like a half..

posted by  jedimario

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