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Anyone know some nice explosives used to mess shit up? Locks? I got one formula but I want some more. Anything else general will help thanks :)..Senior prank here I come

posted by  6000LE

sounds like someone's up to no good.... :laughing:

posted by  jedimario

You should do what we did for our senior prank. We set a goat loose in the principal's office, when she got there in the morning, there was shit all over the place...

posted by  hondaman

I've been making some videos like that lately actually...some classics we've done include hitting a lighter with a tennis racket, throwing about 250mls of gas on a small fire...it gets surprisingly big :laughing: to jumping on a trampoline with like 10 sharp knives on it :laughing: :doh: Or covering a friend in paper towel, dropping some gas on him, and lighting him :orglaugh: ...and he was wearing my clothes :laughing: :doh:

What I want to try is putting a navy seal firecracker (waterproof firecracker) in a cup of gas :laughing:

Or chlorine, with gas..or water, because it should burn on water, and I want to see that :laughing:

posted by  chris_knows

Anonymous friend of mine made a sparkler bomb. It went BOOM!!!!

posted by  SyntheticTrust

What i did was take a apple, fill it with many mighty mites and light one mightymite with a really long fuse, so it went blam and apple remnants were all over the place. I didnt do many pranks the only thing i remember is taking revenge on a rival school for egging our cars. We mixed eggs, birdseed, and glue together. And poured it all over their cars. The glue and egg dried in the hot sunlight, and dried egg is impossible to remove completely. The birdseeds attracted birds to land on the cars, and their claws scratched up the cars.

The bastards deserved it, they spray painted our school many times, and one time they industrial glued one of our doors shut. So we paid them back in full.

posted by  aerith

NICE. :thumbs:

posted by  Pythias

ummmmmmm............................... haven't any of you ever herd of black powder or pirodex. they make really fun toys. just make sheer you have a long fuse or a timer.
but thats not for a senyor prank. What some guys did around here is let a pig and a goose out in the hallways. whas it ever fun whatch the treachers trying to catch them

posted by  stevenbob0


posted by  The_Dude

Hey, did anybody see the feds around here? I seem to recall that they take this kind of sh!t pretty seriously.

posted by  theman352001

Alright guys...hate to make a shameless plug for a site...but www.violencetech.com
That's what we do there....only 1 video up now, basball bats and office phones- but should be another (hopefully by the time you guys read this in a few hours)- with an AX and a VCR...followed by Lambo driving (filming this weekend), and explosives (M95's in a variety of technological gadgets)

Sorry about the website plug....but explosives and firearms are coming in the next month or so. AK-47's, TEC-9's .45's , and shotguns to name a few....

posted by  DiabloSV

Man were do you live. We have to get those on the black around here. After are stupid governor made some dumb fire arm laws. So know its almost impossible to get anything but some shotguns. You can easily get bb guns but i dont think that counts.

posted by  stevenbob0

No offense stevenbobo, but could you type properly? Its spelled "easily." No offense intended, its just that how you type reflects how you speak, which in turn reflects on your intelligence. You don't want us to think your a dumbass do you?

posted by  aerith

Hooked on phonics doesn't help one spell unfortunately.


posted by  theman352001

LOL sorry about that. I was typing as fast is I could because we were leaving to got to a restaurant for lunch. I thought i did pretty good for typing a billion WPM. but I'll go edit that right now. :thumbs:

but really "ezly" is a short cut "easily". bad habit from MSN

posted by  stevenbob0

Atlanta...but I bought these long before the "ban" went into effect....

The site doesn't have much there...but we're growing....from I what understand we have 2 vids up today.....

More to come.....

posted by  DiabloSV

Ok, you fixed easily. How about the rest of it..........


posted by  theman352001

ok ok, man why is every body out to get me. I didn't think every body was so picky. Ill try to to better next time. :wink2:

posted by  stevenbob0

Does america have these small little fireworks called Bloomflowers, or cascades. strap 4-5 onto a Lynx deoderant(sp?) can then light all the cascades and run like the wind! it makes a massive fireball then it suddenly shrinks. it looks really koo (my way of saying cool)

posted by  ahoo

Whatever happened to good old fashioned harmless pranks? Like filling the school library with 2,500 dixie cups filled with water on every bookshelf, table, and floor?

That's last year's anyway.

posted by  Godlaus

my prank isnt that dangerous........................unless you cant run of course. the fireworks arent that big either, just need the heat and explosion to blow the can. :thumbs: :smoke:

or you can put a block of sodium in a big tub of water....then....BOOM!!! :laughing:

posted by  ahoo

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