Do you think the world will be a better or worse place in 10 yrs?

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This is an essay I had to do for school. All opinions, complaints, and followup is welcome. Make your own if you wish.

Will the world be better or worse in 10 years?

I think that the world will be a worse place in 10 years, because slowly, it is
deteriorating. We have people like George Bush causing unnecesary problems for the United States, and other
countries. America thinks it has the right to police the world, and thinks that its better
than any other country. Thats all a bunch of crap. Russia has the worlds most powerful and
skilled military for over 100 years. China has the largest workforce, and is the sole
mass producer of products for the United States, and 90% of the world. Iraq has the largest
supply of oil in the world.
Back to the matter at hand, George Bush thinks that he can police the world, and go
into other countries and just take what isnt his. I am from Ukraine, and have great pride in
my country, but the mass American public is just out of touch with what patriotism really means.
Americans think that wearing underwear with the american flag is acceptable. Thats basically
saying "America is kissing my ass". George Bush in his short 4 years of "governing", if you
can call it that, has ruined the United States, and Iraq. He didnt go for weapons of mass
destruction. He went to get daddy's precious oil. Bush is the single reason that makes me
think twice about living in the United States. He has ruined the world, and if Americans can
elect someone as dumb as him, then whats next? In 10 years, I bet Jimmy Joe Bob will make a law
saying that cousins must marry.
I dont want to imagine the world in 10 years, and frankly dont want to be around
to see it.

posted by  6000LE

10 years will be 2015 i think and we werent meant to get past 2012, according to most calenders, so i say it will be a pretty peacful place, either we are all dead or something great happens, im bankin were all dead :wink2:

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

Only time will tell. :2cents:

posted by  hondaman

Wow, this is a chipper thread. Geez. :laughing:

posted by  97Talonchik

I don't know...a few weeks ago I saw this thing on Discovery about some Mayan thing I believe, but it was basically about how they could tell the future, and alot of things had come true, and one of the upcoming events was in like March of 2010 a comet hits the Earth, and in about 6 days every living thing is dead :doh:

But if it doesn't happen, we're probably going to be living in poverty and disease...I sense another depression in the stock market coming, and with GM probably going bankrupt...well no jobs here, it'll suck :doh:

But who cares about tomorrow live for today!

All of this talk of death is making me getting into my deep thoughts of what happens if you die, because I wouldn't want to live for eternity in heaven/hell, or be reincarnated as an would get annoying after some time... :ohcrap:

posted by  chris_knows

im gonna make this promise. on monday, im gonna open up a thread about this theory im writing to disprove religion and science apart, and show everyone that God is the perfect combination of everything, specially religion and science.

im not gonna talk any further about it (even if someone replies or argues with me). but i will try to write a thread on monday and show the simple version of my theory about such things. im actually writing it due to an argument with my dad in law, my mother, my gf, and a few ppl whom ive had discussions with about religion and science.

posted by  Inygknok

At the rate girls are reproducing..... it will be worse

posted by  SyntheticTrust

Man you have reached an all time low in my opinion, see you in hell you stupid russian mother ****er.........

posted by  99integra

I agree with that. :thumbs:

posted by  Pythias

You wish you were russian. At least youd be allowed to drink at age 16, and noone would think you are a complete moron (I dont mean the forum, but other cultures in general)
This is for Steve and Pythias

posted by  6000LE

LOL WOW that was the STUPIDEST come-back I have ever heard lol. All you did right there was prove further how IGNORANT you are lol :laughing: Omg we can drink at 16... yeah drinking damages your brain didn't you know? Your a prime example of this fact.... :laughing: ... and none would think we were complete morons if we were Russian? Lol I don't even need to reply to that one... :screwy:

posted by  Pythias

I'm not a Bush supporter, but I disagree with all the crap that people are saying. Bush grew up in politics, and went to Yale. I don't care who your dad is, Yale isn't going to accept retards. It's like being anti-Bush is some fad. Kind of like crappy commercial catch fraises that are kind of funny at first, but quickly get REALLY annoying. Even Green Day has managed to piss me off, and used to like Green Day alot. They used to sing about masturbation and pot. Then their albums stopped selling. Then they make political lyrics and all of a sudden millions of 13 year old goth girls are wearing Green Day shirts and saying George Bush is stupid.
The worst part is that alot of people don't know what the hell they are talking about. They say "no blood for oil", but when gas gets above $3 a gallon they're usually the first to moan about it. Ask them what they would have done in response to 9/11. There is a good chance you'll get something along the lines of " I can tell you what I wouldn't have done...bomb Iraq!" Ya, they all know what not to do. I'll admit Bush was triggerhappy, but sitting around with our thumbs up our asses probably would have led to more attacks. Bush and the rest of the government has succesfully kept the war on foreign soil by keeping the pressure on the Middle East. The U.S. is far from perfect, but if you are gonna gripe, please have a good topic. If you're repulsed that The Terminator is governing an entire state, or that South Korea is ready, willing, and able to bomb us, I'm sure you'll have some good material.

I would like to know how exactly the U.S. has been "ruined" in the last four years. Zombies aren't roaming the streets, and gas is still cheaper then most countries.

Which means we are basically their employers. I'm not saying that we ARE the most powerful country, but your argument here contradicts your main point. China needs us to buy their goods more than we do.

I think you're looking too far into that. We are the ones wearing the underwear, and we'll be the ones to interprit it.
My crazy rant is over.

posted by  giant016

heh...everybody's entitle to their own opinion, i suppose.

however, on that note, i wholeheartedly disagree. science is a man-made creation, whereas "god" (if there is one) is the embodiment of everything man aspires to be yet never can. science is proven data, religion is a collection of stories.

posted by  enron fever

Disagreeing with his opinions is one thing, but putting down a group of people in general is ignorant. Many people would be offended.

posted by  Nissan_Altima

**** it's time for another world war, about time!

Really, I don't care what happens in the world at all unless it affects our nation. No other nation has a government purely like ours and I believe that's something good, albeit when it is RUN WELL. For our nation though, in 10 years if a Libertarian president isn't elected I think our defecit will make the USSR's downfalling look like candy to a baby. I'm not a gigantic G W Bush fan (I did vote for him, mainly because Kerry was a tool and Badnarik wasn't my kind of Libertarian), but I understand he's been through more shit than any other president past Nixon. First inheriting a dot com recession form '98-'00, THEN 9/11 in less than a year of taking office THEN the dealing with the Taliban (mainly in Afghanistan) THEN the war in Iraq...and this is all just in his first term. While his 2nd term is really just getting under way it's still under a lot of heat.

I for one think the war in Iraq was handled well and still is, let me get this right, we took over the largest midde-eastern nation (militarily speaking) in a matter of less than a year and lost only 2000 personal for the past 4 years. We took Germany over in WW2 in about the same time but lost a bit more than 2000 men... Maybe it's because we value life so much more than then? With, you know, unborn babies being the exception to that... Honestly I dont think it could be run much better, can we stop the bombings they do every so often? No, but once we get their new government on their feet it will be THEIR problem not ours as we will remove our mainstay military from there. Another big pluside is we will probably FINALLY have a good trustworthy partner in the middle east that's considered a superpower over there (besides Saudi Arabia/Israel). Have we justified the loss of over 2000 men? I dont think that anoyone should comment on that but the people that are over there right now willing to give their lives for the protection of not only OUR nation really but Iraqis more than anything.

I thin kthe spending in our budget needs to be cut, DRASTICALLY. First off, the eocnomy isnt run by the president, it's ran by cycles. It's inevitable that we will have a recession once every decade or two, the president has very little to do with economy growth and fall. I think income taxes should be cut WAY more across board though, and hopefully one day we can FINALLY have a FAIR flat tax at around 17-20% for everyone reguardless of income. If this is the nation of entrepreneurs we need not to KILL their small businesses in TAXES! Tax cuts tend to stimulate economic growth while rasing taxes, does well, the opposite. Let's continue to cut taxes. But most of all more than anytihng the government needs to do it's job and become WAY more fiscally conservative. We need to either elect a truely conservative republican to office (not the neo-conservative Bush is) or a Libertarian to get this budget under balance. Cut out some of these heavily bureaucratic agencies that get WAY too much funding and dont know where to spend it.

The EPA needs to really get cut, all they do is whine nowadays, they dont even try and fix things!

Welfare needs to be completely dismantled and thrown out.

Medicare and Medicaid should be less funded and/or dismantled.

Social Security shouldn't be as socialistic as it is right now and people SHOULD be allowed to have their separate PRIVATE Social Security accounts.

Bottom line - our government is becoming way too socialistic. But that doesnt suprise me as every free nation ever has never made it, they all eventually turn to socialism, communism or dictators. We need to stop it!

posted by  thunderbird1100

OMG ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF IGNORANCE, he DIDNT SAY ALL YOU RUSSIANS HE SAID RUSSIAN, AS IN HE WAS REFERRING TO 6000LE ALONE, Thats like me saying rot in hell you Canadian-Idiot, I am not tlaking about all Canadians, WOW, tell me this were you this stupid BEFORe or AFTER you became friends with 6000LE :banghead:

posted by  Pythias

While that is true, Science still has no better story than creationism for explaining the exsistance of earth and man. Evolution has been debunked so many times it's ludacris.

posted by  thunderbird1100

No being friends with me has opened Mike's eyes to the carworld, and he is grateful to me for it (I think). If it werent for me, no mods would be done on his car, he wouldnt be on the forum, and wouldnt notice the yellow Ferrari rolling down the street every afternoon. Mike is probbably my best friend, because cars link me to him, and we can talk about them. Shut your trap :mrgreen:

posted by  6000LE're right and wrong. science is not a finite art, it is the process of learning how things around us work. Evolution, for instance, is still only a theory, which means that there isn't enough data to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that it is true. Evolution is merely the best explanation that science can give right now. creationism seems a tad silly to me, but at the same time humanity hasn't been around long enough (or recorded it's history long enough) to witness such a gross evolution of a species as the supposed evolution of monkeys into what is now considered the modern homo sapien.

i personally do not believe that there is a god, but on the same note i can't definitively prove that there isn't one...although the same can be said about santa and the easter bunny, quite honestly.

posted by  enron fever

What's that suppose to mean.... Santa does exist. :screwy:

posted by  Pythias

Yea I regret saying it now, lets just say I'm sorry but still in my opinion you shouldn't speak your mind so freely

posted by  99integra

Did you get hit with something heavy lately? Let's say I'm talking to X and you, his friend, are listening in. I say, "X, you are a stupid Mexican". If you are also Mexican, you wouldn't care even the LEAST bit?

PS I find it funny how you can judge my intelligence on a car forum behind the keyboard without knowing 2 bits about me. Would a scan of my 4.00 GPA change your mind?

posted by  Nissan_Altima

i think i should point out that having a GPA of 4.0 doesn't make anybody a genius. you can be the 1337est math-calculatin' mother****er in existence and still be a complete idiot when it comes to life.

posted by  enron fever

Depends are you in AD classes? Or are you just special? :laughing: And if you were talking to my friend and told him he's a stupid white person or something like that I'd prolly laugh, I joke around more then I go and get pissed off. :laughing:

posted by  Pythias

Yes, I love reading essays on America by the ignorant. Great fun really. America is the best country in the world. How can Russia have the greatest military, when theyve been dirt poor since the fall of the Soviet Union? The only country that even poses a threat to us is China. They have alot of people to work with and dont have to really pay them.

Secondly, if you think we went to war over oil then you're sadly mistaken. Saudi Arabia has more black gold than Iraq, so if thats what we really wanted we wouldve gone there. Saddam Hussein was a threat to the world. We have proof that he bought uranium. The guy was a ticking time bomb, we had no idea what he was doing over there. But when someone buys Uranium and theyre a bit off their rocker, its safe to assume they aren't doing anything good with it. We eliminated the thread of Saddam Hussein, no were trying to bring Iraq back up into a stable country again. A country has a right to protect its people, its not "policing the world" because we feel we have the right to.

posted by  PontiacFan27

I dodn't care to get involved in the rest of the stupidity of this thread, but... Contrary to what the liberal media and the people who believe it want you to think, the US is far from dependent on oil from the middle east. We import over 14% of our oil from Canada, the single largest importer. Additionally, Canada and Mexico combined account for more of our imported oil than all middle east countries COMBINED.

Whether you like it or not, and many of you won't, the reason we're in Iraq IS NOT OIL. Get over the lies and insinuations that have been fed to you and that you have not been interested or smart enough to learn the truth about.

posted by  vwhobo

Evolution has been debunked scientifically as well as by God-Thinkers though. It's not even really a theory anymore... We proved evolution is a fallacy three time when i was in AP physics. There are too many loopholes in it. While I'm not saying there are loopholes in creationism I am saying Evolutioun has been debunked in many more ways other than ( i dont believe in that).

posted by  thunderbird1100

Seeing how we are talking about creationism...I've got a question, how did Adam and Eve populate the world if they had 3 boys? :laughing: :doh:

posted by  chris_knows

In about 2-3 years we should be starting to get oil out of the ANWAR too... If the damn liberal democrats would allow us to SAFELY DRILL (like we always have before) in the region, it was found to be pretty oil rich. Even environmentalists can't protect the wasteland part we're trying to get oil drilled at.

I knew we never went to war because of oil, that's another liberal media hijack... As is the reason we went JUST because of "Weapons of mass destruction", but more so there by house democrats and senate democrats than the media. They will use that one for political gains for decades to come...Even knowing he used chemical weapons against the kurds and Iranians repeatedly, they will not acknowledge it. They just say "we didnt find any". Doesn't mean A. They aren't somewhere still hidden or B. They were moved OUT of the country before the war started.

posted by  thunderbird1100

...and if adam was the "perfect figure of a man" and eve was "indescribably beautiful", where did all the ugly people come from? :wink2:

posted by  dodger65

Possibly Hide-A-Way Lake, LA? Think about it.

posted by  vwhobo

couple of things: evolution hasn't been debunked. even now there are obvious examples of evolution. take Bacteria (the kind that makes you sick). we have tons and tons of medicines to help those with a bad bacteria to feel well again, but we have to keep coming up with new medications all the time because the bacteria is growing immune to our various treatments. it is, quite litterally, evolving before our very eyes. evolution is a very real and very probably explanation of how we came to be, but as i've said we just don't have enough data to back it up, thus it is a theory.

Creationism, on the other hand, is an object of religion, supposedly done by "god". not believing in god aside, you can't disprove something that was supposedly done by a god because nobody saw it for themselves and god can supposedly do anything he wants. so basically any arguments against creationism are pointless.

even in the future, when we have been around long enough as a species to witness the evolution of other species, religious can easily just integrate that into their story behind their theory of creationism by saying that "god made them, then they elvolved according to his plan!"

as i said before, evolution is a theory, an incomplete ideal that has yet to be wholly proven or disproven. creationism is a ideal that can be neither proven nor disproven by any scientific method currently available, so it will stay in the niche of ignorance that religion so conveniently cultivates.

posted by  enron fever

first of all, having the most guns does not make us the best country in the world, it just makes us the most insecure. secondly, life is not one big dick-measuring contest, and our place in the world should not be rated by the number of other countries "who pose a threat." economical and social success are the only real measurements of "greatness" a country has. every country has it's problems, and we are far from the worst off. on the whole, living in this country is by far and above one of the better places to live. however, that being said, we are still in trouble and to ignorantly spew "OMFG WE ROXXORS!" is just stupid.

we aren't in trouble because of an impending invasion, or anything like that. we ARE in trouble economically. the USD has done nothing but gone down in value since bush took office, and will probably continue to do so until he is out. even now, bush is in trouble with his own party.

i'd also like to point out that i know we aren't over there for oil. we geniunly thought there were WMD's, but now that we KNOW there aren't, i think we the people and especially the families of the soldiers who have died, are entitled to an apology, instead of just some half-assed cop-out reason for being there.

i also find it funny that the "liberal media" is blamed for just about everything, because FOX has it's head just as far up it's own ass as CNN.

posted by  enron fever

Not quite, because in the future, we will have time machines, and can go back and see what has happened...but carefully not to disrupt anything. :smoke:

On the subject of time machines, what would happen if somebody was to fly a plane around the world, in under 24 hours? would they travel forwards/backwards in time? :screwy:

posted by  chris_knows

It would depend on the direction of travel. You can, technically speaking, go back in time now. I used to live in New Mexico eight miles from the border and would go to a little Texas town for lottery tickets. After buying the ticket that was stamped with purchase time of XX:XX I'd head home and upon crossing the border have gone back in time by one hour. Low tech time travel.

posted by  vwhobo

If you fly around the world in under 24hours you won't travel back in time. In order to travel through time you'll have to be going faster than the speed of light which is impossible thanks to Einstein's equation.

However some physicists believe that you could travel through time if you went through a wormhole. Maybe one day we could find out whether it might work.

If the Delorean could travel through time, it could have been the best selling car ever :laughing:

posted by  fudge

if the DMC-12 had been what DeLorean had promised in the first place, it probably would've sold well too.

posted by  enron fever

Actually Evolution has been debunked, more than several times now. I could go into GREAT detail but I'd posting on here all day long. If you wish to investigate the science behind it just do a search on Evolution being a fallacy. One basic thing Evolution cannot explain is why we feel the need to go about every day and not kill ourselves. That's one of the many SIMPLE things evolution CANNOT explain. If you truely believed in Evolution you have no point whatsoever in living, therefore you WOULD just kill yourself, as it would not matter. Evolution isn't a theory anymore, they dont even try and teach it in schools anymore :laughing:

posted by  thunderbird1100

Our school still teaches it...In June we were discussing that in Science, and our teacher went into this crazy rant about evolution, and how we had started from small bacteria, made up of atoms, and molecules from the big bang, and then she started talking about how all of the minerals got together to explode :doh: ...but she's hot, so I've got nothing against her :laughing:

posted by  chris_knows

I should of been more specific and say in AMERICA. Or even moreso, the south. Our teachers down here teach what they want, they arent told by our government what to teach.

posted by  thunderbird1100

A theory is something that we are 99.999% sure of. In order for something to be a fact, it has to be able to be negatively proven. Technically, gravity is a theory.

Evolution and the survival of the fittest go hand-in-hand. Evolution CAN explain why we feel the need go about every day and not kill ourselves. Our ancestors who felt the need to kill themselves would do so, likely at an early age. Those few creatures who didn't feel the need to kill themselves would mate with others who didn't feel the need to kill themselves, and have offspring that weren't suicidal. All of the creatures that were sucidal would be extinct in no time. How can you possibly deny evolution when you can watch it before your very eyes under a microscope. As mentioned earlier bacteria/virus' are living proof of evolution. If you want more proof, look at farming practices. Farmers of large crops are supposed to leave a portion of their crop for insects to eat, and not spray pesticides on. If they sprayed an entire crop with pesticides, there is a chance that a few bugs have an immunity to that pesticide. Those few bugs would all mate with each other (because immune bugs would be the only ones to survive) and have offspring that are all immune to the pesticide.

posted by  giant016 clearly don't understand evolution very well.

the only thing that evolution deals with is the changing of whole species to give the species as a whole a better chance of surviving. that is it.

the will to live is just the natural instinct that all life-forms have to keep from becoming instinct before they actually have a chance to evolve.

yeah. actually they are. i live in tennessee, so don't give me "you dunno what yer talkin about" bull. the teachers who do stupid stuff like that need to have their teaching license revoked.

creationism, intelligent design, whatever you want to call it, is NOT a theory, but a figment of religion and therefore has NO place in public schools under our constitution. what they teach at church-based schools and private institutions are entirely up to the owners of those institutions (AFAIK), but public schools (ALL public schools...) go by a plan dictated by the state government in accordance with federal laws.

posted by  enron fever

I just got OUT of H/S a year ago so I know EXACTLY what they teach. Sure sometimes they are told what to teach, doesnt mean they do it. Ultimate government control over teachers is an awful idea and leads to well, dumber people. Where has theory based and logic learning gone? Kids just know how to take dumb stnadardized tests these days. IF your teachers followed the dumbass orders of the government they are nothing more than sheep.

Evolution tries to explain things other than what you mention.

Evolution is not a theory then, as Science can be just as wrong as religion. I remember when a few kids over in IReland (or maybe England) buried a dead animal and after about a year or two dug it up (they were testing the accuracy of dating techniques) and it was dated to be something like over 2000 years old. Shows how even the dating techniques can be so far off.

posted by  thunderbird1100

the only reason school exists is to give kids a basic understanding of general principles. it's up to the individual kids to seek out and learn specifics for themselves. self-teaching is a much more powerful learning tool than being taught by someone else.

sheep? really? and what are you then? massa'o yosefs?

SCIENCE IS NOT EXACT! for ****s sake, how many times to i have to say it? YES science is wrong about ALOT of things, but the only way we can learn new things and expand our knowledge of the way things work is to be wrong. you learn more from your mistakes than anything else, and unlike religion there is no "service manual" for scientists to refer too. they have to find it out for themselves, and that takes time and alot of mistakes before they get it right. religion can do no wrong because it is headed up by god who can do whatever he wants. very convenient. also, i'd like to see where you got that story about the carcass. carbon dating just so happens to be EXTREMELY accurate up to a finite point. i dunno what the exact cut-off is, but i know for damn sure that it's longer than 2 years.

science doesn't work by the principle of "OMFG your wrong about this and therefore about everything else kthxbai." it goes by "this is wrong. why is it wrong and what then is right?" that takes alot of time and patience, which in today's world of instant gratification is a scarce thing. the media doesn't help either. every time a scientist says "ooh this is cool" the media latches onto it like it's a cure for AIDS. 90% of what you see on the news about scientific breakthroughs is bullocks. testing on humans is...well rather daft, so we use rodents and the like instead. humans and mice react spookily similar to the same stimulants, but even so if a certain stimulus works well on a mouse it might not work at all on a human, or even have negative effects. we can make a glow-in-the-dark mouse, turn a fat mouse into a skinny mouse, make a mouse live for 50 years, make a mousameleon, the list is endless. all of this will one day be made available for humans, but that is not until far far in the future when we have a better understanding of how humans will react to the same treatments. the same goes for everything else in science. we re-create what we think happens on a much smaller scale and then see if our formula works in real life. if it doesn't, they try again and again and again until they get it right. science is the pursuit of knowledge, not the pursuit of being infallible.

posted by  enron fever

I think humans will destroy themselves, we'll be right in ten years but I don't see us lasting for another thousand years or two....

posted by  GreekWarrior

I'm surely not a sheep, nor were my teachers, they dont follow socialistic government styles.

I was just pointing out another flaw in the science system, how in a lot of sense it is nor more accurate than even religious beliefs. I know how Science works, otherwise i Wouldnt of taken H. Biology, AP chem and AP physics...and now in college physics.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Ya, it's not like religon has ever been proven wrong. Oh wait, it was. Remember the Heliostatic theory? The church tried to kill any supporters that believed, or tried to find out if the Earth did indeed revolve around the Sun. At least when science is wrong it doesn't run all the priests out of the country.

posted by  giant016

1. Elaborate on the Heliostatic theory.

2. Thats because the scientist don't have the resources too :laughing:

posted by  Pythias

I think the world will be a better place in 10 years.

Technology is da shit, people are becoming more and more independent and in charge of their own destiny, financially and otherwise, and we are working to protect the earth and its resources. Hybrids are becoming more and more common and we may not even be using oil at all in 10 years. Data transfer will happen at the drop of a hat and natural childbirth will be painless due to advanced medical technology (HA! yeah, right). Come on, people, it'll be AWESOME!

posted by  JaneiR36


posted by  enron fever

I'm not trying to say Bush isn't a problem. I'm also not blaming the liberal media , because both Fox News and the liberal media are just as ****ed up as each other. George Bush is an incompetent moron. But what lets me down is the American people for putting him back into office again. The middle and lower class is the majority of this country, but all Bush did is screw us and help the rich people. Bill Clinton says that he has had 3 tax breaks since the 9/11 attacks and the start of the war. How can this be? We are shoveling money out of our country onto the sand pile that is Iraq, and hes running around givin his buddies tax cuts? I have a great deal of pride for my country, but sometimes the people in it really let me down.

posted by  PontiacFan27

All these negative vibes. :evil:

The world will continue to get better. I have been around long enough to remember several decades and there's always the doomsayers who pronounce bad times ahead. Hell I remember when some load mouth told us all in the seventies how technology had peaked.

The US may be on the downward, but a lot of the rest is on the up. Maybe it's time some of you consider migrating to better environs. :wink2: And start learning Chinese because you are going to need it as your new landlords.

posted by  Wally

proved evolution is a fallacy eh, you got to be the stupidest mother****er alive you should probably just kill yourself now

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

Are YOU learning Chinese, or is this all about the USA taking a back seat to someone else? :roll:

posted by  JaneiR36

The Heliostatic theory states that the earth revolves around the sun. Prior to this it was believed that everything in the solar system revolves around the earth, because that is what the church said. I believe it was an astronomer named Copernicus who fully developed the idea of the earth revolving around the sun. Others before him had researched it, but didn't have very good evidence. Anyway, Copernicus knew that if he published his findings that the church was going to be pissed, so he waited untill he was just about to die to publish them. He died before anyone killed him, but for years any supporters of this theory would have to flee or be killed. I'm not even sure if the church has yet accepted the fact that the universe does not evolve around us.

posted by  giant016

correction: ...not sure if the church has yet accepted the fact that the universe does not revolve around them

posted by  enron fever

Answer: Worse.

posted by  DodgeRida67

Obviously YOU DO believe the media. Bush didn't give tax cuts "for the rich" he cut taxes ACROSS THE BOARD. Not only that but the only reason he cut the top bracket more than any other was simply because that's what the majority of ENTREPRENEUERSHIP SMALL BUSINESSES file under. It was intended to be a tax break FOR THEM (Seems everyone, well people who listen to the media and/or liberals seem to forget, as both dont care about Entrepreneurs). You know, the country is STILL trying to be about what it was originally founded on, the encouraging of entrepreneurs and not killing them in taxes. You know, trying to cut out the socialism in this country. Plus who are you to complain about taxes? The top bracket already pays TWICE what the bottom bracket percentage wise (36% compared to 15%). So who are YOU to complain? I'm complaining that he still hasnt cut the top 2-3 brackets down MORE.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Well since you come from a Canadian government controlling school system, it's not odd you would say something like that :laughing:

posted by  thunderbird1100

WRONG! i cannot believe you actually think that cutting taxes is a good thing. do you know what "debt" means? if so, do you know that our country is currently in debt for 6+ TRILLION dollars? exactly how do you intend the US government to pay us back? hopes and dreams? no. the fact of the matter is that your little idealistic hope of no taxes and rich controlling the country is cute and fluffy, but it is NOT how things work. the fact of the matter is that our country is doing nothing but getting deeper and deeper into debt with a currency that is doing nothing but going down in value. the ONLY WAY TO LOWER IT is to raise taxes. a country doesn't run on idealisitc morals and sayings, it runs on money which is one thing we don't have alot of right now.

Bush is having fun with his little war, but he doesn't seem to realize that we are the ones paying for it and we are getting NOTHING in return. it's like us renting panda bears from china. we pay 3 million+ dollars to raise and breed the damn things, and then we end up with a little panda that doesn't even belong to us. not to mention that every major corporation in america out-sources more jobs than it keeps in-house, which plunges our country (especially the middle-lower class) into nothing but further debt and despair, although i think it might be a conspiracy with the drug companies because after an hour on the phone with HP "tech support" (don't even get me started on that...), i need a few nyquil to keep myself from climbing a clock-tower.

basically, as it stands, bush is an idiot who has done nothing but harm america. you can feel cool and part of the little "W" clique, but don't force your idiocy onto america. the mob is already ignorant enough without your help.

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Amen brother :clap:

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Wasn't going to get involved in this thread, but I had to make a little aside comment on this point...

Social Security was originally known as Old Age and Survivors Disability Insurance. it was, and still is, an insurance policy, not a retirement fund. You can indeed have your own private retirement fund AND private insurance fund. BUT, as a nationwide insurance policy, it ALWAYS has been that the people working and paying into it are the ones paying the beneficiaries. You are not putting SS money away for YOUR future use. Just like when you pay those $10 a month life insurance policies, you don't think you get a $100,000 benefit from something you only pay $120 a year for, right?

Social Security puts its income in a Trust Fund, as well as in paying out benefits. That trust fund has risen from $50 million or so in the '70s to $1.7 trillion as of last year. It can't be used by any other government agency. And unlike private accounts, has never been embezzled or lost money (like 401ks have done recently).

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We went there because we were still in an ongoing military campaing from the Gulf war, and only in a cease fire. Saddam violated that cease fire. he violated 14 UN resolutions. He harbored terrorists and paid rewards to people killing Americans worldwide. He killed hundreds of thousands of his own citizens. EVERYONE in the world knew he had chemical weapons and was negotiating for more nuclear weapons. That's why Clinton passed the Iraqi Liberation Act in 1998.

And yet when Bush went there after stabilizing Afghanistan, it was treated like an out of the blue invasion for no actual reason.

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You can still feel that life in geenral has a point wihtout disbeliveing in evolution. Maybe life's point is to evolve to the point that it can leva the confines of this planet...

Besides the issues in the bible with Cain killing Abel, then being afraid of all teh people finding out and killing him in return (and God having to put a mark on him so all teh people in the lands he was banished to would leave him alone), where were the cities and countries that he was going to, and where did he get HIS wife?

Of course, we have oil, and you have no problem believing it came from dinosaurs, but how did that oil get there if there were no dinosaurs and no time for evolution to take place? Did God put it there knowing we would need it to power our not-yet-invented cars? If so, why wasn't it mentioned in the bible?

No, the theories of science aren't perfect. But the beauty of them is that, unlike religion, they REQUIRE being questioned and changed as we learn more. The fact that we are typing to each other, using not only the products of scientific research into plastics and polymers, but also using completely invisible atomic particles (electrons) to form words on a light receptive screen elswhere in the world in real time, proves the validity of the scientific method.

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lol! I agree.

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Actually, thats not exactly correct (mostly, but not entirely). The bottom tax BRACKET is about 15%. But, if you make under approx. $15k a year or so, you don't PAY income tax. The top quartile of taxpayers in the US pay 75% of the nation's taxes. The bottom quartile pays no taxes at all! The next quartile up from the bottom pays maybe 5% of the nations tax burden, with the remaining quartile (the "middle class) paying about 20% of the total. The "rich" get more of the tax break becae they pay more of the tax to start with.

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That makes no sense. Evolution teaches that life started as something small and useless and has evolved throughout the years into newer, better suited things to the world. What does that have to do with the will to live? It takes extra effort to kill yourself, wasted effort. Thats one reason. Heres another, evolution couldn't take place if we all just killed ourselves, there would be nothing left. We live because we were born, and we dont kill ourselves because it makes no sense to do so.

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Have you ever read fairtax? Good book. The top 50% of income earning americans pay 98% of our nations income taxes. Yeah, i know under ~$15k a year earners pay squat, I just didnt address it.

It's sad to see we have such a socialistic tax system.

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Okay im through with the Evolution talk, it's hard to explain it in a way anyone can understand.

posted by  thunderbird1100

especially when you don't understand it yourself :laughing:

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But how would they see the joy of Education and be inspired to learn if all they hear from their teachers is sheep talk? Gotta say, I agree with thunderbird on this point.

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