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so as i was walking towards my home i saw this Cavalier pull out. It had like a 2 foot wing on it, and had some plastic spinners. So when i got to look at the other side i see that one is missing lol. I mean if ur gonna put that crap on your car might as well have all of it.

posted by  V-Tec

Pictures...Need pictures.....

posted by  Godlaus

what u think i carry a digital camera on me lol. :banghead: It was at a stop sign so even if i would have one i wouldn't have time to take the shot. It's not like he was just parked there...

posted by  V-Tec

Wait until you see an Integra "Type-R" with one of the type R badges upside down. There is one that cruises around here locally.

posted by  hondaman

I've seen worse. Theres a late 90's Toyota Corolla that cruises around here with giant vinyls that says "V-tec Power", a Type R badge, and it has a one foot high wing with a low body kit. And plastic chrome hub caps. It also has an exahaust system fake BOW. It was one of these corollas;

I remember it so vividly, because he challenged me to a redlight once. We're both stopped at the red light; (it's broadway at like 12am, so it was empty). Maybe he just doesn't know his cars or he didnt see what i was driving. He flickers his high beams and beeps his horn and looks over at me and points at me then himself then the red light. I had a bad day, and wanted to blow off steam, so i played along, i revved it up to 5000rpms where it gets really loud. He starts to look scared. Light changes, i smoke him by half a block. (it was only one block long to the next light) He probaly figured that since my car is much larger; so naturally its probaly a lot slower.

posted by  aerith

LOL there's a few cars like that around here.....

P.S.-I leave for a weekend and hobo comes back?? what else is new?

posted by  jedimario

Damn, Aerith, thats ownage. But I think in that kind of situation verbal abuse is required, much less a race. Tell people like that what a dumbass ricer they are for putting plastic spinner hubs and miss-matched emblems and stickers on their car. Then they get pissed and "settle it on the streets." Thats when you show them whats up.

posted by  PontiacFan27

After i smoked him. A couple days later, i was at a gas station filling up, i guess he saw me and pulled over. He came over and said "what do you have under the hood man? Its got to be NOS or some shit like that" I just tell him; "Its bone stock." He's like "Thats just bull, how did a stock car beat my crazy modded car? I have Vtec power." Then i kindly pointed out to him; "I have a 3.2L V6 under my hood putting down 270hp and 238lbs of torque and you have a 1.8L Inline 4 with 126hp at 122lbs of torque." then; "I have more then double your horsepower, and double your torque, even if YOU had NOS; you didnt stand a chance." Then i popped the hood and showed him where it said "Vtec" and asked him to pop his hood; and showed him it did not say Vtec anywhere, and his "crazy" stickers are wrong.

After that; he just peeled off in anger; his plastic chrome spinners spinning and all.

posted by  aerith

lmao. I love ricers, they're some good entertainment, especially when you have the ones that absolutely have no knowledge on cars what so ever. :laughing:

posted by  nsupra27

THAT, my friends, is the exact definition of rice and ricer. Can we stop calling cars that are merely custom show cars "rice" now? And leave that name for the morons like aerith confronted?

posted by  ChrisV

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