My first pic whore. (56k order a pizza)

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Salt Flats, Utah baby!! .jpg

posted by  Frequency101

Z28 and Z34 in my front yard;

posted by  Frequency101

Thats a clean engine bay. :thumbs:

posted by  nsupra27

nice lookin z34 i dont see many of those around here that are in good condition

posted by  mx3_monster

damn straight thas a clean engine bay... howd u get it sooo clean bro?

posted by  Stem

Nice photography man thanks for the pics!:thumbs:

posted by  jedimario

yeah same here. i see quite a few of them around, but they all look like they are about to fall apart.

awesome cars :thumbs:

posted by  enron fever how did u get the engine bay so clean?

posted by  Stem

Those are some beautiful pics, of some beaitiful cars :thumbs:

posted by  chris_knows

3.8L super? does your 710 cap say 10w-30 :laughing: anyway nice car

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

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