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well, last thursday i was heading home in my moms corolla. we were going on the highway and i had already changed lanes to get off. i had slowed down to around 40mph when all of a sudden BAM!.

the damn hood of the car opened up and hit against the windshield. luckily, the glass didnt get damaged at all and neither did the roof. the only damages were 3 minor dents on the hood, and the hinges on the rear corners got bent. i was able to close it easily after just bending it a bit and head home.

i never thought this would actually happen to me. i must say, at first, i was actually shocked. after 2 seconds of seeing the hood right in my face, all i could think of was stopping the car on the emergency lane and cursing cuz i stopped being hungry.

odd thing though. 2 mornings prior to that, when i was getting on the car to head to college, i noticed half of the hood open. i pushed it down but it didnt click. so i lifted it and tried closing it. didnt click, so i opened it and checked to see if anything was in the way. nuthin. so i just told my mother to use the car but slowly and take it to my uncle to fix it. she didnt, just took it to some dude's house and i dont know wat he did to it.

anyhow, i bet that the bitch that keeps trying to steal our 2nd parking in the building hit the corolla with her damn SUV and didnt leave a note. ill get her flamenco dancing ass someday....

anyone else ever gone through this?

posted by  Inygknok

You think thats bad...

An acquaintance told me this story a while ago. He had a really nice GTI with aftermarket wheels and other stuff on it. Well one day he went to the parking garage to find it sitting on blocks with the wheels missing. So I guess he went and got some replacement wheels or something (he's one of those guys that has like 4 golfs and tons of wheels and spare parts and all that). So he was driving it home, already having a bad day, when the hood flew up, on the middle of a bridge. Apparently someone had opened the hood and not closed it properly. So he had to stop on the bridge (which is illegal), and sort that out. I think that was it.

posted by  Mathew

I've had it happen to a friend, but it made a crack or two in the windshield...which he ignored, and would still be there if he hadn't sold the car. 1999 Ford Probe I believe...Hopefully it won't happen to me when I start driving...

Are you paying for the repairs?

posted by  chris_knows

nah, my uncle knows about that stuff. it just upsets me quite a lot cuz ppl in my building just wont stop having confrontations with me and my mother. my mom can be a real ingrate at times, and other times be quite rude, but she doesnt do anything to ppl to get messed with like that. plus, we could have gotten hurt if i had been going faster.

posted by  Inygknok

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