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Talk about a close call......

On Sunday afternoon I took a ride up and down the interstate...not that i was moving too fast, but I did top it out at 145Mph...and I got to run with a nice Firebird Convertible 400 (looked like late 60's early 70's)...we had a good time...

I went up about 12 exits (having driven south first- turning around then going back north), and took a pit stop at a gas station...rested, caught my breathe..and got back on the road.

On my way back (which was only 5 exits to the house) I was "clocked" by-....5 patrol cars and 1 State Trooper...within 5 exits...they weren't there 15-20 minutes earlier....close call!!!

:driving: Heee-heeeeeeeeeee

posted by  DiabloSV

So you've just proven how idiotic you are to be traveling 145 on an interstate. Good job. :thumbs:

And then to go bragging about it too. Real nice. :thumbs:

I wish you would have gotten tagged. Perhaps it would have knocked some sense into you.

posted by  theman352001

It wasn't quite like that....
There are 4 lanes, with approx. 1-2 miles visibility, and there were no other vehicles on the road...and no on ramps.
Just briefly opened it in a small stretch of road, then brought it back down....

Maybe I need to attempt this on a track? Close to Barber Motor Speedway, and Atlanta Motor speedway....

Anyone in the SE want to go in on a track day?

posted by  DiabloSV

Unlike street racing, there have been times that 100+ on a wide open interstate has been as safe as 70. I did 140+ crossing Montana, and done faster than that a few times on pretty barren stretches of multi-lane. Thre are a lot of interstates out there that have gentle curves and VERY limited access, so there won't usually be people just walking across intersections or pulling out of blind side streets.

posted by  ChrisV

Really? So this was just a figment of your imagination then?

Yeah, I think track day would be better. :thumbs:

posted by  theman352001

Of course there is the occasional bull moose, mule deer, or other assorted animal that may want "to get to the other side".

posted by  theman352001

speed has nothing to do with bull moose, mule deer, or other assorted animal. you could be going 3mph and they would still stand there and wait for you to hit them.

posted by  enron fever

That'll happen at 70 and it could still kill you. And an interstate isn't quite like a deserted backwoods road in that regard, either.

There's being cautious, and then there's being unreasonably paranoid.

A couple cars going rapidly like that has been the staple of street performance cars since they existed, and good high speed drives have been the staple of automotive journalism for decades.

It's no different safety-wise than doing a buck fifty on the autobahn or autostrada, except there is less traffic.

posted by  ChrisV

It was basically a quick run up, and then i let it slow without frying my brakes....

And in a way I agree there could have the unavoidable deer factor, (considering this was heading into the N.GA mountains....but I guess that's a risk you take at any speed.

posted by  DiabloSV

Becareful!! SEATBELTS!

posted by  SyntheticTrust

And proper hand position, and no driving on the shoulder to pass people, and no passengers, and...

posted by  ChrisV

What was that for?

posted by  SyntheticTrust

he was adding extra logical safety precautions that should be obvious in these conditions.... not sure if he was trying to mock you a bit.....

posted by  Inygknok

You're absolutely right, it CAN happen at 70 and apparently it does considering the number of deer I see on the side of the interstate.

Now double that speed and, I know you know this, you lengthen your stopping distance and by the time you react to something in the road your twice as close as you would have been at 70 mph.

Now at 70 mph you would likely survive hitting a racoon or something that size. Would you at 140? Could you still control the car after the impact?

Perhaps I'm being paranoid.... perhaps I'm just trying to talk some sense into people. Either way, I'm not being unreasonable.


posted by  theman352001

No you're being perfectly's a calculated risk I guess- maybe not the smartest thing in the world. And I doubt anyone could control a vehicle after a hit like that at 50Mph , no less 70, or 100+....

Did you guys ever see the video of the rabbit that ran out in front of a car on a track during a race - it exploded (the rabbit), and took a piece of the car with it...can anyone find that?

posted by  DiabloSV

Funny thing is, everyone assumes that at 70, all cars are equal and it's quite alright to be going 70 in a '81 Fiat or a '90s Diablo, as though both have equal stopping and handling. And that both will be equally as dangerous as speeds rise. Sorry, but a car in either sotck form or modded to handle higher speeds is NOT the same as a lesser vehicle.

Or are you implying there are no deer or raccoon on the autobahn?

It's called assumption of risk. EVERYTHING in life is risky. I spent the weekend replacing a section of the second story roof on my house. A fall could have easily killed me. And there were a couple close calls that a person with worse balance and coordination might have fallen.

I've seen people die having a blowout at 75-80. I've also seen people keep a car under control having a blowout at 150+. Every circumstance is different.
if you're that scared to drive, stay completely off the road. Yo've simply drawn a line at that YOUR comfortable with. But your line is well above what some people are safe at, and well below what others are safe at. Otherwise, going back toth autobahn, everyone that drove at those speeds would be dying. But the rate is no different than that at the speed limit in the US. Which means that the risks are probably not as great as you are making them out to be.

posted by  ChrisV

None that have any sense

posted by  SyntheticTrust

Well, it appears that I am not everyone then because you are just stating the obvious for me. I have enough vehicles in my stable to know that they all have different capabilities and some are safer to drive at higher speeds than others.

I'm not implying anything. I'm sure there are animals on the autobahn. It doesn't change the fact that reacting to them at 70 mph is different than 140. I had nothing against the rest of your post, that is why I didn't comment on it. Are you in an argumentative mood today?

Apparently you are.....

Who said anything about being scared? And how do you know the speen I'm comfortable at? (ah hell, now I'm just arguing) (but then again, your implying)

And how great am I making them out to be? Did I say they would be disasterous? Are you telling me that you don't agree that hitting a racoon at 70 and at 140 mph would be different?

posted by  theman352001

Here's the video...the second one there:

Rabbit Car ( /-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/ -/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/417/top/-/-/0)

posted by  chris_knows

Actually I studied that in physics last year. If the speed doubles, the braking distance quadruples for some reason.

posted by  giant016

interesting theory, but sounds like pure shit.

posted by  dodgerforlife


I love when people argue so much they end up having to break the quotes up so they can respond to each and every sentence.

posted by  Zalight

no i actually heard something similar to that

posted by  V-Tec

I heard the same thing. I dont think its bullshit.

posted by  torinoman80


KE = 1/2mv^2

because the velocity is a squared function, if you double the speed you have quadruple the energy (2*2=4). with quadruple the energy, you need quadruple the braking power.


posted by  SuperJew

Worth noting is that from 50 to 100 kph the braking distance of a car will increase from 10 metres to 40 metres. When you double the speed of a car braking distance quadruples.

There's the website I found it on, just hold ctrl and hit f and type in quadruples and that is where it claims that... not sure if it is true just throwing out what I found.

EDIT: Here's some more.

"...the physical law still applies according to which the braking distance quadruples when the speed doubles..."

-One referring to Bikes.

"As a bikes speed doubles, the braking distance quadruples. Numerous studies preformed by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) and other independent organizations have concluded that an alarming number of motor vehicle operators (including motorcycle riders) are simply unaware of the amout of distance or time required to bring their vehicle to a stop."

-This one is only from a person on a forum

"The braking capability does not increase when driving faster, there are no reserves of friction. As such in any vehicle when your speed doubles braking distance is four times larger."

"The answer is plainly obvious, energy consumption will go up as square of speed and so it will be quadrupled when we double the speed by slamming down the gas."

posted by  Pythias

Square proportionality....

Also, on the rabbit thing. Look for the one of teh kangaroo getting cleaned up during the Bathurst 1000 V8 race a year or 2 ago. It gets smashed and goes flying through the air...

posted by  windsonian

I found the link...Not very pretty though: Kangaroo Hit (

posted by  chris_knows

Forgot to add safety google incase glass gets in his face after he crashes And maybe some gloves and tough clothes.

I am just kidding.. I couldnt resist.

posted by  DeathGoth

That's the one... I have seen a slightly better video (closer up), but I think you get the idea. The car was quite nicely mangled too.

posted by  windsonian

I've seen the rabbit one years ago but DAMN, that's F*ed Up!!!

posted by  elchango36

this thread has turned from simple bickering to a morbid orgy.... why dont we all just keep posting vids of accidents and animals blowing up on impact?

i wish i had my HD here with me....

posted by  Inygknok

[QUOTE=Inygknok]this thread has turned from simple bickering to a morbid orgy.... why dont we all just keep posting vids of accidents and animals blowing up on impact?


and people thought that I was crazy for creating a website that blows stuff up.....apparently it has some appeal... :clap:

posted by  DiabloSV

Sounds good to me :thumbs:

posted by  Pythias

ya sounds good to me too so anyone else have any other videos of cars hitting other animals/small objects which causes them to break off into thousands of pieces.

Edit: Also wouldn't mind seeing cars hitting big animals/objects like elephants or something where there is more damage to the car.

posted by  V-Tec

Thread's a bit old, but good idea I guess...Couldn't find a car crashing into an elephant, so I made a clip of what I think would happen:

Click here to watch Camaro-crashes-into-Elephant-LOL (


posted by  chris_knows

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