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I was just reading the "jobs" thread and couldn't help but think what a pittance some of you earn. But then I thought maybe your dollar or pound buys you more than here in Oz.

So what does it cost you for basic foods, e.g.:

loaf of sliced bread?
2 litres of milk (about 2.1 US quarts, 1.75 UK quarts)
500gram fillet steak (17.6 oz)
a dozen 600gm (large) battery eggs
a pound of butter
various vegetables
various fruits
a supermarket rotisserie chicken
5000 sq ft home.

Cliffy you don't need to answer, we all know you guys live on curry and chips. :mrgreen:

posted by  Wally

mmmmm..... curry and chips :drool:

posted by  fudge

Wally, you have a strange list of basic foods. I was under the impression that the basic food in Oz was beer and then if you had anything left over you could buy those other frivolous items. :laughing:

So anyway, a 12 oz can of beer will run you anywhere from $1.50 to $4.00 at your local billabong depending where it's located. In the big cities expect the higher price. In the small bars, expect the lower price.


posted by  theman352001

here in Puerto Rico...

sliced bread - $1.15 i believe

2L of milk - $3.25, hence why at home we buy the gallon for $2.99

17oz of steak - gf wont let me eat that.... doesnt want me to get heart problems like dad had.

a dozen of eggs.... gotta check that, last time i saw them u could get a dozen for around $1.50 i think, or less. used to be a dollar.

good old Country Crock (or however its called) - $1.95

various fruits + vegetables - depends on how much we buy, but estimating a few bananas, apples, potatos, carrots, broccoli, grapes.... like $10?

uhh.... just chicken? well, the whole small one costs $3.95 or something. meat is the one thing here in PR thats very damn expensive.

i live in an apartment that costs just $600 monthly in one of the most expensive cities in PR. the building front-right of us has apartments starting at $350,000. top apartments cost over $1mil. ours cost at first around $115,000 (26 years ago). value went up to around $180,000 now.

but my dad-in-law's main home (which is in front of the beach).... i dunno, he bought the terrain long ago. house has a value of around $300,000. funny thing is, ive seen houses smaller than his (his is very big) and they can cost at least twice as much, just cuz of the zones they are built in.

posted by  Inygknok

Bread- $ 1.07 with tax
Milk- $ 2.25 with tax
Steak- ranges from $10.77 -$15.18 with tax
Eggs- $ 2.89
Butter- $1.97
Veggies- $0.68 lbs for Green Bell Peppers (4065)
Fruits- $.011 lbs for Bananas (4011)
Chicken- $ 4.65 with tax
5000 sq ft home- No ****ing clue, don't sell 'em

posted by  SyntheticTrust

It all depends on how 'budget' you want to go...

loaf of sliced bread? [3]
2 litres of milk (about 2.1 US quarts, 1.75 UK quarts)[3.5]
500gram fillet steak (17.6 oz)[15]
a dozen 600gm (large) battery eggs [1.5]
a pound of butter [2]
various vegetables [6]
various fruits [15]
a supermarket rotisserie chicken [4]
5000 sq ft home. [?]

posted by  ChromeDome

You have a remarkable insight into the Australian psyche. A party box of 36x 375ml VB 4.9% cans is about A$36 and a slab is about A$28 and the two stroke Hahn Light 2.7% is about A$25 for 4 x six packs = 24 tubes. I don't know how much the 750ml long necks are.

Billabong .... I like it.

posted by  Wally

I noticed that too... :mrgreen:

posted by  windsonian

I've always felt like I didn't belong here, like I was taken away at birth and put in this place. I always knew I was meant to be somewhere else........Australia !

Actually, I hung out with a bunch of ausies while I was living in Ghana for 3 years. What a great bunch. So easy going and fun loving. I had a great time with those guys. They are not that different than myself so I could relate easily.

Someday I will get down there.


posted by  theman352001

Ok, to compare, what is this with the 5000 square foot house?

Mine is 1500 s.f. on a third of an acre, and is valued at $295k:

posted by  ChrisV

And mine is twice that size not including the separate mother-in-law house on a same sized lot in the city and it is worth around $210K.

Prices vary greatly depending on where you live.


posted by  theman352001

Yeah, when I moved to Baltimore in '99, one of the rowhouses I was looking at was $35k. In January of this year, the same rowhouse sold for $550k. And it was a lot like one of these brick ones: pg

MAYBE 800 s.f.

posted by  ChrisV

I know how that is. When we bought our second house in Severn, Maryland back in 1998 it was $175,000.00 We sold it after being on the market for 3 days in 2002 for $369,000.00

posted by  SyntheticTrust

Here are some 4 yearold pics of my holiday house on the Queensland gold coast. I took the snap with my back to the water. I built most of it myself (yes even the kitchen cabinets) and am currently building two more bedrooms, a second kitchen, rumpus, laundry, a garage and bathroom underneath. The footprint is not that big (2400 sq ft top floor, about 4400 sq ft finished), but I built it high enough to get a boat in under (3.3m = 10.8ft); total height is 10m.

Had it valued last week @ $850k and cost me about $200k including land. No doubt because it is so close to the broadwater.

posted by  Wally

and we got our 3400sf house in Saratoga County, NY in...1995 for about $320,000. we got it assesed a few years back and it was valued at about $400,000. its in the woods, and the closest body of water is the reservoir down the street (we live in a small neighborhood, all custom homes)

and then there's my grandmother's old house in East Hampton, NY, just sold for $3 million. not sure about the square footage, but its smaller than our house. BUT it overlooks Gardiner's Bay, and has a stairway that leads from the back'yard' to the bay.

so yes, in real estate its all about location

PS. Wally, i love the house. :thumbs:

posted by  SuperJew

So you learnt how to take the piss, not to put dibs on yourself, laugh at danger and real meaning of free speech.

Here's a condensed joke that should bring back memories:

Two swagmen (hobo's) are walking along an outback road when they come upon an animal carcus. They spend about two minutes looking at it and move on. Later that night while waiting for the billy to boil, one of them says to the other "that donkey must have been hit by a road train". His cobber looks at him in suprise and says "that wasn't a donkey it was a horse". They both pause to think and then bed in for the night.

The following morning the one of them rises to find the other gone. He finds a note next to his bed roll, which reads:- " I leaving, there's too much bloody arguing in this camp!"

posted by  Wally


where bouts on the coast?

posted by  windsonian

I could always take the piss but was never very good at giving it back. While I love jokes and can laugh at myself, I don't retain them often so I usually have to resort to what I know about the person.

The craziest time I had was when I was biking (bicycle) up a mining road (gravel) that was built on the side of some hills. This ausie pulls up in a Landcruiser pickup and asks if I wanted a lift. So I thow the bike in the back and hop in.

We start heading up the road that has about a 50 foot drop off the left side. I'm not sure how fast he was going but at every curve the a$$ end of the truck was kicked out. Were talking, drinking (he had offered me a beer and how could I refuse), and then he starts rolling up some local smoking product.

I will never forget the image of this guy, beer on the dash, both wrists on the top of the steering wheel, his hands rolling a joint, all while he was drifting around a corner where one little mistake would have sent us down a 50 foot hill. Gotta love it.

Danger.......bah!!! Bring it on.


posted by  theman352001

Wow! Thanks for reminding me of the second most important reason I live where I do. We have a 1600 sf home (too big for me), 2200 sf barn, five nicely fenced horse pastures, an 80' x 150" horse arena, 2500 square foot shop and some other various outbuildings. Very secluded at the end of a private road and two sides are bordered by a 25k acre state forest. No Wal-Mart across the street for me ever and all of it has been built in the last few years. Oh yeah, we have maybe $150k invested in it.

posted by  vwhobo

Yup, and it's bloody expensive, too :banghead:

posted by  Cliffy

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