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ok, ive been searching for over a month on this stuff. i have been trying to find out how to write "Supra" in kanji script, but all i can find are tutorials on how to learn to write in kanji and katakana or sites that charge me $10 to show me how to write it.

i at least found my name in kanji script but im going insane looking for wat i really want. anyone out there that can save me before i go insane looking on google?

posted by  Inygknok

Lol I was in japanese for awhile but dropped out sorry :doh:

posted by  Pythias

Umm, i hate to break it to you but not every word in english has a kanji equivalent. For example; english names in chinese/japanese or most oriental language are just a bunch of random words that have no meaning when placed together but they sound similiar to when its said in English. The Supra is still called the "Supra" in Japan. There is no kanji for it. Although there is Kanji for Toyota, its a actual name not a word that hardly gets used in any language. But, you can get kanji characters that have the same meaning (above, and beyond, over, etc etc).

posted by  aerith

Actually, Kanji is for purely japanese words. Katakana is for names and foreign words, as well as new wrods in Japanese. Hiragana is for simple words and particles of speech (and is the most basic japanese written language). Knaji is reserved for ideas and not actual sounds/words as we know them.

Use katakana to write Supra.


posted by  ChrisV

ah, thanks for clearing me up chris. in fact, yesterday i found a site with some info, but i really didnt get the difference between the 3 :)

and yea, i know that not all words can be translated directly to chinese or japanese.

now i just need to get my neighbor to draw me a character....

posted by  Inygknok

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