This is a very motivated 18 year old

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posted by  Zalight

congrats to him

posted by  SyntheticTrust

I say congratulations to him. I hope his motivation is matched by his ability to do the job.

posted by  vwhobo

Yeah thats what I was thinking, there is a difference between willingness and ability. Hopefully he has 'em both.

posted by  Zalight

hehe, well, in today's world, anything CAN happen.... i would actually give him a shot.

posted by  Inygknok

That must take a lot of effort and determination to accomplish such a task, kudos to him :thumbs:

posted by  99integra

I think that's pretty cool myself, I think there was someone who did that at about that age in some small twon near me. Appaerntly he went to a popular restaurant in the town everyday, shook people's hands, told them his name, and when they went to vote, everyone had heard of him, and he was elected. Kinda neat

posted by  jedimario

That'll look good on college applications.

posted by  giant016

lol good point

posted by  jedimario

Wow, that city should have an intresting future ahead of it...

posted by  Voda48

Lots of partying and alcohol :laughing:

posted by  car_crazy89

"I'll be a student from 7:50 to 2:30, and then I'll work on mayor stuff from 3:00 to 6:00," Sessions said."

Mayor stuff?

My guess is that he'll drop the position in a month or two.

posted by  Godlaus

HAHA Congratulations to him.

This could get interesting.

posted by  Sgt. Pepper

Good for him...I'd run for mayor but I'm too real :laughing:

Wait, if he's 18, then the first thing I'd legalize is weed...I'm so moving there :laughing:

posted by  chris_knows

You'll be surprised how many people down here in the USA wna to legalize it, especially here in Florida. I wish that kid some hope, because all that publicity can get to his head. Not to mention, loss of privacy and other good things in life.

posted by  fastpass

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