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This guy has too much energy. :laughing:

Urban Ninja (http://www.metacafe.com/watch/35649/another_urban_ninja/)

posted by  GreekWarrior

Great...now I'm going to have to try doing those stunts :laughing:

That's some crazyy sh!t :smoke:

posted by  chris_knows

god that shit is quite amazing, and ur right chris now i wanna go buy $100 worth of pads and a trampoline.

posted by  Stem

OMFG. Jeezus. :screwy: :laughing:

posted by  StiMan

That was great, I wish I was 100 lbs. lighter and had cat-like reflexes!

posted by  elchango36

"What I would give to be able to do that"-Friend of mine

That is friggin awesome!

Yeah if only I was 1'6" shorter. Then I might be able to do that if I could get off my lazy ass.

posted by  Sgt. Pepper

Holy Mother of God.... :thumbs:

posted by  Pythias

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