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I got bored in school today *surprise* and got to thinking, has there ever been motorcycle with FWD or AWD?

How about drag racing...how come all of the (as far as I can recall) Top Fuel Dragsters, and Funny Cars are RWD? Wouldn't it be better to have them FWD...to lose the need for wheelie bars, and hence create less friction (the wheelie bar rubbing against the ground)?

I know there is a logical explanation to why it has not been done, but I can't think of anything :doh:

posted by  chris_knows

1. Yes

2. Rules for one.

3. How much extra friction do you think it would take to power another drive axle and move the tires versus the tiny amount of drag caused by a wheelie bar, which by the way doesn't drag, it has a little wheel?

posted by  vwhobo

I know the wheelie bar has wheels, but I figured it would still make at least some friction, as it seems there is quite some pressure being applied...

But I knew there was something wrong with my idea...

posted by  chris_knows

Well if they were FWD then they'd end up LOSING power cause all the weight would be transferred to the back, therefore taking traction from the front tires away. SOme FWD drag cars have wheelie bars that actually lift the rear of the car alittle off the ground so theres less give on take-off (rear suspension won't compress).

posted by  car_crazy89

There have been 2WD motorcycles (look up Rokon).

Well, a FWD drag car requires a much more aggressive wheelie bar than does a RWD drag car. So, that solution is just shot to hell right out of the gates. You could have answered this question with just a tiny bit of research.

AWD dragsters were quite the rage in the early days of drag racing, AWD cars with multiple motors. They absolutely incinerated the tires (saw a special on the History channel or something).

posted by  Bino

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