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Just like to help you guys out and post this as he tried to hide himself in a thread titled "Xenon Lights" in the General Chat section. S/N is "stupidbitches".

He admits to being banned and come back to stir up more crap, I tried to put him in his place but the final executive cut has to come from you guys, so here it is...

BTW - How does a normal member like myself ever get to become a moderator?

posted by  thunderbird1100

You have to be appointed by Unfedfat, the site admin, real name Adam...but he hasn't posted in a bit under a year, although he looks through the forums every couple of days/weeks...I think it was GreekWarrior who asked the same qestion, so I'll just show you the link to his thread.

Thread (

It's 5 pages :doh: :laughing: :thumbs:

posted by  chris_knows

well if thers a vote to make thunder a mod id vote for him, and im sure everyone in this forum with half a brain would vote for him as well, he's on often and always makes smart un-biased posts. and hes very mature.

posted by  Stem

I could be a mod...I'm on probably 120+ hours a week :laughing:...but I don't know too much on cars :doh:...And I'd be blackmailing everyone :laughing:

But if we had a vote, ThunderBird1100 would get mine :thumbs:

posted by  chris_knows

I highly doubt they will add another mod...but what the hell, thunderbird's got my vote as well.

posted by  hondaman

id vote for thunderbird or chris knows. hell, every time im on here chris knows is on. hes a cf addict! :thumbs:

posted by  adamc44

Sweet...just made my day :wink2:

posted by  chris_knows

Thanks Chris, and the only reason I want to be a mod is simply because (not trying to put down our mods or anything) is to have another able person to simply ban people who need to be banned (people who constantly stir things up or dont contribute to the forum) , or have been banned once (or four time before, like "what") who need to be banned once again. I've noticed a few days (sometimes weeks) lag (IMO) on people who should be banned and continue to disrupt the forum. I understand the mods on here are already very busy, but I have the time to survey the forums enough to decide who/who not to ban. I might come off as stand-offish a lot of the times, but I won't ban somebody just because I don't like them or think they are just ignorant/stupid. Sure I'll maybe call them a moron, or something, but I wouldn't ever ban a person just because of that.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Correct about the first and third comments, not so about the second. Thats not to say all mods are unbiased. T-bird can do the job, but id like to see vwhobo and chrisv there first. They are more fit and deserving IMHO.

posted by  importluva

I agree with the fact ChrisV and especially the hobo would make excellent mods. While some people think I might be biased toward one thing or the other, that's what you can think. I know a I am not, and I know you can almost never change peoples opinions like that. Sure I think the best mid-size family sedan is the Accord, you cannot change my opinion on that, only a new car that comes out will do that. I tend to know more about Hondas than any other brand, so I use their brand a lot in a lot my statements and arguments, but I dont limit myself to only liking Honda (otherwise why would I own a Nissan :laughing: ). I am a Honda enthusist as I think they make some of the best products on the road (Accord, Odyssey, S2000, Civic/Civic Si, TL, RL, TSX; being some of my favorites), but that doesnt mean I'm BIASED. Biased boils down to you won't change your mind on a matter even when you are wrong. You're Biased towards your own way in basic (in basic that's what the previous statement was saying). Bias is a very hard thing to point out a lot of the times especially in a matter of opinions. Bias is very easy to point out in factual siutations. Since I happen to think the Accord is the best mid-size car and the Odyssey the best minivan doesn't make me Biased, it just means those are my opinions (it doesn't matter they are Honda's to me, I'm no brand loyalist, if the Impala was a Honda I definatley wouldn't think it was the best mid-size car). If I would only like one Honda, I wouldn't be called biased towards Honda, but since I like more than one, I'm "Honda Biased". It doesn't matter if I like one Honda or 5 Hondas to me, I just like the vehicles, not just the brand. Anyone can wholeheardtly disagree, I'm fine with it.

What's funny to me is it seems anyone who likes Honda's gets the "you're biased" scheme thrown on them a lot more than Ford or GM lovers do. Matter fact I've never seen someone on here get blamed for being Ford or GM biased on here, see people who like more than one Honda be called "Honda biased" all the time though.

posted by  thunderbird1100

People have to actually like you. And from what I've seen so far here, banned members are aloud back on the board under new accn's no problem as long as they behave.

posted by  PontiacFan27

I think I'm online the most, or that I check on the site most often, like 5 times a day sometimes, It can get boring being homeschooled

posted by  jedimario

You are either suffering Patty Herst syndrome or you're a masochist :mrgreen: Now go away and repeat one thousand times "I am an individual with constitutional freedoms, except free speech"

posted by  Wally

i think i should be a mod. my two-step plan would eliminate every single problem this board has at once:

Step 1: Ban everybody
Step 2: Throw Sexy Party

simple, efficient, and everybody goes home happy.

posted by  enron fever

:orglaugh: :orglaugh:

posted by  chris_knows

I agree about ChrisV, but hobo's been a Mod before....and that's all I'm saying. I personally have a few members who, in my mind would make great Mods...I'll leave it up to you lot to decide whom that may, or may not be though lol. Ultimatelly, though, it's UFF that has the power to deal with that, us Mods only have a certain amount of input :thumbs:

I beleive I've said this on several other occasions...To be able to Ban has to be a Supermod. Put simply, only Bav or Satty can do it at the moment :thumbs:

Oh yeah, and before I forget....That thread's been another Mod has done that along with (probably) dealing with the member in question...thanx though :thumbs:

BTW...also, to be a Mod...ya have to be able to post threads in the correct place :banghead: :ohcrap: :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

yo, we should choose a new mod by the US Supreme Court process...have a selection of a user and then grill the sh*t out of them about their beliefs on issues, such as abortion and the right to privacy when talking about what you do in the bedroom to the forum's members :laughing:

posted by  SuperJew

Sounds good to me lol...Or we could use the old SAS method and interegate them, whilst naked...and see who lasts the longest (due to the interegation you understand :laughing: )

posted by  Cliffy

Then we should have more "Supermods". It seems it takes ages sometimes to ban people who just loot and pillage on these forums for days, even weeks. Some that have been banned once before even! I posted it in general chat simply because the most people seem to pass through there and thought it would get noticed quicker. Because that's the whole problem, getting the people who need to be banned noticed quicker by mods.

posted by  thunderbird1100

I agree (about most of what you say). I know we need more Mods, as I'm sure do the others, but we cant do anything about it. I dont think it's a huge issue at the moment, afterall, members who need a Ban, get one eventually lol.

As for posting this in the wrong place...well, this is Off Topic....therefore it gets posted in this section. Regardless of the amount of hits it attracts. I'm sure pretty much every CFer checks this part of the Forum out as much as all the other sections :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

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