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I just happened to be watching a US breakfast show on telly this morning and they featured the following site. Now I don't know how much in the majority I am, when I suggest there is too much filth at large (as it seems any non natural act is considered an individual's right these days), but I'm glad there are people out there that provide the community with information like this:


posted by  Wally

Good grief that is just disgusting...I'm glad that there are people out there catching those bastards...

Internet is a good tool but who would've thought it could be used for something like that. :ohcrap:

posted by  hondaman

That's sickening...why would somebody use that as a way to get off :ohcrap: :puke:

posted by  chris_knows

So, I don't quite get it. Are the guys busting him actually cops, or not? And if not, I trust they are passing their info onto the cops.

Please excuse my ignorance, I only briefly read it, and didn't spend the time to find this stuff out for myself.

posted by  windsonian

Yes they pass the info to the police and send copies of the discussion to the perp's neighbours as good measure. The TV crew along with three or four of the sting operations. One of the guys actually took his clothes off before going into the house, as per the "14 yearold boy's" instructions.

posted by  Wally

That made me nauseated. :puke: Scary thing is, the guy did sound like he has done this before.

posted by  97Talonchik

that is disgusting. I don't understnad people these days. What the heck do you see in a kid to be able to think like that. He's very lucky isn't in my country here they aren't as forgiving as they are there. :cussing:

posted by  speeder

that is going to give me nightmares :ohcrap: .

posted by  ahoo

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