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Why was my post deleted? I had a post about helping people and making Custom signatures for them? It was off topic, and in the off topic section... so why delete it? Can't appreciate the value of some true art talent or what?

Please let me know, im quite curious to know. I have looked around the site to see if it was moved, I dont see it moved anywhere.

posted by  onebadkustom

maybe the link you put up was considered advertising, i dont know i didn't click on it, but if you want to make people custom signatures maybe you should have made a the thread saying that if you want a custom sig made then privatly message me and I'll tell you where to send the pictures. Don't go off this thought I can be completely wrong

posted by  salimander13

No man.. it wasnt advertising... atleast not for profit. I have done many signatures for people, so I thought i'd do the same for anyone on here. The title was "You Sig File Creator". I did not make it say, send me $5 and I'll do it. Or represent my company or something.. I dont even have a company. All Im doing is advertising that im kick ass at photoshop. And the mods of this board apparently didnt like it. Well, im not pointing out all of them. Just 1 in peticular. Dont know who he is, but he knows. Must be jealous of my skills.

posted by  onebadkustom

yup. thazzit.

in all honesty it was a cool idea, but i'm pretty sure it was looked upon as adverts. seeing as we are now teh 2...309823 advertising and spam posts a day, the mod/admin team is stretched pretty thin as-is.

posted by  enron fever

I totally understand. By it was not advertising at all in the sense of being bad for the sight. I am not just a 1 time poster and gone as that. I realize I am new. But I am also here to help others out. Whether it be for cars, computers, art work, etc.. Im sorry but a few of the mods on here are just a bit too overboard.

posted by  onebadkustom

I have to admit you did a great job on your own sig...

posted by  Mathew

pfft if you call your sig 'kick ass' you need a spend a bit more time doing some tutorials... dont brag god damnit, and dont be so self conceided.

posted by  Stem

I didnt do my own signature, that was long before i got into the photoshop stuff... soo thanks for trying to say it sucks... you were sooooooo close on getting me. This is some of my shit...

And a few comp drawings... ull.jpg ull.jpg ull.jpg

posted by  onebadkustom

Looks like you do a good Photoshop job, not sure about the link removal though (as i wasn't here to see it). By the looks of it, Cliffy is the one who probably deleted the link (as the colour used was 'Turquoise' or w/e).

posted by  car_crazy89

You're free to patronize another forum if you are not satisfied here...onebadkustom

posted by  BavarianWheels

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