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well, since the car should be ready in a few months, i was thinking about insurance just in case.

my mom swears that u cant get insurance for an older car, but i keep telling her to listen to me that it gets done every single day (impressive for someone who worked for Citibank for 29 years).

anyhow, i have never ever in my life checked out wat goes on with insurance companies and wat they look after to see how much a client has to pay monthly. i know the car type matters, and wat safety features are left in the car. then some companies care about tickets, problems with revoked licenses, etc.

anyone that can tutor my ignorant self on this subject a bit and maybe show me some good companies that wont charge me 1 testicle and my right arm?

posted by  Inygknok

I don't know a whole lot about this but I've read about some things that affect insurance costs. Some things like, does it have an alarm/immobilzer, where you park it, how much driving you do, male/female, neighbourhood, type of car, and i don't remember what else but i'll take a look for the list i saw again.

posted by  car_crazy89

Call them up and have a chat. Get a quote.

posted by  67Coronet383

im sure there are companies that will insure old cars. i believe there are companies that specialize in insuring classics and antiques, so youll find what you are looking for. what are are you insuring?

posted by  newyorker

He knows that already. That wasn't his issue, that was his mother's issue. His issue is... well, you can read it. :thumbs:

posted by  67Coronet383

Not to be rude or anything but is your mom smoking crack?

posted by  x1/9-rally

You can get a dicount for the honour role...not sure if you can in PR, but couldn't hurt to try :smoke:

posted by  chris_knows

Believe it or not you can't say such a thing without being rude or have the intention of being rude.

posted by  67Coronet383

Older cars are most often cheaper. If they are cherished or classics under writers take the view they are less likey to be envolved in an accident,or stolen.Most of the cost is calculated on repair costs in the event of an accident,the risk factor just adds to it.A front bumper for a 60 grand range rover will cost more to replace and respray than a 1000 quid ford fiesta.So the insurance will be higher!!.If youve got a bad record accident wise youll be charged a lot more on top.Some good security will keep the price down to.If its got an alarm and imobiliser and parked in a secure area at night it will make a diffrence to the price
.Btw..mods will bump the price right up.

posted by  Drwatson

it's ok, she's the rather irresponsible type of parent. i plan on moving out sometime next year if the $$ allows.

anyhow, im insuring the car in my sig (thought that was obvious).

i've had 2 accidents, and 1 of them wasnt in my car and i wasnt at fault. the other one which was in my car i was at fault, but mainly cuz i fell unconcious due to sugar going down and my car didnt have a big damage. i plan on installing a cutter for the electricity, for the fuel pump alone, and something that jams the E-brake. im looking into a GPS unit from my friend's father's company. i live in a building in the middle of one of the main cities so it should be pretty safe. only once did we have a car stolen from inside the parking lot a few months ago.

as for mods.... well, they will notice the bigger turbo, but i doubt they will mind the 4 inch intake manifold..... will they?

wat about upgraded brakes? that has to count for something :banghead:

posted by  Inygknok

U qot to be carefull,If they can find a wayout of paying a claim they will!
For example if you tell them you park the car on your drive at night and it gets hit parked outside on the road at night youll be on doddgy ground for a claim.Its the same with mods they will never know what mods you have, But if you get into an accident theyll send the guy to have a look if he spots any upgrades.They will try not to payout.
A friend of mine had a claim refused because of his wheels.They claimed it had alterd the hight of the car.They said it was made to a specific hight as a safety feature.It was his duty to tell them he alterd the car,and he didnt so they refused to payout.

posted by  Drwatson

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