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Anyone know of any car clubs in the Toledo Area, other than ? Let me know if ur from toledo and know of any...thanx...

posted by  98_eclipsegsx

Stupid Newbie... you forgot CaughtYaLookin


posted by  onebadkustom

I guess your right...Thats what happens when u fall off a truck going 45 and land on your head...You start to have a bad memory... :screwy: my bad Kustom... :banghead:

posted by  98_eclipsegsx

More of your bullshit subliminal advertising. You're an idiot, a pain in the ass. You might as well stop. No one will get a chance to read it. It will be deleted, and you'll be banned.

posted by  67Coronet383

There is actually 2 of us here you dumbass... sweet 383coronet. Mine or my dads truck would tear that car up!

Oh, and im not talking about the car in the picture, so dont try saying im a dumbass for not knowing 1 car from another. Cause im sure I know more than you do and im only 19. So beat that!

posted by  onebadkustom

Hey now...Don't be mad that My 4 cylinder is proably faster than your 67... And for the last is not sublimnal, i was asking if anyone new of any car clubs to join? :fu: But ok mother...i'll play nice now... :wink2: I am sorry will you please forgive me?

posted by  98_eclipsegsx

Wow you sound full of yourself, I could say that I know more about cars than most 15 year olds do because well I'm 15. Doesn't matter the age peanut, what matters is experience, and I would like you to share with me the experience you have had with cars, and don't let daddy help write your reply :thumbs:

posted by  99integra

No problem, ask me what you want to know and i'll let you know. Look at what I mostly did myself with the little help of my father on putting the 5.0 in the ranger. I mainly had to just have him weld stuff for myself cause i'm not experienced with that. But other than that, its all me buddy! Afterall, you were asking me on what had to be done to put a 5.0 in a ranger. So you must need advice some how. :mrgreen: And i didnt mean to make myself conceided in that post but this guy is just pissing me off.

posted by  onebadkustom

Man I wish I knew as much as you Little boy...Man i feel so dumb now...and yea, trust me, Jammes knows a lot about cars...he rebuilt his own ranger with a lot of mods, but not saying what b/c don't know if i can. And yea, trust me, everyone one from around our clubs knows a lot, with the exception of one kid who has a 5.o Mustang...and just to let you know, we are talking real cars, not the remote control better hurry to get ur 2006 editon of the intedra, toysrus closes soon, later

posted by  98_eclipsegsx

Haha yeah that was some funny shit ya got there, first off Integra stopped production in mid 01 I think so surely there won't be an 06 genious. Secondly, yes I am 15, but that doens't mean that I don't have experience in car related issues, case in point, I do all the servicing on my truck by myself,

posted by  99integra

Have you heard of YourMomsCustom? Been there, done that...not that great, but it's in the Toledo area :wink2:


posted by  chris_knows

Both of you need to get a clue. You're both being immature little shits, which doesn't make your position any stronger. Nor will the inevitable insults you're going to fling at me.

Knock off the crap and the backtalk.

posted by  ChrisV

How about you stop with the adverts :banghead:

posted by  Cliffy

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