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Well I'm hoping this is the right section (as it is off-topic).

I was wondering if anybody here could maybe help or give me some advice. I am planning on building a cheap (but hopefully reliable) go-kart just for screwing around purposes and was wondering if anyone knew what kinda of engine would be better and easier to use (dirt bike, snowmobile, etc).

I was told that a snowmobile engine would be better (higher revs, centrifugal force clutch) but would be bad in the summer cause it may over heat (if aircooled, maybe not if liquid).

If any of you have any ideas it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks alot.


posted by  car_crazy89

I don't know too much on go-karts, but for an engine, but when I first saw this, a motorcycle engine first came to my mind...not too big, like 400...maybe smaller, that can get you up to 50+mph :hi:

posted by  chris_knows

LoL.. I hope it goes faster than that with a 400. hehe.

I got a 49cc, that does 50 without nitrous, with nitrous.. it does 53. Mini crotch rockets.

I have another 49cc mini crotch rocket bike that we are going to put a 110cc 4 speed with clutch, and everything on it. Extend the rear swing arm. Put a fat ass tire on it. Wheelie bar, etc.. damn thing better do like 70 plus.

For your Go-Kart though, i'd say go with a 5, 5 1/2 horse Briggs and Stratton (sp?) My friend has one on his go-kart, minorly modified and does 70+ at the track. :laughing:

posted by  onebadkustom

I guess it would be faster, but it's also got 2 more maybe I guess even 100cc would be fine.

posted by  chris_knows

Well I'm hoping not to spend a WHOLE lot on this 'toy' lol. I have a friend who may be able to get me a snowmobile engine but I'm not sure if it'd be as good as some other (cheaper) possibilities (its over 300cc's). Speed would be a great thing to have. Thanks for your replies so far. :thumbs:

posted by  car_crazy89

No problem man. Anything helps. As he said, you could try a 100cc if you got a hold of one. But, im going to see that you'll find a lot of lag, just because of the weight you will have in the chassis, wheels, tires, etc. So you might want to try something a little bigger. Maybe find a 125cc dirtbike motor, or even a 250cc. I think those would be good choices. Search around, search long enough.. you'll find just wat you want for just the right price. Good luck and keep us updated as I will do the same with my Death Rocket Project.

It may even get turboed if I feel the urge to spend the money.

posted by  onebadkustom

How many go karts ahve you built? Serioulsy a 125 or 250cc engine is silly nuts on a go kart. And dont' base your idea of what a Briggs and Statton 5 hp engine in a go kart is like based off of karts at the carnivals or local kart traks, as those are governed.

I built one with a 5 hp B&S that I ported and did some other work to to get about 7 hp, and it was way fast ungoverend on a kart. A 50cc or 70cc scooter or small ATV engine can also be silly fast. And if they have a CVT or non clutch transmission, they are easy to adapt. (like a Honda trail 70 with the 4 speed gearbox and no clutch).

And don't forget a good brake.

posted by  ChrisV

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