my italian pocket rocket

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an introduction to my afla romeo :mrgreen:

posted by  mattireland

Looks pretty nice she all stock?

posted by  chris_knows

all totally manufacturer standard, except the dirt, thats a recent modification i added myself. full body kit, front air intake, dual pipes, 6 speed, 3.2 v6

posted by  mattireland

Pretty sweet dude.

posted by  boothe

its a cracking drive, very fast, great handling but drink fuel like an ocean liner

cheers for your comments anyway :thumbs:

posted by  mattireland

i think its about time u spent some of your money and get a wash/wax/detail job :thumbs: jk... well..not but that is a nice car, wht year is it?

posted by  Stem

2004, quite a bit of snow recently so it wont be treated until at least the roads are clear, too much sand / salt / grit

posted by  mattireland

Does it not pull and tug etc...I've heard they suffer pretty severe Torque do most cars with 250bhp going through the front wheels though I guess lol :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

oh christ yes! over taking on third can produce some stomach churning moments, esecially over here in ireland where the roads are.......... we shall we say not brilliant

i prefer to believe it gives the car character!!! :mrgreen:

posted by  mattireland

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