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My computer has recently been running a little slow, for example, when I play music on iTunes, the songs skip around. This just started happening about a week ago and I can't think of any reasons why my computer would suddenly slow down. I did a virus scan, did a Disk Cleanup, and delete my temporary internet files. Any ideas on what might be causing the slow down, or how to fix it, would be much appreciated. Thanx a lot.

posted by  moostang104314

Format format format.....

posted by  windsonian

I disagree. Formatting might be the solution to a lot of SEVERE computer problems but not lag. My best guess is that you aren't only using i-tunes while playing. Another guess is taht your computer is becoming a little to old. I-Tunes might be a great piece of software but is also a very demanding piece of pie. It take a lot of PC usage and that may be the reason. Give more details on what kind of computer and what type of O.S

posted by  95civicdima

nuke and pave nuke and pave i like that option.

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

... it seems to work with PC's though ... fortunately there's not too much nuclear winter :laughing:

posted by  windsonian

Windows XP. Umm... the computer is about 2-years old. It was a custom-built computer I got for Christmas so I'm not very sure about it. It says its an

AMD Athlon XP 2600+ 1.91 GHz, 512 MB RAM

Oh yeah, I tried playing the music with Windows Media Player, and it works better, but still lags a little.

posted by  moostang104314

Delete the pr0n :laughing: JK

When mine starts lagging, I defragment, usually works...some downloading programs also REALLY slow it down...I also found that free space on the hard drive makes no difference, mine has 996MB/100GB (About 50GB is movies), and it still runs almost exactly like the first day I got her :smoke:

Also check for spyware...

posted by  chris_knows

How can I check for spyware, I don't think I can do it with Internet Explorer or Norton?

By the way, thanx. I was thinking of defragging it, but never really had the time to. So, I'll do it tonight and see what happens tomorrow.

posted by  moostang104314

Go to and download that

posted by  99integra

Has this only been happenning lately, or has it always been like that?

posted by  Godlaus


posted by  windsonian

I suspect you are a Mac user Windsonian?

moostang104314, welcome to microsoft. You can get advice about modifying your registery to manipulate you memory, but it will be to no avail. Programmes that TSR like acrobat, nortons, msn, etc will hog your memory. So you need to close them.

posted by  Wally

Thanx so much everyone for the help. I will look for spyware then defrag it tonight, and see what happens tomorrow.

posted by  moostang104314


My bad.

Do me a favor and take a screenshot of your processes (under ctrl-alt-delete). 512 is a little low of memory to run for itunes and other programs. Put in another 512 stick, and it'll run fine.

As for the starting to run slow recently; What programs have you installed recently? And, what anti-virus programs are you running (McAfee has been known to be a memory and processing hog).

posted by  Godlaus

Sounds kinda like how my computers been for alittle while now lol, except yours sounds like a better setup. Good luck on making it better :thumbs:

posted by  car_crazy89

nope ... I just find it easier to raze and rebuild fresh than go searching through registry keys to find my memory leaks from little known services or programs that accumulate over time.

posted by  windsonian

I haven't really installed any programs recently. Also, before I restored my computer to factory settings, I had many more large programs running on it. (Example: Games, Media Players, etc.)

posted by  moostang104314

Ram can also help if you have a lot of songs more ram will definetly help out with the hardrive. Also the hardrives RPM may effect it. If it's a 2600+ it should be running around 1.6 ghz so it's probably clocked up a bit. Turn down the clocking a bit that might help also.

posted by  95civicdima


posted by  Godlaus

Sorry I couldn.t respond sooner. Download and run this program and post the results in a notepad format for me.

HijackThis (

posted by  Voda48

You have enough ram, it is just alocated incorrectly is my assumption. After doing what I asked before, I have a couple of tips for anyone intersted...

*edit* I just noticed tha in my sig, Mercedes Terrell is hot... weird

posted by  Voda48

Next time you have to format, dual partition the hard drive - set aside like 8-10 gigs for windows and programs, and leave the rest for pure data - that way, when windows goes absolutely bonkers, you can simply format that partition...keeping your data intact(this has saved me a couple times overs)

As for a music player - WINAMP.

posted by  dodgerforlife

That's low for a Athlon XP 2600+.....should be up at 2.133 Ghz...

My Athlon XP 2400+ bone stock no overclock is 2.0 Ghz.

posted by  dodgerforlife

If you didnt do so yet, go on and get their anti-spyware program and run it

posted by  newyorker

Correct.. i was wrong...I was thinking about the sempron

posted by  95civicdima

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