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ok so heres my problem, I work at a movie theatre and theres this new guy hes 31 yrs old or so and an usher, he has an anger problem and hes well, how can i put this delicately, a dumbass. So me and him don't like each other and whenever I tell him something to do he gets pissed off even though the things I tell him are right (trust me they are right the supervisor agrees and its in the rules)

Now i've already had a talk with the managers (when they called me in because he told on me) about mine and his behavior then another day rolls by and he turns into a crybaby bitch again. For him telling on me because im diong the right thing and hes not my hours are getting ****ed over and so are my days.

I have significant evidence stacked up against this guy and have another meeting with the managers to discuss the situation now should I

A) tell the managers all the bad things hes done and back them up with eye witnesses and the cameras
B) tell the managers that they have to fix this problem or im going to go to coprate and have them fix it)
C) just kind of wing it and see where it goes

anybody whose had a problem with an employee and had to get the managers involved please help because this guys really starting to piss me off and with his anger problem and my problem with hitting someone back when they attack me isn't going to fly

posted by  salimander13

Here's my advice-ignore him. Don't say anything about him in this meeting, just completely let it go. When you see him doing something wrong/stupid, let it go. If he's really that bad, he'll get fired soon enough.

posted by  jedimario

D) Beat the SOB up right off of Movie-Theater property, that way it's not a "Work" problem at all.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Just tell the management he needs some more time to learn the ropes and that you are prepared to help him through and take a few bruises in the process. It makes you look like you are in control and management material.

posted by  Wally

Well I think if I was 31 and an usher at a movie theater, I'd be angry and bitter too. :laughing:

Ok, seriously...
A) NO. Telling the managers everything he's done bad will just make you look like a sissy around your other co-workers. You do that and you may start hearing, "hey man you got something on your nose" or "rear ranger". :orglaugh: Also, this could go against you as well (unless you are the poster child of the cinema) i.e. bitter thirty something digs up some dirt on you to divulge to the managers.

B) Has its possiblilties...but of course, they could also just fire you. Think about it.

C) I think this is your best choice in this situation. It takes a big man to start a fight, but it takes an even bigger man to walk away. :thumbs:

posted by  97Talonchik


posted by  thunderbird1100

I dont know about the states - but up here in Canada we have a Labour Act, which mandates that if we go to management about some issue that we can not face any repercussions from it.

posted by  dodgerforlife

Yeah, 1 in a million chance they are gonna fire him over that Talonchick. If you read through his whole post that would seem obvious.

posted by  Pythias

While this makes for a nice story, its not reality. Too often managers are too busy, or don't really care enough, to filter out the bad employees. Lazy, incompetent slackers will stay in companies for years without anyone upstairs really knowing, while those of us who really want to work suffer in silence.

I say tell management how you feel. Tell management that you think this employee is bad for the company, and back it up with good evidence. You'd be doing the company AND yourself a favour. Especially since his actions are putting your own job in jeopardy.

posted by  Mathew

out of all the things you guys posted I like this one the best, I just got off work, but the GM or the other main manager wasn't there yesturday (thursday) so i'll have a talk with them today. I also like the beating the doodie out of him outside of work... thing is im 18 and well I can be arrested for that type of thing. Also if I tell on him no one gives a hootinanny because they hate him also.

posted by  salimander13

I did read his whole post but you also have to remember we are only getting one side of the story here. There could be other factors involved that were not portrayed to us.

posted by  97Talonchik

Specifically what has he done? If i was in your shoes i would get just as mean and angry back. When i had co-workers at my job (mcdonalds :ohcrap: ) who were noobs there telling me that they work more than me i flat out blew up in his face and said "Bullsh*t STFU!" and my manager sided with me and told the noob to be quiet. He also steals cigarette breaks because he doesnt inhale.

posted by  sandlercd_22

what hes done

leaves me in theatres,watches me do the trash, watches movies in the theatre, stands in the theatre when people are leaving, cleans theatres when people are watching the credits ALL THESE THINGS ARE AGAINST THE RULES OR DIRECTIONS FROM THE SUPERVISOR THAT HE WAS SUPPOSE TO DO

things i've done
antagonised a situation from me being sarcastic and him saying something back. I called him my friend (he knows it was just to piss him off I only did this one time), I tell people what they do wrong when they make a mistake (im not supervisor so I have no right to I just would like someone to tell me if i made a mistake whether from a customer or employee or manager).

and just another thing that pisses me off, he tells his dad and his dad comes in and talks to the managers about me

posted by  salimander13

id just let it go also, you just stated these are things that he is doing against the rules so hes eventually going to get caught. besides why should you care? i mean your not the just be like wtf ever man do what ya want and go about my business. your prob nagging him too and i mean really an 18yr old tellin a 31 yr old what to do, well i could understand where he could be a little pissed. but, if ya really want to piss him off you should point that out to him... "hey buddy your 31 and you clean up the floors in the theaters nice career choice..."

posted by  adamc44

LMFAO, are you sure this guy is 30ish? I mean seriously. :laughing:

posted by  97Talonchik

I had a guy who was 39 years old, and when he didn't like something his WIFE would come and bitch about it. And this is in a shop with very open lines of communication. He claimed that he didn't want to get fired for complaining about anything. He was told the next time his wife shows up and raises hell instead of him broaching the subject he's gone. Well, she did and he is. Some people just don't get it.

posted by  vwhobo

Oh my. Men should be just How could you be proud of yourself living a life like that? LOL. :doh:

posted by  97Talonchik

I care because i used to get 4-5 days depending how busy and now I get 2 now 2 days 5-11 (without a 30 minute break where you clock out) at 6.75 is huge to me. They arn't giong to fire him because hes breaking these rules because hes been told numerous times already by a higher athority and he "needs" this job to pay the rent. The managers also feel sorry for him because well hes 31 or very close to it and he has to pay his rent. I may be 18 years old going on 19 in a month, but that doesn't mean that hes superior over me. I don't nag him I never talk to him unless he does something wrong then I point it out to him AND the supervisor, and im still the one getting in trouble for it. I think its huge BS and have a huge problem with this because the biggest thing that ticks me off is liars (because your to afraid to take the consequences for your own actions) and injustice (because why should someone get away with something when they are at fault).

posted by  salimander13

Have you ever thought that you never even gave this guy a chance because he is competition. You said it yourself, since he's been there you've been getting less hours. Maybe you're just nit picking everything the guy does wrong because you are angry that he is taking some of your hours. Maybe you should just give the guy a chance. It's not his fault that he is taking your hours. He has the job and so do you. :2cents:

posted by  torinoman80

i think if your 18 and your getting 2 days a week at 6.75 you need to get a better job.. besides if your 18 and he's 31 and he cried on job and bitches to his dad you can take him, unless you dont know what adrenaline is... take him in the back of an alley and kick the shit outta him, then deny all accusations and demand proof. :thumbs:

posted by  Stem

Just dont obviously piss him off like saying something or doing something that is obviously gonna piss him off. Find small little things that irritates him and than just do them but dont get pissed back when he flips out. Than u can say u did nothing wrong and he had no reason to flip out. And tell him to grow up and handle stuff for himself and act his age, not his show size. I meen i get yelled at all the time and im 17 but i dont have my parents come up to my job and bitch about it.

posted by  sandlercd_22

I had the worst co-worker at my last job. He was 28, and basically a pathetic player all his life, with no where to go. I was a Service Lot Guy and he was a Sales Lot Guy. All he ever did was stand around smoking cigarretes, and telling stories. Basically he would come up to me (or other people), lean over and look me in the eye, and say something like "So last night I'm banging these two chicks eh? And you know when you're **ting out a ***************" and it goes on like that. He never did any work. He had roughly 5 cars to wash in a day (I and the other service lot guy had about 30, plus other duties), yet he'd never do it. Then when he needed one done suddenly, he would come up to me and ask for help, cause it was "really important". Even when I was swamped with work. I usually just told him to **** off. Pretty much eveyone at work hated him, but I think I was the only one he knew about. I made it pretty clear.

And why didnt get fired? Union....

I hated that guy passionately.

posted by  Mathew

yea, well I'm not mad at the fact that hes competition because I like the other employees that they just hired..I'd say 4-5 new ushers and hes the only one I don't like other than this guy who looks like sunshine from remember the titans, because hes just weird.

me and my friend discussed this also I think its the best idea other than beating him up outside of work.

I talked to the managers today and they are basically just going to make us work opposite shifts so we don't come in contact, personally I think there are better solutions, but eh my hands are tied.

Im thinking of taking a picture of him tomorrow, not only will you see what a loser this guy is, but I think it will make him mad also

posted by  salimander13

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