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Today Spniards are sad and concerned. There are more than 170 dead and 600 injured in three explosions in Madrid. The bombs exploded inside local conmuter trains at rush hour (7:45 local hour).

We don't know who is the author of these crimes, but it seems ETA commited them (ETA is a Basque separatist terrorist group).

Here's a picture of one of the destroyed trains:

posted by  karburator

My condolences.

posted by  snoopewite

damn....that really sucks. im so sorry dude. :cry:

posted by  SuperJew

So sorry to hear that man...

posted by  Unfedfat

This is worst than we thought in the beginning. Finally there were 10 blasts in four trains. There are about 200 killed and up to 1200 injured by the moment, and these statistics will probably grow up.
Thank you everybody.

May God keep all good people from such bad company (Steeleye Span lyrics)

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