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Well, as I write this Texas has secured their spot in the naitonal title game as they are "beating" (really a combination of pounding and spitting) Colorado in the Big 12 title game 70-3. Also, Tulsa wrapped up it's first ever C-USA title as they beat UCF earlier today 44-27.

HEre's the rest of the games today and my picks...

Army vs. Navy - NAVY by 14 points
USC vs. UCLA - USC by 10 points
VT vs. FSU - VT by 10 points
LSU vs. UGA - LSU by 7 points
WVU vs. USF - WVU by 21 points
Louisville vs. Conn - Louisville by 17 points

There will be no suprises this championship weekend...

posted by  thunderbird1100

No suprises, HA!
Well my gf will be happy about the GA game

posted by  jedimario

HAHA, dude you're post count of 727 is my phone numbers area code

posted by  99integra

I was completely suprised with the UGA game, NO ONE had picked UGA over. Few things I'd like to note...

UGA didn't beat LSU, they beat the 2nd and 3rd string (sometimes 4th string) in all major positions.

LSU outplayed UGA for most of the game, they just got called for dumb penalties... which in turn took points off the board in one case. Penalties were numerous for LSU all year, but in this game they got the worst penalties at the worst times. Which nailed the hea dof the coffin.

LSU didn't get to bring their real defense, which is safety blitz game, because LSU's star safety didnt play the entire game (and was replaced by some horrible white kid). So Shockley didn't experience any pressure at all...which in turn is the entire game in a nutshell. No pressure on Shockley = field day for him.

LSU only got to play our 3rd and 4th string Running Backs the entire game. Our first string (Alley Broussard) never got to play this entire season due to a pre-season injury, and he's arguably one of the top 3 if not the best Running Back in the SEC. Our 2nd String running back (Joseph Addai) has a bad ankle injury and only carried the ball a few times (think it was 3 or 4). So we had Justin Vincent (3rd string) in most of the game with 5'6" Sharone Carey as his our run game wasn't there.

To top it all off, our 2nd best wide out (Early Doucet) was out for most of the game and our start QB JaMarcus Russell was out for nearly half the game.

To top THAT all off the refs missed about 5 or 6 VITAL penalties AGAINST UGA, AND they called 2 HORRIBLE penalties that werent penalties against LSU.

Now here's the real kicker, LSU hasn't had ONE bye week this year, due to the hurricaneS. So they've had to play non-stop for over 10 weeks straight. Then they have to go play the SEC title on a NON-neutral field (it obviously isnt neutral if the drive from UGA is an hour and a half and 6/7ths of the crowd were UGA fans!).

So yeah, nothing went right basically, and UGA didn't play the 10-1 LSU team. They played the practice hit squad and paid the refs on top of that!

Just a bad game.

But yeah, Texas and USC....those are INCREDIBLE teams, Can't wait for the national title. The key to that game will be as easy as this, contain Reggie Bush, Texas wins; don't contain Reggie Bush, USC wins. Either way it will be a high scoring game.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Well I don't know if FSU paid some refs off or not, but they seem to ahev taken pass interference out of their rulebook. This is why professional football is superior to college, teh refs are decent. I've just seen missed penalties on FSU, while VT is getting called on everything. Just one example, the unecesary roughness call on I think FSU's sencond TD, was ridiculous. The VT defender had his hand on the FSU running back before the endzone, and just didn't let go, flipping him backwards. I see offensive players get hit every freakin week when they're well into the endzone, and no penalty.

posted by  jedimario

I honestly have watched maybe 5 minutes of the VT game, so I cant commnet. When you're team loses the way the way mine did, you just kind of lose hope and dont care.

posted by  thunderbird1100

A Wins a Win, and a Loss is a Loss. The Redskins lost to Tampa Bay in the 4th quarter to a BS referee call about a 2-point conversion. Tampa Bay wasn't in, play was reviewed anyone could see it wasn't in. In the end what does that change? Nothing, a win is a win and a loss is a loss.

posted by  Pythias

Actually that's not the case...A win is a win in the NFL, but a win in college football is EVALUATED when you get voted on for polls (and in the BCS) week in and week out. Plus, a win isnt a win if you came and played basically the 2nd or 3rd string in most all prime positions, what's the glory in that, you WANT to play the team that got to the title game, not a crippled version of that team? Not to mention the refs being on the winning teams side for about 6-8 calls, doesnt make a "win is a win" in my book. The whole principle of a "neutral field" wasn't lived up to this year in really ANY title game.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Tallahassee and Blacksburg, gee, which one's closer to Jacksonville? Kinda funny they put it down there, the only teams that are really close are FSU, GT, and maybe Miaimi. I know that people were complaining about USC having a home-field situation, but I don't know myself. I'm sure thunderbird is right here. Where was the SEC championship anyway? Another thing, how does an unranked 4-loss team get into one of the top 4 games this season? Hey, it's college football, they don't actually care how good the teams are when they select them for a bowl game.

posted by  jedimario

SEC title game was 9 hours away from Baton Rouge and a whole hour and a half from UGA being held in the GA dome in Atlanta, yeah, pretty neutral even when you turn on the TV and see 1 LSU fan for every 6 or 7 Dawg fan :roll:

What's more of a tickler? LSU gets to play in Atlanta twice in a row ON THE SAME FIELD. IT didn't matter if they won or lost against UGA, they were either going to the Sugar bowl, in Atlanta, or the PEach bowl, in Atlanta.

What frustrates me more is UGA will be playing such a "hard" BCS team in the Sugar bowl, West Virginia. Why does the BIG EAST get an automatic BCS Bid? Completely not fair to other BETTER conferences. What makes the Big East any better than the WAC, MAC or C-USA? The ONLY decent team IS West Virginia. So now in a BCS game UGA will play a roll-over easy opponent while we get stuck in the Peach bowl playing a MUCH harder team.

It just makes NO sense. Ever since VT and Miami left the Big East, they are NO LONGER a serious conference. Period. Should be treated like any other easy conference, get 2, maybe 3 bowl game bids, and NO automatic BCS bids.

posted by  thunderbird1100

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